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Zync Z990 Plus
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Zync Z990 Plus
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Please DO NOT buy Zync Z990 Plus

I had ordered Zync Z990 Plus tablet from Flipkart.comnnThis product is waste of money.nnThe tablet started hanging and restarting on the first day while using the built-in applications.nnI called Zync tech support and they asked me to do a factory reset and monitor it's behaviour after fully charging the tablet.nnThey had also requested to not to install any application to confirm if the problem is with the tablet or any third party application.nnIt still hangs and restarts in between.nnFinally I gave up and called Flipkart to take this tab back and let me buy some other brand. nnBut, they say that's not possible and the only option available is replacement of the old Z990 Plus tablet.nnI regret my decision of buying Zync Tablet and would strongly request you guys to not even look at this product as an option.nnI hope my review help's you guys.nnIf there's NEGATIVE ratting, I would rate it -5 (MINUS FIVE).nnAll the best for your new Tablet. BUT, NO ZYNC PLEASE.

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Not as per expectations...???

I read so many reviews before buying this, where users were giving this Tablet 4 or 5 stars. I got it 3 days ago too.nHowever, I find this sub-standard, given the fact that it's suppose to run on a fast 1.5Ghz processor with 1 GB Ram!! Within the similar price range Karbonn Smart Tab / Micromax funbook would probably turn-out to be better, even with lower processor & ram speed. nThe following are the issues with this tab:n1) though it's touch screen is good at the center, at the corners, it's pretty sluggish..the response time is too too slow..You end up tapping thrice/ 4 times before it reacts.n2) I use a tata photon connection since 2 years, but it doesn't support photon plus AT ALL...there's no way I could figure out installation of Tata Photon plus dialer..n3) Despite battery being available (30% or 40%), it stops unexpectedly, and doesn't get switched on until you connect the charger to it...what's the trick of providing 3600 mAh battery, when it works worse than a 2800 mAh battery tab??n4) You have to really struggle hard with the Lycra pouch provided, to get it on. At the 1st sight, the pouch looks much smaller to the tab size, but you have to strech it hard to get the tab covered...happy exercising!!n5) Though Wi-fi connectivity is good, the browser hangs so many times, and even swapping betwwen the multiple tabs is not smooth, probably because of the same reason that the touch experience around the corners are not as good as the center.

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Great Product for the price.

This tab comes with ICS preinstalled. Really well priced TAB in indian marked. The hardware of Z990 plus is similar to the earlier Galaxy TAB, but quite more powerful since the processor is clocked higher and the ram is extra. Recommended product. Easily does all the work a phone does at less than 1/3rd the cost.

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DO NOT Buy Zync 990 Plus Tablet

Though this tablet has great specs for the price, in reality the quality is bad. I ordered for 2 nos. of "ZYNC 990 Plus" tablets online. Both of them were defective. The speaker and vibrator of the tablets were not working. Sound was OK if Headphones were connected but without headphones the onboard speaker was not producing any sound. The sound settings was ON and I rechecked in the SETTINGS app. I tried calling ZYNC support helpline mentioned on their website but out of 4 nos. 3 were not working when I called. After a lot of time & connection attempts I managed to get through on one helpline number. The support people made me do the below. 1) Go to Settings tab & check whether the Sound was swithed on. As I told you earlier it was already On. 2) She made me reset the tablet. The sound still did not work. 3) Even though the tablet was showing 85% battery charge the support lady told me to charge the tablet for 4 hours & call back. I was sure it was not going to work, but still I did it. The Sound still did not work. 4) Then she told me that they will have it picked up & If they also find it defective then they will repair it. The time required would be approximately 15 to 20 days. I had bought these tablets to gift them to my sisters on Raksha Bandhan. But now I have to unfortunately tell them to wait for 15 to 20 days more so that I give them Brand New Defective Tablets duly repaird by Zync in their own sweet time. This has left me severely embarassed. Moreover, the touch sensitivity of the display is very poor on the edges of the screen. I have to click several times on the Browser Tabs to change the tabs or close them. I would suggest you increase your budget & go for 16GB WIFI only Apple Ipad 2.

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A true value for money tab

Firstly it is India first pre-owned tab with Ice Cream Sandwich. Its quite intuitive and easy to use. Features wise it is best android tab in this budget. I also came to know that they provide on-site warranty, which I think is best bet for lazy persons like me.

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