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HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB)


HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB) details

Buy For
  • Switchable graphic cards 
  • Powerful Processor
  • Massive storage
  • Value for money
  • Expandable RAM
Beware of
  • No pre-installed OS

While the HP G6 might not appear to be exciting to look at, with its glossy black finish. But considering its hardware specification and features provided, and its affordable price tag which doesnt burn a hole in your pocket, this is a great laptop to have.

Affordable Gaming laptop by HP

Display and Design

The HP Pavilion G6, with its glossy black finish and plastic body, may appear to be basic, but it feels rugged and the plastic doesn’t seem flimsy. It has a typical full sized chiclet style keyboard and is quite comfortable to type on. The 15.6 inch screen is a HD LED backlit display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, which good for watching HD videos with great clarity. The touchpad has gesture support for navigation abilities and has a textured feeling. 

Processor and OS

The Pavilion G6 has the AMD A10 processor which is clocked at 2.3 GHz and can turbo boost up to 3.2 Ghz when heavy processing is required, making it quite zippy. The laptop comes with a Free DOS system, so you have the freedom of installation whichever operating system you desire to use, the hardware supports all the latest operating systems.
Camera, Storage, Multimedia

The G6 laptop has the 0.3MP HP TrueVision HD Webcam which shoots clear pictures and videos and  renders good image quality while video chatting. The onboard storage capacity of 1TB is quite massive for storing all your data and multiple HD videos and movies to watch on the go. The G6 has switchable graphics, one integrated card for when high graphics processing is not required, and a dedicated 2GB ATI Radeon HD 7670M for high graphics processing when needed. Thus saving battery when required by switching between these two cards.

Connectivity and Battery

The HP G6 comes with all the essential connectivity options one would desire, with 2 USB 3.0 ports for high speed data connectivity and an additional USB 2.0 port. There is also an HDMI port for media content streaming and connectivity. The laptop is powered by a 6 cell Li-ion battery.
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HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB) Price
  • HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB)
  • HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB)
  • HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB)
  • HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB)
  • HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB)
4.6 / 5
220 User Reviews
Rs.  39,800 ( out of stock )
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220 User Review(s) Review talking about - Read all Great camera Reviews
Surya Singh, man you are so misinformed! Shame.
22 Jan 2013 By Palash Sharma On

where do i start from? LOLn'am a proud member of 'digit squad' and i know what i am about say, so have faith.nAgree that Mr. Osho was less aware about APUs and their ownership etc etc and his review had that funny element. But i believe that you are someone who haven't owned or used an AMD fueled machine. And i also admire the fact that you 've been living in a world which is a decade old from now. Because overheating issue with AMD chips was a thing of past, i have my 5 year old athlon x2 cpu which never went above 70C even at full utilization and with hours and hours of high end gaming(say max payne 3 , Hitman absolution etc) and Never "slowed down" as misguided by you. here is what you have said-nn"**FACT: AMD machines are also very well known for their Performance Depreciation. i.e. In the beginning you might Feel its Faster than a ROCKET but Over a certain months it will start acting like a BOX & then the only Answer you will get from your Service Center's is "Aapkaa PC Mein Virus hai Sir...... FORMAT karnaa Padegaa -- Charge Lagega"nnDude you have any idea why did AMD acquire ATI ? i guess not! Back in 2006 ATI was a part of AMD, and the main purpose for that acquisition was to develop APUs, they have used ATI's impressive GPU background to fuel their future products. Now coming to the point that AMD did went out of the scene for few years because of the development phase of APUs and FX series which by far is the only affordable native 8 core CPU(talking about FX81xx) and has the world record for highest overclocking potential.nnNow performance wise speaking, i do not believe in synthetic benchmarks according to me they are fool's tools. All that matters is the real world performance and AMD is know as Gaming giant all over. i quote you here-nn"Biggest Reason for AMD machines having a Very SHORT Life Span (10 - 14 Months MAX). In a country like INDIA where its already too HOT AMD only makes it HOTTER & dont even forget about the DUST.`" nn6 months? Are you a total moron or what, ok common let me guess you are someone who has fractional knowledge about Intel's I series, wondering on flipkart just to buzz around and humiliate other fellow reviewers since you have written just one review so far. Wait this thing sounds familiar, oh yes the same thing was told to me say, 5-6 year back by an INTEL dealer just because intel paid him extra commission for not selling AMD, hmmm are you one of those?nn"Biggest Reason for AMD machines having a Very SHORT Life Span (10 - 14 Months MAX)"nnGive me a freaking break, my machine, 5 years old. I have my relatives owning the G6 2005ax(a8 trinity) and Asus laptops powered by 1st gen(a6 llano) APUs and they are almost 1.5 years old never faced your so called HEATING ISSUE and all they do is GAMING, gaming and gaming (without a Cooling pad). So stop being an Intel driven person and open up your mind for some other great companies as well. nnBreaking intel's neck is the fact that HD4000 stands nowhere near HD7640G or for an instance take the A10 desktop APU with HD7660G and throw it in front of i7 with HD4000, Boy A10 being priced at mere 8k kicks i7's ass in gaming performance and Performing tasks like Video editing, PhotoShop cs6, Winzip compression because of the OpenCl support that AMD radeon offers. It is 2 or 3 times(sometimes) faster than your overrated intel crap. nnAnother confused quote-nn"APU doesnt mean anything other than a Processor by Intel. AMD Just gave it a Fancy SHORT Slang."nnKid, APU is their registered name for these hybrid CPUs and one does simply not addresses it by saying "APU doesnt mean anything other than a Processor by Intel." are you lost?nAPU is AMD's processor not of intel's and the idea of combining GPU with CPU is also of AMD not of intel's. nGet some knowledge you bleepster.nSlang, you even know what does a Slang mean?nSandy bridge, huron river, ivy bridge next what london brdge or hawra bridge? LOL These are Slang but least FANCY!nnLastly for all those worried about the longevity of the laptop and heat management, Processor makers have nothing to do with Laptop makers when it comes to designing their Lappy's heat management system, i.e HP's case design has caused heating issues even in intel cpus, But Asus has the best case layout and never runs hot. Hence it is a No-brainer's task to accuse CPU manufactures for mistakes of Laptop makers. nnAnd for those wondering about this particular laptop's performance, look this is the flagship APU from AMD, with the best specs from HP, enough RAM and HD7670M has proved to be the best mobile GPU beating GT640 which resides in many 60K plus laptops or say ULTRABOOKS, and i would strongly recommend to cross-check the specs mentioned by Flipkart with the one's on the official site. by far the best spec laptop till 70-80K price range, enough said!

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Excellent Laptop.SURYA SINGH suffers from brain damage.
22 Jan 2013 By Shawn Noronha On

I almost fell off the chair laughing when I read Surya Singhs biased review, because it was a totally meaningless and unnecessary attempt to undermine this excellent laptop configuration from AMD and HP. So I'm here to set the facts straight. If your only interested in a brief review, scroll to the bottom :)nn1. Mr. Osho seems to have had some difficulty expressing his thoughts in English. What he actually meant to say by 'compatible' was that the AMD APU's Graphics and the AMD Radeon GPU can be paired and made to run TOGETHER by using CrossFire technology. This is NOT possible on Intel laptops using Nvidia's Optimus, as optimus only allows you to use one GPU at a time, while the other one is doing nothing. What a waste!nAgain, what he said about not considering the integrated graphics is also true. The discrete HD 7670M alone (even without crossfiring) on this laptop will destroy ANY Intel integrated graphics and low end Nvidia chips like the 610m/620m.nn2. Singh's claim that AMD laptops are "heat friendly" are also untrue. There were some AMD lappies in 2007-2009 that ran hot, but this issue has long been solved now by AMD. Don't forget that intel also has the same problem with its Pentium 4 and 4M laptops in 2004 - 2006. Infact Pentium 4's run so hot, that they are also called "Space heaters" or "toasters" by many exerts :DnA very straight forward fact is here, when today both Intel's and AMD's standard mobile chips are rated at the SAME 35W TDP, then how the hell can the AMD chip run hotter?!!! Today, heat comes mainly from GPU's when playing games, not CPU's any more.nn3. GENERAL INFORMATION - THIS FACT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ALL PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BUY A GOOD GAMING LAPTOP.n All modern GAMING laptops with medium to high performance graphics, irrespective of AMD/Intel/Nvidia WILL RUN HOT. You cannot escape this fact. nIf your running cheap very low end graphics like a Nvidia 510m/610m or Radeon HD 7450m, or not running any discrete graphics at all then its all fine.nHowever, once you get into serious actual gaming class of GPUs, like Nvidia 630m/Radeon 7670m and higher, the laptop WILL run hot.nn4. His mentioning of the Itanium chips however, made me laugh the hardest. The Itanium was a big mistake by Intel. As soon as AMD Opterons with AMD64 technology came out in 2003-2004, almost NO ONE wanted to buy Intel's ultra expensive Itaniums!! In fact, Intel wants to kill and close down the Itanium line as soon as possible because its not making much money. While intel spent billions of dollars to make a new 64 bit architecture which was completely different from existing x86 chips, breaking code compatibility, AMD very smartly just extended the the existing architecture to make todays x86-64 chips which became an instant hit in the server market. This same technology is still being used in todays chips, and Intel was forced to copy this technology from AMD and use it in disguise as EMT64/Intel64[AMD and Intel have a cross-lisencing agreement in place,so both can use each others innovations]. If it was not for AMD, we would all be stuck with 32bit computers and 4GB of RAM.nn5. Last and finally he has once again made a fool of himself by mentioning about capacitors. All motherboards for Intel and AMD are made by more or less the SAME people. 80% of mobo's are made by Asus, Gigayte and MSI, using the exact same quality capacitors, inductors and resistors. How the hell can ONLY AMD laptops suffer from blown capacitors then ??!! Maybe the fool believes in black magic and curses or something :P:P In reality, both Intel and AMD motherboards fail at the same rate. You can go and ask your local computer repair shop if you don't believe me!!nn6. Last but not the least, AMD did not "overtake" ATI, it PURCHASED the whole ATI company in 2007-2008. That's why ATI Radeon is now called AMD Radeon.nn7. His big term, "Performance Degradation" which supposedly affects only AMD systems is another one of those non-existent facts which he seems to have pulled out from his rear end. :) All systems not maintained well degrade over time, not just AMD'snn8. @Surya You seem very fascinated by the word Ghanta, maybe its because most of your brains are situated not inside you head, but in your "Ghanta" downstairs :P Go see a gynecologist soon, because at the rate your spreading lies, your half inch ghanta mite shrink even more. Cheers :)nn[Forced to write my own review due to the Intel fanboy, Mr. Surya Singh's bird-brained review :D]nnGENERAL INFOn============nnThis is one of the BEST GAIMNG laptops you can buy in the

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HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB) User Reviews

HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB) Specifications

General Information
Brand HP
Model G6-2313AX
Dimensions(WxHxD) 376 x 244 x 36.3  mm
Weight 2.47 Kg
Colors Imprint Sparkling Black
Operating System DOS
Operating System Type -bit
Display Details
Display Size 15.6 Inches (39.62 cm)
Display Resolution 1366 x 768 Pixels
Display Type LED
Display Features HD Brightview LED Backlit Display
Display Touchscreen no  No
Processor AMD Quad Core A10-4600M
Clock-speed 2.3 Ghz
Chipset AMD A70M
Graphic Processor Radeon HD 7670M
Graphics Memory 2.5 GB
Capacity 6 GB
RAM type DDR3
Memory Slots 2
Expandable Memory 8 GB
HDD Capacity 1 TB
HDD Speed(RPM) 5400 RPM
Battery Cell 6 Cell
Power Supply 65 W
Battery Life 3 Hrs
Wireless LAN 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth yes
Bluetooth Version 4.0
USB 3.0 slots 2
USB 2.0 slots 1
Headphone Jack yes
Microphone Jack yes
VGA Port yes
Web-cam yes
Web-cam Resolution 0.3 MP
Audio Solution HD Audio Solution
Speakers Altec Lansing speakers
Sound Technologies Dolby Advanced Audio v2
In-built Microphone yes
Microphone Type Digital Microphone
Optical Drive Super Multi DVD RW Drive with Dual Layer
Drive Type DVD Writer
Pointing Device Touchpad
Keyboard Full-size Textured Island Keyboard
Warranty 1 Year
Lockport yes
Sales Package Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter, User Guide and Manuals
Disclaimer: The price & specs shown may be different from actual. Please confirm on the retailer site before purchasing. Error? Report to us
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HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB)
HP Pavilion G6-2313AX Laptop (AMD Quad Core/6 GB/1 TB/DOS/2 5 GB)
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Rs. 39,800
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