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Huawei Ascend P6
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Rs 9,999
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Huawei Ascend P6
Out of Stock
₹ 9,999
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Mistaken review by "Mikael Chuaungo"

Please anybody don't get confused with review by Mikael Chuaungo. These are the mistakes he have written in his review. I hink he have not used the phone and just reviewing blindly.n1. The phone is povered by Huawei K3V2 chipset (quadcore cortex-A9, 1.5GHz ) and not Mediatek MTK6589T (Quad core Cortex-A7, 1.5GHz).nCortex A7 core have lesser perfomance than A9.n2. Ram on lower priced phones are 1GB, here it is 2GB.n3. GPU is 12 Core in P6 while that is PoverVR SGX544 in MTK chipset powered phones. That causes a big difference.n4. Huawei has better service support than any other chinese/ Indo-chinese manufacturers.n5. Gorilla glass 2 is a rare addition in cheaper phones.nnI don't tell Huawei Ascend P6 is a very good phone. But it offer something good at that price range with some excellent looks.nnThe best alternative is XPERIA ZR with kicking ass perfomance at same price range range...

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Great Phone, However Extremely Bad & Expensive After sales

Bought the phone from Flip-kart. Great Delivery Time.nnThe phone is suberb. Looks better than the iphone and works almost as well as the 5s. Its a great buy if you are not bothered by the social pressure of having an iphone.nnHowever, here is the flip side. nAfter sales is extremely bad. The screen of my phone got cracked. (Which can happen to anyone and is quite common). The nearest service center was in Lajpat Nagar in some by lane on the first floor. It was a total nightmare. Had to wait 1 hour to have some one attend to me. On showing the phone, I was told that it will cost me 13000/- and I am better of buying new phone. nI fail to understand how can the screen cost more than 50 % of the cost of the phone. An iphone 5 screen replacement cost approximately 5000/-. I wrote to their customer care, but got no response. Its sad, I feel like I wasted 26000/- for nothing. I just got another phone, this time not a Huawei.

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A concise review Busting misunderstandings

1) Huawei is one of the TOP ANDROID COMPANIES...better than LG and SONY and being chinese doesn't change that.n2)The PROCESSOR IS NOT MEDIATEK ....It is a custom processor made by huawei. For reference you may suppose it is better than Galaxy S3, but worse than the Nexus 4.nThe Architecture involves 4 A9 cores as opposed to A7 cores in mediatek processors.nnNow for ratings:nLooks : 10/10 the best looking phone for it's price PERIODnPerformance : 7.5/10 Good, but could be better. Nexus 4 > ZR> SP > P6=S3nBattery life : 7.5/10 Decent, but not awesome.Gets through 1 day of usage easily.nUI : 9*/10 Really awesome and a different approach at android, android purists though might hate it.(*controversial)nStill Camera : 9/10 A really good still cameranVideo recording: 6/10 This phones weak pointnDisplay :9/10 Awesome display for it's price, better than S3 or ZR.nnHuawei ascend P6 is a really good buy for people looking for an awesome looking android phone with a good still camera and a different approach at android without many compromises.nNot a must buy, but if it suits you best,it's definitely a good choice.nnOptions:nNexus 5 : I would recommend this over anything...if 16GB is not a problemnXperia SP : Awesome gaming and performance on the cheapnLG LGpro : If you want a big screen and wanna root.nNexus 5_32 GB : The best deal you can get soon. nnThis phone needs to be cheaper...then it might be worth a buy.nAs of now the FLagship competition is too close for comfort.

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A Welcome Surprise Package

DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THIS PHONE.nSeriously , A very few people know Huawei by name. For those of who have not even heard its name , flip over any internet dongle that you are using , there's a 99% chance its made by Huawei , the world leader in mobile communication.Do not let that "Made in China" mark fool you.nnComing to the phone , one word.SEXY.nnIt gives any leading phone a run for its money.light with metallic body, good cameras on both sides it seriously is the iphone's evil twin brother.Performance wise , it never gave any problems , smooth execution of games and supports all apps.nThe buzz is the Ascend P6 will skip directly to KIT KAT by Jan end , so , sorry Samsung ppl.for those who doubt abt services , there's an in bulit app which would send an SMS , make a call to the call center directly and you will hear back from Huawei within 24 hrs.nnThe only drawback (not with the phone) - the non-tech peasants and retards will question your decision to trust a chinese company , the phone does not come with a "ignore idiots" app.nMy personal rating 4/5.

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Beautiful beyond Imaginations!!

Heck i bought the phone as a gift but couldn't resist using it for the 2 days i had in hand! Personally I'm no smartphone user...I make do with nokia 1200 and my iPod so this would be my first ever android (though i occasionally touch my friends' micromax! nnThe phone looks great, elegant, simple and doesn't feel as large on palm as most 4.7" ones do (saw quite a few at store)! for your general use, occasional gaming etc... you'll find it great though it lags at times (in subway surf i believe) otherwise most apps run smooth and fine (temple run, fruit ninja etc...). The battery is really awful though when compared to my 5-yr old Nokia 1200, can't really compare with other smartphones :P! camera features are also good i guess.... didn't use it much though.nnLong story short...If you're looking to gift a phone this should be your go to phone; Its design alone justifies everything!!

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