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Samsung Galaxy S2
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Rs 21,090
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Samsung Galaxy S2
Expected Price
₹ 21,090
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Why an Inferior Galaxy SII I9100G at the same price as SII 19100 ?

Galaxy SII I9100G is inferior to SII I9100,nn 1) Inferior PowerVR SGX540 Vs better Mali400 GPUn 2) Lower 3G data rates supportedn SII I9100G -> 7.2 Mbps HSDPA; 2 Mbps HSUPAn - same as in older Nexus S (single core GPU)n SII I9100 -> 21 Mbps HSDPA; 5.76 Mbps HSUPAn - Quad core GPUn 3) Lesser Operating frequency optionsn SII I9100G -> GSM - 900, 1800; UMTS - 2100n SII I9100 -> GSM - 850, 900, 1800, 1900; UMTS - 2100n (It means I9100G can't use while travelling out of India)n 4) Different CPUsn SII I9100G -> OMAP 4430 n SII I9100 -> Exynos 4210nn 5) Finally, though I can't be sure, different internals targeted at low-end markets like India and Malaysia might mean that the software updates might be delayed or not available WRT I9100. (Similar to the Galaxy S LCD Vs Galaxy S)nn Samsung seems to be pushing an inferior I9100G compared to I9100 to "third world" countries under the very popular SII branding. That too at the same price as I9100!!! Quiet insulting.nn I'm a regular customer of Flipkart. I came here to buy a SII and was shocked to find that only I9100G version of Galaxy SII is available.nn I know Flipkart can't do anything about Samsung's decision to treat Indian market as a gullible dumping ground (even if we are willing to pay the market price, often more than other countries). Feeling frustrated. I wonder when Indian consumer will be given equal respect.n Rather than buying a inferior I9100G SII I'd rather pay much less for Galaxy R or rather hunt around for the *real Galaxy SII* before it vanishes from Indian market.

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I9100 vs I9100G

I9100 is now getting replaced by I9100G in India and some Asian countries. Its important to know the differences:nn1. I9100 has better CPU and better GPU compared to G version. G version's CPU is capped at 1008 Mhz, it seldom reaches the specified 1200 Mhz when in stress. The Mali 400 in I9100 is much better than PowerVR 540 in I9100G (this same powerVR 540 is present in Galaxy Nexus, Moto Razr, Optimus 3D etc)nn2. I9100 has way better custom ROM support thanks to it being older and many devs have it. So all good roms like CheckROM, MIUI, Cyanogen mod are available. But, as the I9100G uses Ti OMAP 4430, which is very similar to Galaxy Nexus's Ti OMAP 4460, and as their GPU is same, expect ports of this mods for I9100G soon, as it will be more simpler to port them.nn3. I9100G, is having better battery backup and less heating thanks to lower clocked CPU.nn4. In Antutu benchmarks, when I9100G is overclocked to 1.2 Ghz, it actually beats I9100 by a couple of 100 points.nn5. There is no yellow screen problem, wake up lag, and color banding issue in I9100G, which are quite common in I9100 (google /youtube for these issues)nn6. THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT: Samsung officially launched 2.3.6 Gingerbread for I9100G via KIES and OTA in INDIA. There is NO UPDATE released for I9100 in India. Its still stuck on 2.3.3 May 2011 firmware.nThis might not be a point of concern for power users who flash other countriy's firmware, but there have been cases of people losing IMEIs and their basebands while using other country's firmware.nThis has lead to an outcry from Indian I9100 owners, asking Samsung for I9100 2.3.6 firmware, but Samsung has not paid attention and they haven't even replied.nnSo, if you want official updates, go for I9100G.nIf you want custom ROM support and few 100 more numbers in benchmars, get I9100.

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The truth behind GT19100G

I did not buy this mobile from flipkart. But am writing this review for people who are thinking of buying it. First and foremost "yes" the GT-19100G is inferior to the GT-I9100 phone but..nn1. Its a huge chance that samsung is only gonna sell this version in India. Trust me I searched a lot. Everybody I know who is buying a Galaxy S2 now is getting this model onlynn2. The difference is between the processor and GPU but you wont even notice(seriously). It gets quadrant scores of 3k . Probably no app will be released for quite some time which wont run on this device..nn3. It is getting more support in India compared to GT-I19100. It already has a 2.3.6 update OTA wheras for the other S2 you need kies to update(It got its update quite late too).nn4. Yes, Samsung is doing wrong but when you consider that they ARE selling it for less price in India(Look at the UK/US price on google). They have to cut corners somewhere. And judging by the performance of the device, it didnt matter.nn5. People who are thinking it wont get ICS, don't kid me. Samsung aren't that stupid.nnNow am not praising samsung or anything, I just don't want people being put off from buying this awesome device just because it has a "G" at the end. Yes its inferior but every company has to make some decisions to sell their products in India(Where price matters a lot). Enjoy

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Buyer Beware

Would like to second thoughts of other people with regards to this phone. Samsung is selling the I9100G as Galaxy S2 in India even though it has inferior specs. I went a bought a S2 after being promised that it was indeed I9100 (not flipkart) and it turned out to be a I9100G. The display piece in the store was a I9100. The sales people were unaware that something like I9100G even exists. My advice.. if you like the specs of I9100G and willing to pay the same price as I9100, then go for it. The screen is the same even though the internals are different. If you think samsung is cheating the indian public by pushing an inferior product at the same premium price, vote with your wallet and send a strong message to samsung. It is very sad to see a company like samsung for whom India is a big market resort to such practices.nIf it helps, the box will have something like I9100LKG as product code for G models. I do not know what they will be for I9100 models

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For all those who have the Samsung Galaxy S2

Guys and Gals... First off, there are two variants - Galaxy S2 I9100 and I9100G...nnThose who have I9100G - Well I have nothing to say, but you just ended up in the wrong side of the table. I don't want to say anything about this model.nnThose who own Galaxy S2 I9100 - This is the best DualCore smartphone that you can look out for. The only problem is the battery backup. But again, there are many ways to improve it. I customized in such a way, that I get 1 entire day battery backup with normal usage. Look up on the internet on the way to do it.nnICS 4.0.3 still have issues. Its not entirely bug free. I am waiting for its next update to resolve few known issues.nnAlso, when I did the upgrade from GB to ICS, I initially regretted as battery lasted only for 5 hours. ICS is powerful and it functions differently than the GB editions. that's why it consumes more power. It takes time to calibrate the battery as well (well wish Samsung included a 2000mAH battery). So have patience and learn about its features and functions to get the best use of it...nnBy the way - All Super AMOLED screens have limited life span. So don't expect the life expectancy of a NOKIA 3310.nDon't use bright and colorful screen. Go for a grey scale or less blue colored screens. Else you will end up burning some pixels in a year time.nnOnce again, Smartphones are for Smart People. Don't expect 100% satisfaction just out of the box. You need to learn about it and customize it.nnFlipkart rocks! Keep it up!.nThanks !! Adios!

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