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User Reviews for HCL ME U2

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Really Value for money TAB

I bought this tab on 22nd March and spent full weekend with it awesome product by HCL. Hats off to HCLnnPros : n1. First of all it's really affordable. Bought it from HCL dealer in Rs. 5600.n2. Secondly it do have Google play Store, which is not available in any other tab of HCL.n3. Nice touch experience.n4. Charger quality is really good.n5. Looks really great in black & White combination.n6. 1 GB RAMn7. It has mali 400 GPU, Gaming experience was awesomen8. Build quality gives you premium feel.n9. You can get all these feature/spec in 10k tab.n10. Last but not the least... It is HCL brand with good service networknnnConsn1. Battery backup is only 3 hrs. (with continuous use with games, web browsing)n2. Ear phone isn't at par with tablet. If you use a good quality headset you are going to be amazed by its sound quality.n3. Bluetooth not available.nnAwesome tab with HCL and Google Play Store. Go and get it , it wont disappoint you.nThanks to HCL for this product in this price.nKeep it up.

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Never Buy this Product

Poor display quality : I know what to expect from a 800X480 pixel screen, I'm not talking about that; but the color and contrast really sucks. If you buy this never look at the display of any other tab, you will really regret.nThe display will only keep the correct aspect ratio in landscape mode, if you tilt it to portrait mode everything will get stretched, icons, photos all.nnGets heated a lot during browsingnnFrequently will fail to wake from the sleep mode, you will have to restart.nnDespite all the hardware specifications you see in paper it fails to perform; lags even while performing the most basic functions.nnSeeing the 4GB internal memory I thought I can install all the applications I want, but that's not the reality, only 400MB is available for applications.nnI know I can't expect a lot from a 5K tab but this is disappointing.nnI was comparing micromax infinity P275 with this but fell for this for looks, yes it looks really nice considering the price; but I think micromax would have been a better choice.nnNo complaints with flipkart's service. Really fast.nnFinal verdict: If you can extend your, budget go for samsung galaxy Tab2 P311, it really worth for the 4K you pay extra. GPS, Blutooth, A decent camera, Dual Core processor, 16GB inbuilt memory and good quality earphones most of all a real tab. nnn*** After a month of usage ***nOne of the motive behind buying tab was I need a device which stay ON always so that I don't have to boot up my PC for even the most basic computing needs. But with this no use, daily I have to restart at least 4 times else it wil hang and won't perform anything.nnAfter some continues usage like FB or browsing have to go to app manager so that the tab will free its internal memory else internal memory will become full and will in turn make the tab too slow.nnWhile playing video except AVI it will pause (only video, audio will be playing) momentarily. Not a big issue though it's irritating.

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there are some pros and cons of every thing. its are heren1. price is good...n2. decent ram 1GB.n3. Sleek look.n4. I love the sound quality.n5. Decent resolution. Video player is good. it can play any HD video.n6. GPU is good. No lags for temple run 2 and subway surf.ncons...n1. very low quality camera. and skype does not recognize this device. so no use of the camera.n2. Very low quality earphone. I didn't even unwrap them from the box.n3. Charging the tab is a headache. You have to give it a full night.n4. Tab lags when u use dongle and charging at one time and play high graphics game. so plzz do one work at a time.n5. No Bluetooth.n6. You cannot use proxy server for apps or downloading but i think its a android problem.n7. Some time it does go to sleep n never wakes up. u have to reset it. biggest con.nat the end some advicenPlZZZ go to settings> developer's options and check the don't keep activities. Now you don't have to reset it if it go to sleep.nAwesome tab beginners. IF u want to experience the tab go for it. Excellent in its range.nIf u can spent more 3-4k. go for samsung tab 2. it now only for 10500 on flipkart........

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plz refer this review i hav used this product

i bought this from a hcl registered store 1 months back ... it works so flawlessly...tht temple run runs without sister has captured this tab for playing temple run...people dont even noe about it then also they comment...i has a ES file explorer in it in which any music or mp3 ..movi can be seen...for others u hav to download has a google play store...i bought it for 5000...n battery back up is also dialy i wath a 3 hour movi ..then songs n games..then also battery is 45 % hats off to u2...but if u hav a budget of 9000 then go for samsung galaxy tab2 3110....but for 5000 u will get the best nnpros nawesome displaynno need of software for dongle connect n start usingnnever lagsninternal memory i 2gbnawesome looks.nncons ncamera poor( but ok with 5000 price )nhav to wait for 2-5 mins after starting this tab to get ready nngenuiny go for this :) if u hav wifi conectivity :P :P

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Not a great product....

I purchased this tablet from Flipkart after seeing good reviews and 5 star ratings . Service and support of Flipkart is prompt as usual.No complains with Flipkart.nThe tablet look is good ,but is not upto the mark.n1. It does not support basic games/app like Angry Bird .n2. When you install Apps , it abnormally hangs some time and one need to power cycle .n3. Touch screen response is very poor, some time you have to touch 4-5 times to get the response .nNot sure these issues are specific to this device or generic to the product itself . nI agree the price of this tablet is less , but it should not come at the cost of basic features . Tablets are basically for installing apps and playing around them .

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