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Apple iPhone 5s 64GB
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Rs 40,915
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Apple iPhone 5s 64GB
Out of Stock
₹ 40,915
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awesome phone (695)
value for money (54)
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great sound (10)
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poor performance (9)
heating issue (169)
awesome performance (15)
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Do not buy apple product from flipkart

Product shipped to me before time it worked great with in 5 days it showed its true color its started choking battery as if it is 5 years old phone even after 100% charge it sustain only for 30 mins not more than that when i requested for return they said get in touch with apple service center and in apple i get to know this is a refurbished product and they asked me to raise complaint in consumer court which i did already for the seller as well as for the flipkart because flipkart should check the retailer first before making them as their reseller reseller sucks big time shame on you guys do not break the trust or play around the emotions of the customer...may god punish you and i hope flipkart should take corrective action i wish i could give my rating in negative

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BEWARE! No customer value from flipkart team.No 30 day replacement policy.

Please please try to avoid buying mobiles from flipkart and ws retail!They are selling used unsealed phones.n I bought IPHONE 5S from fllipkart on 18 june 2014 from WS retail.There are two issues with the package I received.First I could not find any earpods inside the package.The second issue is that the phone heats up so fast during gamings like temple run,subway surfers for merely 10 minutes or speaking with someone for hardly 15 minutes continuously.The worst part is that inspite of addressing this problem for so many times over phone to flipkart,they are not at all helping me with the correct solution other than asking me to wait for 24 hours during which time they would call me from flipkart.But its already been 2 days and I told them for more than 7 times about the probem,they are behaving as though they are unaware of the problem every time.Also they agreed for a refund on 5th july and assured that the money will reflected by 15th july.But that did not happen.On contacting them by 15th july,they told me to fill a new declaration form and ask me to wait till 23rd july and that too did not happen.Again upon contacting again now,they are asking me to wait till 30th july.i DON'T KNOW WHY THE HELL THEY ARE DOING THIS KIND OF ACT NOR AM I ABLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT they are doing to me.n I have also been told by so many people here at my place who are also certified customers saying that phones bought from flipkart are of very poor quality and the customer support people with flipkart have always been the most irresponsible people ever in terms of providing me a correct resolution.They are always asking me to wait for more time and also asking me for bank statements.

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Brilliant Phone

Most people comment and rate this phone without using it. I have the 64 GB, iPhone 5S Gold, and have been enjoying every bit of it. nnWhy?nn0. Touch ID - This makes security so easy. No more drawing patterns on screens, or typing 4 digit numbers. All it takes is a thumb :-) - It is so fast that my non-iPhone friends didn't even know that I had touch ID enabled. It is 100% accurate, reliable and fast - It works!nn1. LTE - It takes amazing engineering to make a multi-band LTE (baseband and RF) that works around the world. While companies take shortcut to sell only 3G supported phones at 50K+ price points, Apple comes with LTE support out of the box. I have been enjoying high speed wireless network in Bangalore since the day it was launched. nn2. Brilliant Display - There are phones with better display, but the Retina Display is no slouch. I have no complaints against the display. nn3. Compact - I am not a fan of big phones. This phone is incredibly light, fits in the product and build of the phone is real premiumnn4. Software - I have used Android from the day from its earliest days (2009) [The first one was HTC Hero which costed a whopping 35K then, with Android 1.5]nniOS is a brilliant piece of software. Steve Jobs has always mentioned that never wants to be the first, but wants to be the best. iPhone always gets features later, but they work like a charmnn5. Apple - The brand was not built in a day. It comes with consistently delivering high quality and well designed products. This is the reason why a 105 BHP Mercedes A Class costs 30L but, a 128 BHP Hyundai Verna costs 12L. There is a joy of using a well engineered product. One has to experience this over a period of time to appreciate why people repeatedly purchase an Apple productnn6. Camera - Let's not just look at the Mega Pixel Count. Camera is more than what its MP is. The camera is brilliant - Burst Mode, Panaramic Mode all work seamlesslynn7. Apps - Very high quality app ecosystem built over yearsnn8. iTunes Store - I buy all my music and movies over the iTunes store. Very affordable, legal and I can instantly access them across my devices (A Windows 7 Dell, Macbook Pro RD, iPad 2) apart from my iPhonennConsn1. Display - Pro and also a con. Videos appear much more vivid in large displayed Android Phones (might be fixed with iPhone 6 / 6 Plus)nn2. Battery - Absolutely terrible to live with. We always need to connect it to a charger. With LTE, videos, Twitter, email lasts only 5-6 hours. I bought a charger for my home, car and office. This is the main reason I gave it a 4* rating. iPhone 6/6 Plus unfortunately does not address this issue (how about making it a little more fat and adding a terrific battery, like 3000 mAh?)nnIn summary, I absolutely love this phone, and please please don't rate it 1 * just because it is an expensive device. Apple is not forcing anyone to buy this! nnI heartily recommend the 64 GB or 32 GB version (trust me, you need it!) and it is a brilliant phone to live with.

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Probably Defective product supplied

I bought iPhone 5S as I had very good experience using iPhone 5C for 7-8 months. I was so happy with iPhone that I sold 5C at Rs. 10,000/- less and bought iPhone 5S, as it is superior model. nniPhone 5S hangs, and very slow in opening google search and contacts. I have to take same to workshop but not getting time. I bought it in March and any how managing with same.

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Really Worthy phone..

I worked for 10 months, 60 hours a week to buy this wonderful phone.. This isn't it any ordinary phone.. This is a iPhone.. Of course it looks exactly like the previous models, but the logo makes it very appealling.. 70k worth style... My son complains that they kicked him out of the school because I didn't pay his tuition fee but I stick my phone on his face and ask him to download some education apps and stop whining.. Most of the time my family whines there's no food in the home.. That's where the iPhone superior earphones comes to use.. It completely blocks surrounding noise.. I couldn't even hear my wife scream her lungs out.. This is a definitely worthy phone.. I recommend this

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