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Hitachi RAW318KXDAI 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC
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User Reviews for Hitachi RAW318KXDAI 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC

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Hitachi RAW318KXDAI 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC
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Noisy, unlike any Hitachi AC used earlier

Contrary to the claim that this is a super silent AC, it makes a lot of noise. May be it is a problem with the specific unit I have received, in which case I need a replacement or require Hitachi to fix the issue. The product is still in its first month of operation so well within the warranty period

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Utterly Disappointed

5 star for AC but 0 star for installation.nI have never seen such unprofessional installation in my life. Person who came for installation doesn't have idea even about how to handle the AC while installing. For installation of stabilizer they cannot install it in one go, 4 holes were drilled in wall for trial and error installation of stabilizer and after that they were able to install it even though stabilizer has only 2 slots for screw. It was looking like company has hired them for live training sessions at the cost of customer.nVery pathetic experience.nnFor AC , it is good cools well and is not much noisy.

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Did not meet expectations

Don't buy AC from flipkart. Their installation team is pathetic. You have to wait for their convenient time not with your convenient time. Their commitment level is too poor. One guy from installation team called me and told me that he is coming on today. But constantly I am trying to call him, he is unavailable. Previously same thing happened to me. I was waiting whole day on last Sunday as one guy called me aand told me that he is coming on Sunday. The whole got wasted. They are very unprofessional. So conclusion, before buying think about instalation team.

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Hitachi Customer feedback on RAW318KXDAI

I am writing this review on the basis of utter disappointment from this air conditioner.1. It's true it's China made product2. Compressor sound is a headache and is very loud and very discomforting. I registered 70 dB sound inside the room which is very disturbing.3. Cheap plastic cover with basic AC functions on remote is not impressive.4. Surprised to see a brand like Hitachi producing inferior quality air conditioners in 2018.5. I have purchased Hitachi air conditioner in 2014 - 2016 and was always satisfied by the products but in 2018 it's very disappointing.6. I request prospective customers to physically inspect the Air-conditioniner at a shop with specific model number and variant to avoid confusion and wrong choice.

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Could be way better

It makes too much noise. It has started giving me headache.

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