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  • What is 91mobiles all about?

    91mobiles (pronounced as ´ nine-one-mobiles ´) is a comprehensive Mobile phone portal for Indians. One can find latest Mobile phones, best deals on mobile phones, mobile phone reviews and even videos related to each and every mobile phone model. The site aggregates content across major online retail stores, mobile blogs, press-release agencies and news sites and presents the information in an easy-to-understand format.

  • How are guys gathering the information?

    Well, through a semi-automatic approach! We have an in-house editorial team and we have a set of crawlers which scout the web for the best deals, news items etc., We combine both the resources to curate the content and present it to the benefit of our users!

  • Is the information up-to-date?

    Almost! We are striving hard to present the latest information at all point of time.You might observe a delay/lag/obseletness here and there. If you happen to see, just write to us and it will help us overcome those blind-spots.

  • How do I find a best deal for the mobile phone?

    Oh! That's easy. Just type in your mobile model in our all-purpose search box. You will be guided from there on! If you are someone who likes clicking and discovering, you can start with the browse intereface. Also, we are highlighting some of the best deals through UI Widgets across the site. It's hard for you to miss what you are seeking for :)

  • What else are you planning to offer?

    If we list down the items in our roadmap, you will be stunned! Mobile phones being an ubiquitous device, has all sorts of needs and ecosystem. Our aim is to cover the entire ecosystem. We will be rolling out one section after another such as Forums, Marketplace, Directory of Mobile ecosystem, QnA, eCommerce, Accessories and the most important of all 'Apps'...and much more...!

  • When can I expect those features?

    We love simplicity and focus. Our aim is to do one thing at a time and do that well and yet keep it simple. This allows us to progressively evolve without letting the user experience down and without compromising on the quality. To answer the question, roughly a feature/section a month or two is a possibility!

  • I would like to share some feedback with you. How do I that?

    We love you for that! Please send us your feedback at feedback at 91mobiles com or you can simply send in your message through the contact us form.

  • would like to advertise on your site. Who should I contact?

    Please send us an email at advertise@91mobiles com. We will get in touch with you to discuss further.

  • I am an expert in mobile phones. I would be interested in writing expert reviews and articles about mobile phone industry. How can I partner with you?

    Without quality content, internet is not a better place. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of associating with quality content publishers/writers. It might be in the form of revenue-sharing, link-exchange, article-exchange or even as a part-time job. Please send us an email at

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