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Asus PadFone
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Asus PadFone
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I got the padfone a month ago and its just awesome.nThis price includes keyboard dock and tablet station. Its a phone, tablet and laptop all in one. The android laptop takes a little getting used to because it is android os not built for laptops like windows but its advantage lies in not having to move data between phone, tablet and laptop and seamless transition from one mode to another.nnI charged all three 10 days ago and the battery is still running on the phone without plugging in the charger though the keyboard and tablet batteries are down. This is with heavy usage, downloading and watching 2 to 3 movies, taking 50 to 60 photos and using speakerphone frequently over the period of 10 days. The phone battery lasts 1 to 2 days, then the tablet and keyboard act as backup and charge the phone when connected. Suits me perfectly because I travel to remote places and depend heavily on gps and its assuring to know I can remain connected even if I cannot find a power source.nnAbout the padfone2, I prefer the first version though it is heavier because padfone 2 has no keyboard and no memory card slot. The look of padfone 1 is better than 2 because they removed all metal to make padfone2 very light.

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as mr arora said some people are just giving false comments and reviews because they dont have money in the pocket to buy thisnnthis padphone is just awesome, and ASUS is well known company, it produces best motherboards, screens etc.nntheir products... are...may be better than apple, and they have good hardware (unlike apple)nnthe price is correctly placedngo for it you'll never regret

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The price is justified.....

Most of you will be actually looking the price tag of this product which is 65k bucks. But just think a little different, you are getting a phone and a tablet both for this price and both are insanely great product and deserve a flagship tag.nnTake the google as example. You buy both flagship nexus 4 for mobile and nexus 10 for tab and you are at 80k bucks. Others will give you the same result. Go for this if you want a smartphone + tab, this is a deal.

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PadFone 2 is already in the marketnot in india

If its a bundle ,the price (padstation+phone) is believablenIf its just the phone then it's a rip off nIts an old version and do not buy this unless u need it nthe new version is just around the corner(Q1 2013)

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Amazing phne with outstanding features

First of all let me confess get easily attracted to technology products but then I take aback when I look at their prices. This time also I thought "Wow what a product" and then thought it will again have a price tag of 50~60k. But to my amazement it came out to be 30k. Then I thought it would not perform as being shown, but being from ASUS and Flipkart I thought I will buy it and will send back in 10 days if it does not lives upto my expectations. It is now one month and my earlier laptop (a DELL XPS) is being kept in a corner of my room and not touched at all. This is the best chance that I took so far on a product like this. I am now using this for mobile, camera - still / video, sms-ing, e-mails - personal / official, playing games and other leisure activities. The hand phone has I-phone finish and touch quality and being Android has many advantages. For all the features I have used on this padfone, it has never hanged or given any problem. The Stylus is a great feature for convenience and technology that give you freedom to use the phone while it is still inside the Display Tab. No other phone can show still pictures with this clarity as this padfone tab within this price range. This has a perfect mix of Style, Performance, Quality, Back-up and above all value for money. I would definitely suggest buying this or repent why you didn't later.

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