Most popular phones in India in Q2 2021: OnePlus Nord CE 5G, Redmi K40, and more

  • OnePlus and Xiaomi phones dominated the list of top 10 searched smartphones in Q2 2021 on 91mobiles
  • POCO F3 GT was the most searched phone that has not been launched yet
  • OPPO and Samsung managed to be the most searched brands, possibly due to the extensive presence of these brands across different price segments

Another quarter has come and passed and as usual, you guys were curious to know all about new smartphones from different brands through 91mobiles. In the second quarter of 2021 (Apr-Jun), with online launches becoming a norm and deliveries partly impacted by the second wave of COVID-19 in India, major brands didn’t let these obstacles come in way of their launches and introduced some amazing phones. If you’re wondering which phones managed to successfully capture users’ attention, you just need to take one look at the most searched phones on our website.

Most searched phones Q2 2021 91mobiles
The share for each phone has been shown in percentage compared to the total number of searches for phones on the top 10 list.

OnePlus Nord CE — 14.99 percent

As you can see in the pie chart above, the OnePlus Nord CE 5G (review) grabbed the top spot, which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as OnePlus created a strong buzz around the phone before its launch. In fact, such was the popularity of this Rs 24,999 phone before its launch that it featured in our list of most popular phones before its launch in the first quarter of 2021 as well.


As this happened to be the brand’s most affordable Nord phone yet and came with 5G support, the writing was really on the wall for this one. While the phone didn’t manage to win over hearts post its launch, it definitely managed to generate curiosity among our users.

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Redmi K40 — 10.72 percent

Redmi K40 launched in China back in February this year and while the phone was rebranded as Mi 11X (review) when it was launched in India, the popularity and interest for the Redmi K-series in India ensured that the handset managed to grab the second spot on our list.


It is especially surprising that Mi 11X, priced in India at Rs 29,999, didn’t manage to make our top 10 searched phones list despite being the same phone. Seems like branding does in fact play a big role and maybe Xiaomi could have sold more units of the phone it was was launched under the Redmi K40 branding in India (just saying!).

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Mi 11 Pro — 10.26 percent

Mi 11 Pro was unveiled globally back in March this year, and despite not launching in India, the handset managed to create a lot of interest in users. Given the fact that Xiaomi is mostly associated with and predominantly operates in the mid-range, it is surprising that a premium phone from the company was among the most popular phones last quarter. Seems like people are ready to give premium Xiaomi offerings a try in the premium price range, which is currently dominated by Samsung and OnePlus.

Redmi Note 10 Pro — 9.95 percent

Probably the least surprising name on this list, Redmi Note 10 Pro remains a popular choice in the mid-range and carries the series-long tradition of offering great value for money at its Rs 17,999 starting price.


While the competition in the mid-range is getting fierce every passing year, with Samsung and Realme getting extremely aggressive with pricing, Redmi Note series continues to prove its mettle. 

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iQOO 7 — 9.81 percent

iQOO 7 (review) is one of the interesting entries to the list and thanks to its combination of impressive features and a reasonable price point, the phone was a popular choice last quarter. It is actually surprising that the phone managed to get more searches than even Redmi Note 10, which follows it next on the list. In fact, iQOO 7, price in India starting at Rs 31,990, even managed to take us by surprise with its performance for its price. As phones from Samsung and OPPO usually fill up the catalog in the price range of around Rs 30,000, it was a breath of fresh air to have a new option this good.

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Realme 8 Pro — 9.24 percent

While one would have expected more Realme phones to be on this list, if any phone from the brand’s lineup can be called a sure shot for this list, it would be Realme 8 Pro. After Redmi Note 10 Pro, Realme 8 Pro (review) was the most searched phone under Rs 20,000 in the last quarter and given its specs, it is easy to understand why. With a 108MP primary camera and a solid chipset, Realme 8 Pro, price in India starting at Rs 17,999, also offers a crisp Super AMOLED panel. Overall, the impressive value-for-money aspect of the handset ensured the phone’s presence on this list.

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Mi 11 Lite — 8.72 percent

Mi 11 Lite, the most affordable model in the Mi 11 series, managed to generate enough searches to feature on this list thanks to its well-rounded package at a reasonable price (Rs 21,999) but it would be hard to imagine that the handset would enjoy continued success into the next quarter given the immense competition in the price range.

Mi 11 Lite India launch imminent

As phones with 5G support are flooding the market, the lack of 5G support could hurt the phone’s chances in the long run.  

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OnePlus 9 Pro — 8.61 percent

The latest flagship from OnePlus leaves little room for complaint and exceeds expectations on most accounts. While previous entries in the series were clearly more popular, thanks to more affordable price tags, there is no denying the fact that more people are now comfortable switching to OnePlus phones in the premium Android phones category. OnePlus 9 Pro, price starting at Rs 64,999, offers a great display, an uncompromising processor, and impressive camera performance too. While we will have to wait to see what happens with the software side post the merger announcement for OxygenOS and ColorOS, as things stand, the OnePlus 9 Pro (review) also offers one of the best software experiences that you can find on Android.

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Realme GT 5G — 7.96 percent

Realme GT 5G, which was launched just last month globally, rounds off the list and it is possible that the handset could have registered more searches and landed even higher on the list if it was launched earlier in the quarter. With a 120Hz Super AMOLED panel and 65W fast charging support, and one of the best chipsets in the market, the phone was bound to create hype. With the Master Edition launch expected soon, you can expect this variant of this phone to land on this list soon as well.

Special mention: POCO F3 GT

POCO F3 GT, which hasn’t been even announced by the brand yet, managed to generate enough searches in the last quarter to feature in our top 10 most-searched phones list. The phone is expected to bring along some impressive features, such as an AMOLED panel with a 120Hz refresh rate, MediaTek Dimensity 1200 5G chipset, and 67W fast charging. Provided that POCO F3 GT is launched with these features at an affordable price, this handset has the potential to even top the list in the next quarter, so watch out for this one.

Most popular smartphones in India in Q2 2021

Model%age share of searches among 91mobiles readers
OnePlus Nord CE14.99%
Redmi K4010.72%
Mi 11 Pro10.26%
Redmi Note 10 Pro9.95%
iQOO 79.81%
Redmi Note 109.74%
Realme 8 Pro9.24%
Mi 11 Lite8.72%
OnePlus 9 Pro8.61%
Realme GT 5G7.96%