Vivo V30e vs Samsung Galaxy M55 blind camera comparison: which is the better camera phone?

The Vivo V30e (review) and Samsung Galaxy M55 (review) have faced off head-to-head in a performance comparison. Let’s now conduct a blind camera comparison between both smartphones to find out which is the superior camera phone. We’ve presented images from both devices in various scenarios, and all you have to do is select the image you prefer between the two. We’ve masked the names of the phones, so you won’t know which smartphone image you’ve chosen until after a few days. Come back here later to find out the results!

Here are the camera specifications of both smartphones:

Vivo V30eSamsung Galaxy M55
50MP AF + OIS primary camera50MP OIS primary camera
8MP ultra-wide camera8MP ultra-wide camera
2MP macro camera
50MP AF front camera50MP front camera 


Both the Vivo V30e and Samsung Galaxy M55 feature a 50MP primary lens with OIS support and a focal length of f/1.79 and f/1.8, respectively. The primary cameras in both phones are nearly identical and should not offer too much difference in terms of details. Check out the images below and vote for the one that appeals more to you. 


Daylight ultra-wide shot

When it comes to wide-angle lenses, both phones once again equip an 8MP ultra-wide-angle camera with an aperture size of f/2.2 each. Take a close look at the pictures below and choose the one that looks better to you, be it in terms of details, colours, dynamic range, etc.


Night mode

The Samsung Galaxy M55 automatically turns on night mode in low light and it can’t manually be turned off. Taking low-light images on the Galaxy M55 also requires some level of patience, as it takes around 8 seconds for the long exposure shot to complete. The Vivo V30e, in contrast, takes roughly 4 seconds to achieve the same. The resulting images are quite different for both phones. Vote below for the night mode image that you think is the better of the two. 


Portrait shot (rear camera)

Both phones use the 50MP primary camera to capture portrait shots. The image results are quite different between the two devices. Vote for your preferred portrait shot, considering factors like edge detection, skin colour accuracy, details and more.


Portrait shot (front camera)

Both the Vivo V30e and Samsung Galaxy M55 feature similar 50MP front cameras with aperture sizes of f/2.45 and f/2.4, respectively. Choose the image that appears better to you in terms of colour accuracy, bokeh effect, and level of detail.


This concludes the blind camera comparison between the Vivo V30e and the Samsung Galaxy M55, make sure to cast your votes and visit again in a few weeks to find out which smartphone wins!