Best smart security cameras under Rs 4,000 for your home

  • Smart security cameras connect with the Wi-Fi network in your house
  • The cameras come equipped with advanced features like motion detection alert and night vision support
  • You can remotely monitor live footage from the cameras on your smartphone.

The smart device segment has become a popular choice among buyers. While the list starts with items like smart lights and smart speakers, it is hard to end the subject without talking about smart security cameras. Smart security cameras are now designed to work in homes, giving you the best set of features for added security of your house, that too for less than Rs 4,000. Among the most popular brands for smart security cameras are Xiaomi, TP-Link, and Srihome among others. Let’s take a look at the popular models for these devices.

Best smart security cameras under Rs 4,000 in India

1. TP Link Smart Cam

TP Link Smart Cam captures video in 1080p resolution and features pan and tilt for 360-degree range. It comes with night view feature to let you record visuals for distance up to 30 feet. It also supports motion detection and gives notifications for small movement when you’re not in the house. You get two-way audio support, live view feature for real-time footage, and privacy mode to record without surveillance. The TP-Link Smart Cam is priced at Rs 2,299 in India.

2. Mi 360-degree 1080p

Mi 360 security camera features AI motion detection alert. It connects to the network using Wi-Fi IEEE standard. It has infrared night vision, talk-back feature, and 110-degree camera angle. The camera shoots 1080p videos and 20-megapixel quality photos. It pairs with phones running on Android 4.4 or later, and iOS 9 or higher version. Mi 360 security camera is available in India for Rs 2,899.

3. CP Plus

CP Plus Intelligent is a plug and play Wi-Fi camera that supports 1080p video recordings. It features 360-degree pan and 85-degree tilt that makes sure you do not need multiple cameras to cover different angles. The smart capability allows you to remotely control the camera on your phone using the local Wi-Fi network. You can secure the connection behind a password, allowing select people to access the footage. The camera gets two-way conversation support, allowing to see, talk and hear the other person. And finally, if an intruder enters your space, it will alert you of any unwanted movement directly on the smartphone. The CP Plus Intelligent camera is available in the market for Rs 1,999.

4. Active Pixel

Next option in our list is the Active Pixel that has more features for a decent price. The camera can automatically switch to night vision when it gets dark. And it offers live footage in 2MP quality. This a weather-proof camera thanks to the IP66 rating that makes it ideal to be set up outdoors. So, even if it rains, you do not have to worry anymore. It packs an integrated mic and speaker that lets you speak to visitors standing in front of the camera. Locally you can store footage with support for up to 64GB. It also has motion detection alert, that is notified on your phone. You can also enable outdoor camera siren. The Active Pixel camera is priced at Rs 2,699 in India.

5. Srihome SH020

Srihome SH020 is another contender worth checking out. It has all the smart security features like motion detection, auto tracking, humanoid alarm and more. It offers Ultra HD image quality with its 3MP image sensor and supports 360-degree viewing angle. The live footage can be streamed on Android or iOS phone, tablet or a Windows PC. The camera supports 90-degree tilt, 75-degree field of view as well. You get two-way audio, making sure you can hear and speak to the person on the camera. With this camera, you store footage up to 128GB which is three continuous days of video recording in 1080p quality. With night vision, this camera becomes 24×7 reliable, giving you security all round the clock. Srihome SH020 costs Rs 2,299 in the market right now.

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