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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition 32GB 3G
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Rs 51,055
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition 32GB 3G
Out of Stock
₹ 51,055
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Pricing not as Note 3 and S4; Where are the accessories???

I bought the phone on first day itself. It is the smartest tablet out there. And comparably much better than the previous version of note 10.1. But, the thing that disturbs is the specifications are not matching the cost.nnLCD screen, 8 MP camera with no UHD video recording, no NFC support. and this all costs 46900. The only thing that pacifies me is the resolution and SIM card support. Which made me choose this product.nnHere is the comedy part. "You won't even get a earphone for 46900". should we have to pay for it again???? Why can't you just sell the tablet alone, with no box, charger and other things inside the box? The major thing people do is listening to music. and you ruined it. nnsamsung, you have learned how to steel money from people like me... But you will never change good in satisfying your customers. Already you have lost a large number of people in overpricing. Check whether the marketing managers and developers in your company are transforming into retard.....Better choose NEXUS for samsung , guyzz... nnTime is not too far for samsung to get vanished from the smartphone market, if they continue this kind of shit.

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laggy and a HUGE let down

delivery by Flipkart was within 24 hours - kudos to that.nThe device is a HUGE letdown, lacks class, the buttons are plasticky, made in china finish, the bezel is lacking the finesse that one would look for an expensive, supposedly high end device like this. Ipad beats it hands down, am thoroughly disappointed after buying this!!nnTablet is frequently used in portrait orientation as well as in landscape mode. And with the buttons' immobile landscape-oriented placement, they end up being awkwardly positioned on the left or right side of the tablet when you hold it vertically instead of rotating with the device as they would if they were virtual and on the screen.nnAll in all, it just doesn't make for a great user experience.nn• I'm actually a little shocked by the level of performance on this thing. While the Note 3 suffered from some occasional jitteriness and imperfection, the Note 10.1 is downright laggy -- even right out of the box. It takes three or four seconds for the screen to come on when you press the power button to wake the device. Swiping through home screens is often jerky. And system animations are frequently choppy instead of smooth.nnThe performance-related flaws present in the Note 3 are present here, too, like the inexcusably slow Gallery app, which routinely takes anywhere from five to 12 seconds to load and to open folders. This just isn't a snappy device, folks -- which is baffling, given its impressive-sounding Exynos 5420 quad-core 1.9GHz processor and 3GB of RAM.nnIts just an enlarged note3 - or S4 with a bigger screen and the least Samsung should have done is given it classy finish and body and a better processor, the speed gets sticky and laggy and apps show that the processor is feeling like a burdened horse.nnAll in all a complete disappointment from Samsung, bad for me that I bought it immediately on release trusting that this would be a killer device, instead it's killed my 2 year old trust in Samsung and will never buy a new Samsung device again before taking a demo ever again.

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Performance depends on settings

You folks that are complaining of lag - your animation settings are set to a medium setting by default. Just go to developer options and set all the animation settings to low or off. Since you prefer response to frills - this is a better config for you - you really don't need those animations. And you may also want to turn off auto update in play store settings. I can suggest other things but if you have spent money on a top end machine, you owe it to yourself to make some effort to get to know its capabilities and the options provided to you to control its workings.nAlso, Samsung has put out updates for the 6000 already that reduced lag issues considerably. Should be doing so for the 6010 as well...hopefully soon.

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By far, the best 10 Inch Android tab currently available

I ordered this tab (black) from Flipkart and I was already hands-on with it in less than 24 hours.. Pretty satisfied with the fulfillment turn around time.nnQuick Pros and Cons:nPros:n1. Best display on a Full sized Tab as of Today. Period. Easily beats the retina on IPad. I have compared them side by side. Color reproduction is amazing in Note 10.1 2014. Was blown away and couldn't take my eyes off it until the battery completely drained out!!n2. Compact, light and feels solid, but nowhere close to the IPad Air in the 3 parameters.. I guess Sony's Tablet Z is the only Android Tab lighter than this one (for this screen size), but Sony felt a little flimsy in the hand. just a personal opinion.n3. S Pen really adds value and has practical usage, unlike some other gimmicky features provided by Samsung. Apps around the SPen are tightly integratedn4. Gameplay is smooth and pulls off some heavy games (RR3) with ease. n5. SD Card option is really cool. (comparing with Apple)n6. Great Battery back-up. Easily lasts more than a day with very heavy usage. (I have not tested with 3G yet)n7. Goodness of Android!! nnCons:n1. Pricey, may be 5K too expensiven2. There are some occasional, very minor stutters that i could experience. By no means affecting the experience in any way. But with so much power under the hood, i was a little surprised. Anyone using the tab should fist apply the updates/patches provided by Samsung (OTA) that fixes most of the lags and stutters. 99% experience was butter smooth. Currently, the new Nexus 7 is the only Android tab that is smoother/snappier, i guess.n3. Dearth of accessories like screen guards and cases. But i think we should be getting some more options in a couple of monthsnnOverall, awesome tab and i am glad that i got this one.

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Saying Excellent is just not enough

I am not going to review this products like the experts do. i will rather write my own experience.nnThe first look at this tablet is enough to notice how good it looks. beautiful is an understatement. the tablet is butter smooth and the spen compliments all other excellent features so well that i could easily state this as the best tablet i have ever used.nnPros.n1. display is just breath taking, the colours are elegant and contrast is just amazing. the people who call it oversaturated have grey lives.n2. spen - it is a cliche but it is the best thing of this table after display. it really adds to the functionality. some might argue that it doesnt work with all apps - but it works for all the apps i needn3. polaris office 5 - no it is not available for all devices and the one that comes preloaded is optimised for the spenn4. touch wiz interface - most call it bloatware i call it an addition which makes it the best tablet around. i have been using the older interface in s2 for 3 yrs and never had any problems. now touch wiz interface has the ability to use 2 apps side by side and over the top opening smaller windows - i think 5 small windows which you can resize according to you choice. ( i have only tried opening 2 windows side by side and its great) this feature is unique to samsung as of now.n5. butter smooth and fast response - 3 gigs ram and octa core is just amazingn6. sturdy build - Dont let internet misguide you. the tablet feels nice in hands, metal shell would have just made it heaviern7. memory expansion is a feature that i cant do withoutn8. this might not be relevant for others but android browser accesses flash which chrome cannot. android browser is no longer available over play store. flash is still prevalent in india and without it the experience is not the good. (this can be resolved with dolphin browser in other tablets)n9. Calling facility nCons.n1. Battery drains very fast in full brightness - 20% per hour. you might run out of charge in 5 hrs. at 50% brightness, continous 3g and wifi use you can easily squeze out 8 - 9 hrs of continous usage. I am speaking of personal experience.n2. this i havnt felt yet but i have heard it from lot of people..... lag. well even if the device starts lags i think the advantages far outweighs the disadvantages. samsung is said to be working on the software update anyway which will take care of this issue.n3. where are the inbox accessories - this complaint is not restricted to me. the box contains nothing other than the tablet and charger. it does not even have a decent user manual. the user maual can be accessed through the browser - a bookmark is present. absence of headset specially when the device supports call facility nnwell i will leave the decision to the readers but i will say this - buy note 10.1 if you need a device for productivity. If you want just a tablet for daily uses and dont really need a stylus go for other samsung tabs like the pro. or better still if you can contend yourself with a 7" screen try the nexus 7. I bought this tab because it will be a solution for all my needs and a viable replacement for the laptop - it is already serving the purpose well

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