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User Reviews for HCL ME Tab Y2

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dont buy this tab... very cheap...

Probably HCL decided to downgrade their reputation after slight success in Laptops... i hav purchased it on 16 th aug.. on 17 th it satrted hanging... since still now its hanging... i have visited to service centre 5 times but hey are just formatting it... they are not taking any final action on it to solve dis problem... in 10 days they formated its OS 6 times... if hcl is not going to solve dis problem i have to go at court for consumer case... m so frusteted after buying dis tab... so so cheap tab from hcl.. dont by dis.. plz...nand rating... boss sawal hi nahi uthta... .. 0/5...0000000000000 rating...

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before buying a tab i had searched the net to see and read about the tabs that are there in the market. After a thorough study, i settled to buy HCL Y2, a budget tab with no google play store, but nice specifications. I ordered one and got it after a week. The display is really bright and it did great with games and multi tasking. A real value for money. it dictated the tagline of HCL- Technology that touches lives...nAfter a week, it hanged for the first time...and then it kept on hanging...then on the 10th day, suddenly the tab wont start. I went to the shop and complained to them about the malfunction. They kept it for a day and returned it to me. When i opened the tab, i realised that they have just reset it. Fine! i loaded facebook again and was satisfied with it somehow. Then it hanged again...till now it wont start! A 15000 budget phone from a reputed company like HCL goes haywire within a month! DISAPPOINTING!i have repeatedly tried to call the 18001800425 but somehow the HCL folks wont answer the phone, maybe its my network's problem! However, all said and done, the whole ordeal is just unacceptable! I hope the HCL people will be decent enough to repair or replace my tab y2. otherwise, i will have to walk the harder way.

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Bad HCL Y2

one should never buy this tablet, nThings to note in this Tablet:nn1) They have blocked the android market and their own market doesn’t have most of the good apps like skype, Dolphin browser. nn2) The 2MP camera is a total waste... my old Nokia 5230 with 2MP take snap far far better than this. nn3) No earpiece for calling also which is again a very bad thingnn4) when i connect my power supply to my Tablet and working on that touch doesnt sense property i.e. if i touch one icon some other icon get clicked, even if i launch my android software Keyboard application it cant sense the proper character that I touch.nI problem gets immediately rectified if I unplug the Chargernnnso if you buy this like me you will have a tablet with no youtube and Skype. No ear piecs and a very very bad camera.nnOnly good part is its display which is decent

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Nothing Related To Google Will Work For Now.

I was looking for a tablet to organize meetings and reading ebook. My note isn't that big.nIt is good for reading but weighting heavier than book, playing games and probably few internet stuff but you won't be able to use google products like Gmail, Calendar Sync, Google Play market app and will always have trouble installing applications. I am using Aptoide to do it. Their core market app doesn't even have Skype. I don't see any point of not having google apps in it. Probably HCL decided to downgrade their reputation after slight success in Laptops.nNot a good buy if you are looking for something more than just browser and kindle alternative.nnLets wait for any fat cat in HCL to get us Google apps.

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strict warning for buying this useless tablet

i recently purchased this tab n its of no use...i was damn excited when i purchased this tab..coz it is 1 of the cheapest tab from the branded company...but i dint knew that k like the price the quality of this tab is also cheap..on d 1st day when i was usin this tab on d first day i was on cloud 9 coz it was workin damn awesome..i thought i got the total value for the money...but on the 2nd day this tab started showin its true color..i wil advice you guys to purchase the Samsung tab or any of the Samsung phone..but dnt buy this n waste ur money on this bullshit tab..

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