Best soundbar for TV you can buy for under Rs 10,000

The market for soundbar has become far more accommodating than what it was few years back. This is why, if you want to enhance the sound experience of your living room on a budget, you have plenty of options for that. These affordable soundbars come with a remote for seamless playback and support multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth. Having the subwoofer plays a big role on improving the overall sound quality. Here are the top soundbars for TV you should consider.

Things to consider while buying a TV soundbar

Soundbars mostly comes in one form but based on your budget its use case and capability differs. So what conditions or parameters you need to follow while buying a sub 10K soundbar for TV? Here are some of the basic things to keep in mind

  • Channel support: Soundbars generally come with 2.0 channel or more support. This basically implies the number of drivers equipped inside the unit. Make sure you go for atleast 2.1 channel for best results. The soundbar not only produces the required sound output but also delivers with rich bass.
  • Benefits of a Subwoofer: Budget soundbars give you the option to go standalone or pair them with a subwoofer. You can either pick the products that get wired or wireless subwoofer. But depending on the space and convenience you seek, we suggest going for wireless mode. These basically enhance the bass effect through built-in drivers.
  • Where to place it: TVs generally sit in the living room but for a soundbar to give you best results, you need the right placement of the entire unit. The direction and the space required to fit the TV and soundbar is not a herculean task but for sound enthusiasts, every inch matters, so make sure to check different spots till you get it right.
  • Host of connectivity features: The best thing about soundbar is they never give you option for pairing. The standard choice is Bluetooth, which now works with most smart TVs and smartphones. But using different points such Optical Input or Aux-In helps improve the overall sound output. So, make sure you read through all the features on offer before buying a soundbar.

Best soundbars under Rs 10,000 for TVs

1. boAt AAVANTE BAR 1160

boAt is recognised for being a budget brand, but even then its Aavante Bar 1160 soundbar gets a mention because of its quality, premium design and overall appeal. This TV soundbar from BoAt supports 2.0 channel sound and features 2.25 x 4 drivers packed inside the body to produce 60W sound output. Like we mentioned, the soundbar gets a sleek and premium design that adds extra appeal in your living room, catching everyone’s eye. But it’s not just the looks that matter, the soundbar’s sound output is equally impressive, especially for what you pay. Aavante Bar 1160 can be operated two ways. You can either sit back and relax thanks to the convenience of having remote that helps you with playback control. Then you also have physical buttons mounted on the device can be used to play music and control volume. Other connectivity features offered by boAt on the soundbar include Bluetooth, Aux-in, and USB. boAt says you can use it for watching the news, movies or even play music for your house parties. Everyone say buying this soundbar for this price is a no-brainer, thanks to its quality, sound output and looks.

2. Blaupunkt SBW100

Blaupunkt is another intriguing contender for buyers with its SBW100 soundbar in this range. The budget soundbar produces 120W sound output and offered with a wired sub-woofer that brings heavy bass effect. The sleek design of the soundbar makes it easy to accommodate in compact spaces. It features EQ mode that can be customised based on the kind of music you are listening to and the space around you. The modes include Song, Cinema, Dialog and Flat. In addition to this, you have Music, Movie, News and 3D mode as well. The side-firing design of the subwoofer offers better quality bass and thump effect that people relish in fast-paced action movies. Other devices can be connected to the soundbar using Bluetooth, Aux-in, HDMI-ARC and USB. Blaupunkt has bundled the soundbar with a remote, which makes it easier to access playback controls and other features. Most buyers claim this is a value for money product in the market and its soft-touch bass output that won’t disappoint you.

3. Samsung T400

Samsung T400 soundbar is among our choices for you to consider in this range. It supports 2.0 channel surround sound system that deliver high-quality sound thanks to Dolby technology. This device has two built-in woofers which mean you get improved bass output something that every soundbar owner desires. It lets you either wirelessly stream music or watch movies with the help of Bluetooth, or connect external devices through the built-in USB ports and play music through it. You can control the soundbar with the bundled remote that lets you access the features without moving about. As you would expect, the Dolby experience has made buying T400 a solid choice, it seems fit for small rooms and the size of the soundbar seems to be another advantage for those who bought it.

4. Infinity (JBL) Sonic B200WL

JBL has its Infinity series available for sub 10K price range, and the new model we can suggest is the Sonic B200WL. This again is a 2.1 channel soundbar system combined with a wireless subwoofer, which produces 160W sound output. JBL Infinity recommends this for the perfect home theatre system on a budget, but with very little to compromise. Thanks to the subwoofers you get deep bass sound output which is a must for movie fanatics. And since it’s wireless, it can be placed anywhere without the hassles of wires. You get connectivity options like Bluetooth, plug-and-play support via USB 2.0, Aux-In and Optical input points. It gets physical buttons for controls on the side of the soundbar as well as a multi-function remote. The soundbar features an LED display which gives you time and other information. People who bought the Sonic B200WL find it extremely good for the price, its bass output satisfying their needs and the build quality also impresses them.

5. Philips 1000 Series HTL1045

Everybody recognises Philips and its hold in the audio arena, so it was hard to ignore the 1000 series for our collection. The specific model we are talking about is the HTL1045 which fits your budget and overall requirement. Taking a closer look at its capabilities tells you its value. The soundbar features an integrated soundbar which comes in handy for people with space crunch. The unit provides you with 45W sound output and has connectivity options like Bluetooth 5.0, USB port, HDMI ARC, Optical input. You can easily mount the soundbar to the wall as well. It is evident that Philips has made no concessions with its build quality of the soundbar. The robust metal grille not only ensures durability but also helps delivering better sound quality. HDMI ARC gives you the choice to operate the soundbar through your TV remote. Why carry two remotes! As one expects, people went for Philips and they were spot on. The quality, the sound performance matches up to their needs and within their budget.

6. F&D E200 Plus

Most budget buyers do consider F&D for their audio needs, and for soundbars they have the E200 Plus budget option. It supports 2.0 channel sound output through dual 2.5W drivers packed inside. F&D has tilted the speaker by 11 degrees to offer wider sound dispersion. The most important thing to highlight about the E200 Plus is that it comes with a built-in 2600mAh battery, which allows you to carry it and use it without connecting to the power socket all the time. You can charge the battery using the microUSB interface offered on the soundbar. It produces bassy output thanks to the front passive radiator. For connectivity, F&D has equipped the soundbar with Bluetooth 4.0, USB reader, and headphone jack for wired control. It can play most audio formats available in the market, which makes it extremely reliable. Buyers suggest the E200 Plus for house parties, thanks to its great sound quality and overall feature set, and yes, the price makes it equally enticing.

7. Creative Stage 2.1

Creative has been around for many years, and the brand continues to re-invent its products to match the demands and trends. Its contender for this segment is the Stage 2.1 soundbar. Creative offers custom-tuned drivers inside the soundbar which delivers for a cleaner audio experience for movies. And the bundled subwoofer enhances the bass levels with deep, thumping output for an immersive audio experience. Creative is offering wide range of connectivity features, including Bluetooth to help you get started. Stage 2.1 works not only with TVs, and smartphones, but also with monitors if needed. For this you have Optical input, TV Arc, Aux-in, and all these work as advertised. And Creative again delivers on the sound front for those who have used this soundbar for a longer duration, and feel it is worth the money you spend.

8. Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900

Buyers looking for more affordable options can look at the Zebronics Zeb-Jukebar 3900 soundbar. Besides the mouthful name, the company has added a long list of features to mae it worthy. The Jukebar 3900 comes with 5.7cm drivers and includes a 13.3cm subwoofer to deliver hi-fidelity music. It lets you choose from multiple connectivity options like USB, AUX, HDMI and Bluetooth 5.0 to play music or watch your favourite web series on the big screen. It features an LED display that shows you different modes and volume level. It also comes with support for remote that lets you control playback, volume or different modes from a distance. The low latency Bluetooth also is best suited for gaming. The frequency response levels of the soundbar matches the others available in the higher price range. The value for money factor is a huge pull for buyers, and having it complemented by top-notch sound quality makes it a sure shot option for those in the market for a soundbar.

9. Saregama Carvaan Soundbar CBWY121

Saregama is a new entrant in the soundbar arena with its Carvaan Soundbar CBWY121. Like every other audio product from the brand, this device comes pre-loaded with 500 old Hindi tracks, and also gets built-in FM. The 2.1 channel soundbar includes four speakers that produce 120W sound output with enhanced bass. The bundled sub woofer gets 6.5-inch speaker drivers that promises to make your listening experience worthwhile. Saregama has added four modes such as movie, music, vocal and enjoy for different purposes, and clearer audio quality for watching the news, listening to music or even gaming. This soundbar features basic connectivity options like Bluetooth, Aux-In, HDMI ARC, and USB to play music. Quality product from Saregama and its first soundbar in the market gets the right inputs and appreciation from those who took the plunge and bought it.

10. iBall Cinebar 200DD

We wrap up the list with another budget option soundbar, this time from iBall. The Cinebar 200DD gets Dolby-certified sound quality and produces 120W output which fits into the needs of movie enthusiasts. This soundbar offers connectivity through Bluetooth, Optical input, Aux-In, and HDMI port. With the help of bundled woofers you get enhanced bass with rich sound output. iBall has designed the soundbar to give you clear sound experience, and reduce the ambient noise. For controls, you have the remote or the buttons available on the soundbar. Many people found it quite powerful, and the bass quality has impressed most of the buyers. Some have felt their movie-watching experience has been enhanced thanks to its superior sound output.