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Forme S700
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Rs 1,199
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Forme S700
Out of Stock
₹ 1,199
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With all touch screens and other mobiles around, it took me hard time to find just one such flip phone! nThis phone is good to look at. when i saw its features online, i thought it's ok for Rs 1400. But, today i got it delivered, when i actually saw its features, i was soo suprised!! it already has watsapp, twitter, facebook, web browser, video player, and bluetooth!! none of them were written on flipkart's page, in phone's features!none thing is that it should have more battery hours.nif u'r still longing to own a flip phone, or having a secondary mobile, then buy this!

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An actual review

This is a review of the product and not of flipkart.nnThe phone looks cool in pictures just like any Salman Khan movie posters with heavily mattified faces to hide wrinkles.nnThe phone's color that I bought was red and yes, it was blood red and it shines. No matt look here. The inside of the phone is pure white and the contrast is stark.nnThe build quality is as low as the quality of any Salman Khan movie.nnThe OS of the phone is like any other chinese phone in your local market, but you bought it from flipkart so there you go, it's not a chinese phone.n(Keep telling yourself that until you believe it, just like you keep telling yourself that those Salman Khan movies are not Tollywood rip-offs).nnFortunately the sound is bearable and unlike any of those bollywood item numbers in any Salman Khan movie.nnIt has whatsapp, (Yay!) which means that it is trying to be hip and cool like any Salman Khan movie, but the version is so so bad and old that you wouldn't even bother opening the app. (like that Salman Khan movie that decides to do a 'World Television premiere' but no one bothers to watch). Side note: You wont get any whatsapp notifications after you press 'back'.nnThe facebook app is nothing but a browser link.nnAll other features are same old Chinese phone features that you'll find in any Nokia phone and it also has a mind blowing 1 Game!! - Snake!nnAwesome na?nnThe little icons that you see on top of the phone are nothing but lights. FYI, there are no specific lights for low battery or call or message. They are light up at once no matter what notification you get.nnThe earphone set that you get is a hybrid of a micro USB and mini USB, so there you go, you cannot use those earphones in any other phone. You know what, I'm kinda glad they did that. Now no one will borrow my earphones.nnOne thing you cannot customize is the keypad sound. You can change the volume for it. So when you put on your earphones, and press any button, it gives a large BOOOP and next thing you know you are deaf :)nnDo you want me to talk about the camera or bluetooth or music player? Naaaah. It's like any other phone. Normal.nnAnyway, this is a good phone if you want to have a good laugh at the OS, an orgasm at the blue lights of the keypad, a warning from your dad for wasting money on weird stuff or for the whatsapp after which your girlfriend will break up with you for not replying to her messages.

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Chand dino ki chandini wala phone

When i bought it, it was a smarty phone look wise.nnBut when it comes to operation now it gives so many problem just after 20 days when i got it in my hand.nnIt switched off frequently, horrible noise disturbance during the call.nnNow it's not even charging and not even switching on :(nnIt's like woh marr gaya he yaa toh fir qoma me chala gaya he.nnPlease avoid this phone .........

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Good Phone For Money

Very good phone for money. Forme is doing eXcellent job. But have to see the durability.nnPros:n1. Good Ba+n2. Excellent outside body finishing and smart lookn3. All features including different playersn4. Good quality display.nnCons:n1. Inside finishing could have been better, but not worse. Looks like a traditional mobile.n2. No in built memory. Unless memory is bought, none of the multimedia features can be utilized.n3. Loud speaker not excellent.n4. Head phones not of good quality.n5. Camera and Video are not reliable. Better to stop including these features.

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ok type product

i used this product for only three month just because after 3 month this product cant work anymore .it has been totally useless.when i purchase this product there is shown one year product warranty but i dpnt think so that it is right.

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