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Sony Xperia U
Expected Price
Rs 4,990
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Sony Xperia U
Expected Price
₹ 4,990
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ignorant people stuck to memory

specially @yuvananda praveen, u're talking as if someone is forcing you to buy this phone. flipkart has other range of dual cores with removable battery with card slots, go buy them. this is for budget concious people who want a dual core. and being the ignorant person you are, you wouldn't even know that the chipset used by sony in the u is far far more power efficient than other chipsets....this will easily last longer than a sgsII with a 1650 mah battery. educate yourself on tech matters before spewing hate comments and influencing the prospective buyers.

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Please dont write reviews if your too rich for this kinda phone!

if u can afford sola or neo-v pls go for it dont write crappy reviews as reviews means ppl who have gone thruu d fone.nmany ppl cant live with 6 gb space n i am a 20 year old engineering lad who thinks 6 gb is more then sufficient for me!nas i want songs n vids n pics n not a porn collection!nthere are people who want to know about this fone n this fone only has one flaw; mem card... if u can deal with it then go for it n if your requirments are higher then that please dont say this fone is lame as its obviously better then neo-v cuz of the dual core n d amazing gui!its not making fool out of ppl! its letting middle class people buy such an amazing piece!nn sola is suppose to be an elder to 'U'.. hence dont gt money! go for it but personaly i love my new briliant NXT U! Stunning masterpiece in good price!amazing sound!goes with my beats solo!the gui is eccstatic n performance beat nexus by miles!

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Words fall short on how to describe the AMAZINGNESS of this Wonderful Phone

I dont why this hoopla is being created around the 4GB of memory provided for user storage.nSee as simple as that, its not for those high-ended people who like to keep tons of data on their fone for which they are crying foul over the less storage.nI personally find 4 gb more than enough for my file storage on top of it Sony provides additional 2Gb sorage for applictaions, which, in other fones is around 170-200MB approx.nSo, guys other than that "alleged" flaw there's nothing bad in this fone. I got mine yesterday itself & it works like a Charm and it has SO MANY amazing qualities like :nn1. SUPERB CAMERA QUALITY (really mindblowing)n2. 1Ghz Dual-Core Processor (works amazingly fast)n3. The TimeScape UI is just Awesome!!n4. xLoud Audio Filter, 3D surround Sound & Equalizer.n5. The Screen Resolution is so Bright n Crisp its just out of this world.n6. Sound quality is also brilliant.n7. THE BEST at this price around 16K.n8. Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 Update in 2nd Quarter of 2012.n9. Supports OTG(OnTheGo), i.e, u can add externl device mediums like Pendrive, Hard 10. Disk, etc. For this u have to buy a cable which is cheaply accessible around Rs.200 on eBay.nnSo guys if ur budget is around 16-18K this is THE BEST deal u can get in fones in the present market.nU wont be disappointed at all.nSeriously, as Satya Keerthy said, sum1 must be a fool to opt out of buying this fone just becoz of the petty Memory Issue.nnThe battery also lasts easily 1 to 1.5 days with saome basic tweaks for power consumption.nAnd another good news that when it'll get its update to ICS Android 4.0, its battery performance will increase furthermore, so nothing to worry abot regarding the battery too.nnGo for it guys, u'll love it.

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This has a removable Battery!

@Yuvananda Praveen I must tell you, you are one of those people who are blinded by rumors and space issues. First thing, it doesnt have an embedded battery, it is user removable. Then the 4GB problem. No one, and I mean No one will store 10HD videos. And one more thing, 5-6mins of HD videos dont have 300mb. Movies, 3hr movies, that are HD, come upto a size of just over 890mb. Dont say things you dont know about. Also the 1300mAH battery is enough as, people who know the technical aspects of a processor and all, know that the NOVATHOR chipset in this phone is the most fuel efficient chipset out there. nAnd for people worrying about the limited space, there is always cloud storage. Some of you think that cloud storage is yet to come to india, well guess what, India was one of the first countries to get it, through Microsoft. And in January everyother company as well adopted it. So there is no problem in that aspect. Also, none of you(and I mean every single one of you) wont use more than 4gb, I can guarantee you that.(I have an iPod 16gb and with about 30apps, 100 songs and 1movie, I have used up 2gb)Trust me, 4GB is heaven.nAnd also no other phone in this price range gives you a Dual core chipset, a front facing camera. nPlease dont think about the storage, if you dont like, say the looks of the device, dont buy it. But believe me if you dont buy this saying you dont have enough space, you are missing out the Future of Android(ICS upgradable!)nI know this from personal experience that is a good phone, i had this for a month, I am a reviewer(not a big company or anything) but i got this phone for reviewing and it was great!

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hey frnds....i have purchased dis phone wanna tell u awl wht a monster it's internal memory is only 4GB fo storage and no card slot supported but supports USB-on-th-go...means a 32GB or a 64GB flash storage can be attached to offers dual core processor which is ideal for the smartphones today in the market....and i must say fast processor dosen't slows down the phone and supports multitasking...but ram could be just quality is does a great job..screen size is good(same as of iphone) calling is version 2.3..can be updated to 2.3.4....and later on will be tasting ICS android 4.0.....battery life is average....but would me enough if it was 1500mah....and at last i would like to say...a phone which is a worth to buy...and at last i would like to you will never get a phone like this in's coming back in competition....and "THE SONY'S NXT GENERATION PHONES ARE CLASS APART"..........gO eVeRyOnE bUy iT...;)

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