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Asus Zenfone 5 16GB
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awesome camera (236)
decent camera (30)
awesome front camera (3)
poor camera (21)
poor phone (91)
awesome battery backup (135)
average battery backup (26)
bad battery backup (266)
battery heating issue (6)
battery issue (91)
battery saving mode (1)
awesome display (85)
display issue (9)
bad display (3)
good voice clarity (5)
connectivity issues (13)
poor voice clarity (2)
awesome phone (1357)
awesome budget phone (11)
value for money (196)
average performance (5)
amazing performance (101)
great sound (40)
hanging issue (180)
poor performance (40)
heating issue (458)
poor microphone (2)
awesome performance (68)
poor front camera (1)
camera issue (1)
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Broken Display with a fall from a height of 3 FEET.

Dear Friends,nnRecommended Only for persons who can handle it with CARE. Here is my story.. nnThe Mobile worked satisfactorily as per the specifications except the Battery Life but I am more concerned with the Gorilla Glass. I just dropped the mobile from a height of about 3 feet and when I picked up my phone, I was shocked to see my glass broken on the first fall itself. nnShocked as I was a Samsung user and have dropped my Old phone a multiple times without causing any damage to it.nnBiggest Shock was when I called the Asus Service Center mentioned in the ASUS website to find out that the replacement would cost me an approximate of Rs. 4500. nnI bought this phone for 10,000 and the glass replacement cost is 4500.

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Dead phone, cannot turn on!

Opened the box was working fine, the next day its dead!nJust got a white screen and now phone will not turn on no matter what!nHave called flipkart for help and they will call back to help!nLets see what happens next!nReally disappointed!nSeriously worried about quality of products being sold here!nnUPDATE:nA replacement is on its way, lets hope the new piece works fine once received!

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Good features overshadowed by poor battery

Yet another good phone fails the most important battery test. The device is bundled with loads of great specs but unfortunately it lacks the juice. This is such a bad tactic adopted by many companies. They deliberately crip the much needed features in 'Smart'phone. Seriously whats the use of having great hardware on when the phone cannot run the entire day on moderate usage. nnThere is no rocket science involved to understand that a 2110 mah battery will never suffice a 5 inch 720p HD display. It should have been atleast 2500mah. The features on the devices are never utilised effectively cz of this. U always have to sacrifice on some of the features to make sure the battery lasts a full day. Why use a smartphone then?nnOnly few devices like Moto G, LG L90, Grand 2 and Xiaomi Mi3 offer appropriate battery capacities according to its screen resolution n size. Its seriously disappointing to charge a phone twice in a day. That is a big disadvantage when ur travelling. Watch a movie or GPS usage of 2 hours will leave u only wid 50% life. Eventually ur left with nothing in the due course. nnZenfone priced at 13k offers a great deal but many users are upset about the battery life. It actually leaves no scope to utilise the phone in a way its meant to be. The consumer is always ready to shell out some extra bucks if the company offers a good battery. After all thats the thing which enables the user to be 'smart'. No phone can be 100% con free but atleast basic features should not be compromised upon.

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I got this ASUS Zenfone 5 from 23-Aug-2014. By the way, I'm NOT a Tech Savvy guy. Things I did on my phone: Mainly Calling, Music, Games, Whatsapp, 3G Net browsing (Occasionally). So, My Review about it's Problems in specific (Don't miss Ending)nn1. Serious Battery Drain Problem:nnI used to Voice Record my Professors lectures in Class (Sound Recorder App). nBy recording for 1-2 hrs continuously, the battery drains more than 40%. And the drain will increase, if power falls below 50%. nnAlso, Without doing anything (No calls, No music, No Wi-fi, No Bluetooth, Nothing) in a nwhole day, the battery falls to 36% from full charge.nnReason: For 2 GB RAM, More space for many 'Background- Pre installed- ASUS company' applications that CAN'T be Disabled/ Un-Installed (One of the most frustrating thing in this phone). nnHence, the Battery drains with a blazing speed, even when you're not using it.nnn2. Mobile gets Heated Up like Hell:nnYou CAN'T get the pleasure of playing games/ Using 3G/ Watching HD Videos for more than 30 min. If you did, the phone says Goodbye to you & switches OFF. nAnd also the Phone needs 4 Hours to get fully charged for 2100 mAh battery.nnBy using Wi-fi/3G internet for a few minutes causes minimum 10% battery drain.nBy playing any HD games (Asphalt-8/Dead Trigger 2/ BIA-3), then battery drain also will race along the game. nnReason: The quick Battery drain to 1% just within 15-20 min. causes the mobile over-heating, that you can't hold it/ can't touch the screen. nnn3. Very Delicate Phone & No Service:nnPray to God, for a good phone. Once it dropped from my lap while I was in a chair.nSo, from then the Microphone got damaged a bit (Which I guess).nnBecause, the people who receive my call says, "Your voice is breaking". nSo, NO where to go for solving this problem.nnn4. Videos are Worse, But Photos are Cool:nnEven it records the Videos with 1080p quality, they Don't look like that. But, Photos are Real good. Esp. the photos in Dark with Flash are Superb.nnBut, there are some nice features in this phone, but it's Cons dominates it's Pros. nnSO, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE,n1- If you love playing HD Android games/ Hardcore gamern2- If you're active in social networking media (Needs Wi-FI/3G/4G connection)n3- If you love watching Movies on your phonen4- If you travel a lot, (carry any Power Bank)nnAfter seeing in Internet, I tried the 'Intel Deep sleep mode' and found little improvement. Also, this phone is going to get Android 5.0 Lollipop shortly, which might provide a dedicated Battery saver App that can improve the performance even more.n nThank younn(Kindly share you views)

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pathetic experience

faulty replacement..out of stock...wait to refund...really a very very very bad experience.A nightmare.....

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