Best smart security cameras under Rs 4,000 for your home

  • Smart security cameras connect with the Wi-Fi network in your house
  • The cameras come equipped with advanced features like motion detection alert and night vision support
  • You can remotely monitor live footage from the cameras on your smartphone.

Once only popular among tech enthusiasts, IoT devices have penetrated the regular consumer market over the past couple of years. While home automation devices like smart lights and smart speakers made this segment popular, now people are using smart devices for maintaining their home security. Smart security cameras are designed to work in homes, giving you the best set of features for added security, that too for less than Rs 4,000. Among the most popular brands for smart security cameras are Xiaomi, TP-Link, and Srihome. Let’s take a look at the popular models for these devices.

Things to consider when buying smart security camera

Smart security cameras are widely available in the market, but when it comes to this price range, people find it hard to choose the best options. So, we have decided to help you focus on the product which offers you the following benefits:

  • Higher resolution camera: It is a security camera for capturing visuals, so it is vital you opt for a camera that has higher resolution. This will ensure you get clear visuals and details that you need to identify and spot if required.
  • Multi-purpose use with night vision: Most security cameras find it hard to capture details in low light. But now the market gives you multiple options with support for night vision, and we highly recommend buyers to consider cameras that work both in day and night time.
  • On-device storage: Cameras record footage in Full HD resolution and they are quite big in size to help you store data for more than a week. Get a smart security camera which supports on-device storage, enabling you to expand it further using microSD card slot. This way you don’t have to spend on cloud storage, which can prove to be costlier of the two.
  • Two-way audio for conversing: You might think cameras do most of the work, but its purpose is not just limited to capturing footage. Real-time video access requires audio support, allowing you to hear and talk through the device. Getting this feature makes lives a lot easier.

Best smart security cameras under Rs 4,000 in India

1. TP Link Smart Cam

First on our list is the TP-Link Smart Cam that helps you capture videos in 1080p resolution and comes with support for pan and tilt that works in 360-degrees range. It provides you with high-quality footage in low light thanks to the night view feature. The camera can record videos for distance up to 30 feet, making sure any unwanted person is caught right away. It also supports motion detection and gives notifications for small movement when you’re not in the house. The Smart Cam gets two-way audio support, so that you can hear the sounds on both the sides and react at the same time. It also comes with live view feature for real-time footage, and offers privacy mode which records videos without surveillance. TP Link gets the credit for its feature-packed smart camera that is sensibly priced as well. Buyers call it reliable, good quality camera for the price and feature rich like we mentioned.

2. Mi 360-degree 1080p

Xiaomi is circling in varied product markets, and it has got its eyes on buyers with the Mi 360-degree camera. Its smart security camera features AI motion detection and alerts owners during unknown events. The system connect to your local Wi-Fi network using Wi-Fi IEEE standard. The camera is capable of showing footage up to 110-degree thanks to the camera’s angle and also has features like infrared night vision, talk-back (or two-way audio), among others. This camera can shoot videos in 1080p resolution or Full HD and also provide you with photos in 20-megapixel quality. You can pair the camera with phones running on Android 4.4 or later, and iOS 9 or higher version to constantly keep a check on your home, even when you are not around in the house. Like other products from the brand, this 360-degree security camera has become popular among buyers. It offers decent monitoring, and the features nicely combine to deliver solid performance.

3. Godrej Eve Nx

Godrej is another household name with its security solutions and that includes its Eve Nx smart camera. Like others in this range, the camera offers smart features that become available by connecting to the Wi-Fi network in your area. The camera supports night vision recording with the help of Infrared LEDs that offer clear visuals in low-light and dark conditions. The camera also gets a built-in mic that has a two-way audio setup, allowing people on both the sides to interact when required. Connecting to the Wi-Fi network also enhances its capability, and you get instant intruder alerts from the Eve Nx camera on your mobile phone that is paired with the device. Godrej has equipped the unit with a 2MP camera, which can record videos in 1080p quality with a 105-degree field of view. You never run out of space to save footage thanks to the microSD slot in the camera. The smart motion detection ensures you always feel safe inside the house. The camera has been easy to set up, and buyers like its simplicity without compromising on features and performance for the price. The speakers also deliver quality on both sides.

4. Realme Smart Cam 360

Realme is a new and interesting choice for smart camera buyers in the market. One of the biggest highlight from Realme is that you get Infrared night vision feature, making it reliable in all conditions. The form factor of the camera offers you with 360-degree panoramic vision and record videos in Full HD resolution at 1080p. The brand is allowing you to save video recording of up to 2 weeks in high quality with the help of the built-in microSD card slot. The other main talking point about this camera is 3D noise cancellation that ensures the audio quality does not drop while recording. You can place the Smart Cam 360 upright or inverted, based on where you want it fixed in the house. But it’s not just a camera, Realme has built a Wi-Fi extender to give stronger network signal in certain parts of the house. The Realme Link app becomes your hub to control and monitor the camera. Buyers love the level of security offered by the Realme Cam, and many say just go for it.

5. Srihome SH029

The Srihome SH029 security camera features a 3MP image sensor that captures 1296p Ultra HD video. But there is more to the SH029 than just being a smart camera. The camera comes with IP66 rating, giving you the ideal security camera for all-weather conditions. It comes with two-way audio compatibility, and the camera’s storage is expandable using its microSD card slot. It also has features like motion detection and night vision to help you monitor your house 24*7. The camera has inbuilt IR LED that offers clear visuals in complete darkness for a distance of up to 10 meters. It is one of the most feature-packed security cameras that you can buy. The live footage can be streamed on Android or iOS smartphone. Srihome SH029 is another product that most buyers would recommend to others in this price range, as long as your need is for indoor usage.

6. Qubo Smart

Qubo is among our picks for a reliable smart home security camera that offers a 24×7 live remote monitoring feature at 1080p video resolution. Qubo has equipped with camera with further durability by offering IP66 certification, which makes it usable in all weather conditions and you don’t have to worry about water damaging it. The camera get AI integration to detect a person and notifies the home owner about unwanted presence in their area. It comes with several other features, including baby cry alert, two-way talkback, and additional storage support. The camera also works with Alexa or Google Assistant for hands-free monitoring, just use voice control and get the job done. Qubo is also ensuring that all the footage is secure behind AES 128 bit encryption to prevent others from accessing it. Buyers love its AI capability, which helps them with reliable motion detection. Some people have also appreciated its good looks, which is generally hard to find in this range.

7. CP PLUS Intelligent Home PT

CP Plus Intelligent is a plug and play Wi-Fi camera that supports 1080p video recordings. It features 360-degree pan and 85-degree tilt that makes sure you do not need multiple cameras to cover different angles. The smart capability allows you to remotely control the camera on your phone using the local Wi-Fi network. You can secure the connection behind a password, allowing select people to access the footage. The camera gets two-way conversation support, allowing to see, talk and hear the other person. And finally, if an intruder enters your space, it will alert you of any unwanted movement directly on the smartphone. CP Plus has designed its solutions for easy setup and people who bought this camera liked the convenience offered by the product. Storing footage on SD card is another big help for those who bought this camera.

8. Machpro

The Machpro camera comes with a 12MP high resolution sensor that is capable of recording videos in 1080p resolution to give you clear footage. It gets IP66 waterproof rating so that you can set up the camera for both outdoor and indoor usage. It supports features like Wi-Fi Link, mobile video surveillance is also available, night vision provides clear footage in low light ,and remote monitoring through mobile phone is also compatible. It offers two-way speech and audio record option and has built-in motion detection support to alert you if any intruder enters your premises. The camera can rotate 320-degrees horizontally and 120-degrees vertically to give you recordings in different perspective if required. Buy this camera for its decent performance and the versatility offered thanks to its wide-range camera angles.

9. Zebronics Zeb Smart Cam 101

Zebronics Zeb Smart Cam 101 also makes its way to our list for its feature-rich applications and usability. This one’s primarily an indoor camera, so make sure it fits your needs aptly. It supports external storage up to 128GB using microSD card and also provides with the option to store content on the cloud. Zebronics has added advanced tech features to make the camera smarter. You have motion tracking with alerts, range motion detector for up to 5 meters. Thanks to built-in mic and speaker, you can engage in two-way audio through the camera for better security. Use the Zeb Home app to get mobile integration with the camera for remote access and other functions in your pocket. The 2MP camera sensor offers 1080p quality recordings along with wide dynamic range and support for night mode. This made in India camera gets voted for being a good watch dog, and most people gives their approval for the product and ask others to consider going for it.

10. Imou 360 Degree WiFi

The final product that we can suggest is the Imou 360-degree security camera with Wi-Fi support, which brings more smart features to table. It delivers all the requisites you expect from a camera in this range. As the name suggest, it offers 360-degree coverage and you can rotate the camera to view every corner of the house. The video recordings are smartly compressed to help you store more footage on the device. It connects with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi standard on your router, which offers reliable connectivity for the camera. Imou has included both human and motion detection feature, and the smart tracking reduces chances of false alerts. Make conversation through the camera which gets 2-way audio support, and the camera sends notification to your phone for specific alerts set by the person. It also comes with voice command access via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. And yes, night vision is also compatible through the camera. Many people call it the best indoor smart CCTV camera for the budget, and its features make it a compelling buy.