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HTC One M8
Out of Stock
Rs 59,900
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HTC One M8
Out of Stock
₹ 59,900
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Reply to "Might Help" possible samsung user

I usually dont write reviews, but look at what Gaurav Raj (Seems like a samsung employee) has written as a 'might help' thingy.... i thought of writing a review of the HTC One M8 phone, and a reply to gaurav's so called review, based on which which people (of course with that budget) would decide to buy or not.nnMight helpnI am not here for cons. And pros. nYou have highly qualified reviews for that.nnI want to share some things.nn1.width matters , for one handed use, bezels are big on sides considering it is not even waterproof.nnIts not good for one handed use considering it is not even waterproof?? What kind of link is this? The phone is perfect to use in one hand. Please note, its tall, not wide. And its as wide as (or lesser) than other normal smartphones in the market.nn2.people saying it is waterproof - That video on youtube ended there itself, phone shows IC problems in a month or two .nnIf the company says its not waterproof, dont listen to people who say it is. and dont put it in water.nn3.Camera performance is still bad .I dont want depth information if I cant click nice pictures.nThe OIS is very very gery important feature for mobile emergency phtography.and they ditched it.nnIf YOU cant click nice pictures, its YOUR fault, not the phone's. Agreed u dont want depth information. nOIS is very very important (because samsung got it?)... Were you using it in 2013 or any of your previous smartphones? nnn4.The device feels like something you might not ever have hold, The curves are even more perfect than MOTO X.nnUse a case. Anyways, you are going to use a case even if you buy an S5.nn5.i agree boomsound speakers are nice, but most of the times you might be hearing from headphones.nNo one would use it as a main speaker unit.better get a small JBL 4o pair with if you love stereo audios in home.nnSo you are left which no option but to agree that you like boomsound speakers, but then u use headphones, or you buy JBL. :D :Dnn6.Those speakers include super heavy space and the HTC logo uses the space too.nSTILL THE KEYS ARE ON SCREEN.nImmensely wasted space and specs .nnPeople more intelligent that you across the world are appreciating the design of the phone, and the speakers, but you see everything the phone has or does, as a disadvantage. (Is this a paid review??? I mean paid by Samsung) :DnnnI wont suggest anyone to buy this unless you are an htc or apple user for who class is the important thing first and smartphone ness is the secondnnnLASTLY, I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU, WHICH PHONE DO U USE??? I would love to write a full review on that phone.nnComing to the HTC One M8 review... Only one line.nnIf you have the budget and plan to stay with an AMAZING phone for at least 3,4 years... BUY !nnI bought and HTC HD2 (4 years back), then and HTC One X (2 years back), and now a HTC One M8. All the phones are still working perfectly. TILL DATE. (Gaurav, are you listening???)nnBTW, HTC has promised to provide Google Android updates for the next 2 years. So your phone will be up-to-date for the next 2 years.

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Feels like a hybrid of FERRARI and ASTON MARTIN in my hand!!!!!!

Now first things first........pretty hefty price tag for a phone but does it justify the tag and the answer is absolutely a big satisfactory yes!!!!n1) The design of the phone is the main clinching point of the deal and feels absolutely luxurious in the hand (you need to see and feel it in person).....that cold feeling you get when you pick up your phone in in morning is unmatched by a samsung or sony or even an iphonenn2) Now lets talk about the software and its another plus to htc its nippy and lags as in a crashing as in stupid cartoon icons...just a very clean UI probably the best after stock android and in some places seems even betternn3) Screen is LCD gorgeous looking but not as punchy colors as in a samsung......its on a cooler side of shade...but i like it more than super amoled as its not in ur face always viewing angles are gr8nn4) Memory problem has been solved by HTC and it makes sense as everything cannot be fit in a 16 gb you can expand upto 128gbnn5) Motion gestures are more than useful and doesn't seem gimmicky or added for the fun of it.......very useful as the power button is in a very awkward position that is on the top of the need to operate with the second hand in order to reach in itnn6) Now let's talk about the elephant in he room THE CAMERA or should i say camerasn there are 2 rear cameras actually the top one is a depth sensor which gives u a chance to refocus ur image later the bottom one is 4 megapixel/ultrapixel nIt takes decent photos that can be used on social networks easily but doesn't provide much details on zooming innnso at last nPROS: the design , software , motion gestures , expandable memory , new camera effectsnnCONS: the position of power buttonn Camera according to some is not upto the mark but for me is appropriate forn regular shots after all who stands in front of a landscape with a mobile camera un better buy a cannon for itnnIn conclusion this phone will surely turn heads when you take it out of your pocket!!!

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This "ONE" is for the Connoisseurs

50K?! Should you really shell out a fortune for a phone? Thats your call, but if you do then read on.nnFirst and foremost at this price point stop obsessing over specs because if you're then you're better off waiting for the next nexus which will definitely sport these specs and would be priced atleast 18-20K lesser than this. nnI've been using the HTC One M7 for almost a year and the new M8 for a few days now. You should hold it to feel it, immaculate design and attention to detail. You would've already heard about most of the common pros the design, sense, dual camera, depth effects etc so I'll go over some of the lesser talked about details.nnOS:n-----nnSense 6: I can't think of a single reason why it is even compared to stock android(touch wiz isn't even in the battle) when it is way ahead of it. Agreed Sense UI prior to version 5 was c*ap and felt heavy, added impurities to the stock UI of android but with V5 most of it changed and the V6 just pushes it to the top - Flat glassy UI which, trust me, grows on you the more you use it. True to the name it does feel sensible at many places like the dialer, contacts (agreed it borrowed some from windows) etc. Its extremely refined and polished.nnDESIGN:n------------nnThe overall design is a notch above the former M7 with nicely rounded corners which aren't as prone to dents as the M7 with sharp edges. The phone is a bit longer though which might be a little uncomfortable for some but other than that there isn't a major change in the overall design.nnThe attention to even minute details like the placement of the LED indicator is only possible when you're truly customer obsessed rather than profit obsessed.nnCAMERA:n--------------nnSome reviewers have spoken of the lower resolution of the pics when compared to S5 and the likes, believe me unless you obsess over looking at every pic on your PC zooming at corners it really doesn't matter. In fact mega pixels has nothing to do with the quality of a photo, things like pixel size, aperture size etc are much more important in determining the quality and the M8 excels here with a 2µm pixel size and better aperture than the S5. Though I'm not a huge fan of having effects/filters on photos the depth effects are actually nice and work most of the time without hassle. The day light pics aren't the best in comparison but the pics at night/low light are better most of the time than the competition. So it really depends on where you use your camera the most. nnNote: Some users have reported a pinkish hue in the photos taken at night, thats not the normal behaviour of the camera and its probably a minor defect in your camera's lens. It can easily be gotten replaced at any service center and the warranty covers it.nnOTHERS:n--------------nnOne other thing with HTC from an indian customer standpoint is that they update their flagships faster than others and they'll even support the phones with android updates/bug fixes for a much longer time than the other android phone makers.nnThe other features like Blinkfeed, BoomSound and Zoe that came with the previous edition are actually awesome and I personally find them pretty useful.nnAnyone who has used this phone or even the earlier version for a good amount of time will have to agree that it starts becoming "something you love" from "something useful" pretty soon. nnAs Keats said "A thing of beauty is a joy forever", its that unexpressable joy you're investing in.nnCONS:n---------nnSense 6 seems to have added software keys for back and home and I can't think of a single reason why it would be more beneficial than the earlier capacitive buttons for which the space was already reserved on the black strip. It really is a waste of the precious space on the phone's screen(the biggest thing I hated about Nexus/Stock android too). It would've made sense had they removed the hardware strip initially used by the buttons but thats not the case probably because it would screw up the aesthetics.

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The one and only One.

Firstly, Regarding the delivery, I opted for the in a day delivery of the product and it was delivered in less than 24 hours. Great job, Flipkart.nnRegarding the phone, I will stick the experience of the phone rather than the tech specs. For tech reviews of the phone, please see major reviewers like Cnet, The Verge, GsmArena and MKBHD. (My favorite ones anyway).nn1. Looks: My god, it just blows you away. The premium Brushed metal finish is an absolute pleasure to touch and use. I am sure this one reason alone will move a lot of potential buyers from alternate offerings of Samsung, LG, Apple etc.n2. The Sense 6 interface is by far one of the best manufacturer interfaces. Having used the Google Play interface, I would still rate this as more personal and as smooth, if not better. But yes, the android updates may not be as timely as in the Google play editions.n3. Blinkfeed is really amazing and easily replaces all your News and Social Networking dedicated apps. It's fast and easily accessible.n4. Camera: Yes, it is probably one of the sore aspects of the phone. However, for casual photographs and such it is more than sufficient. Well, if you can get over the lower pixel count, it does produce decent pics. And ofcourse, the "ultrapixel" size is bigger than that of other manufacturers, so that helps too.n5. Lack of aspects like Heartbeat sensor and Fingerprint sensor. I pondered over this aspect, but it actually is not a big give away. If you want to compensate for the lack of hearbeat sensor that the competition offers or if you are a big fitness freak, you have the option to buy dedicated trackers like fitbit etc. Btw, Fitbit app comes pre-installed. Probable HTC thought this may offset the absence of sensor a little bit. And Fingerprint sensor? Seriously? Big deal. n6. Screen: One word. Brilliant. Let's just Apple does not come up with a retina display phone with the 6. Otherwise, the One M8 is all set.nnFor a great phone to live with and be excited to hold and use everyday, look no further. Having used a lot of other phones in the market. I can confidently say that no other phone comes close to providing such a rich and personalized experience as the One M8. It is the One and Only.nGranted, HTC has nowhere near the marketing power of Samsung and Apple so sales may not be THAT high. But, once you have used a HTC phone, it is difficult not to see how glaringly ugly the rest of the phones are. Well, that is my experience and perspective anyway. Having made a comeback to HTC, I have decided never to shift my phone brand again. nnOverall, A truly incredible phone.

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The JEWEL of Android

Beautiful, bold designnPremium build quality - Metal!nBest-in-class audio/multimedia experiencenPowerful specs built to lastn128 MicroSD slot opens doorsnAmazingly fun to use camerannHTC has created a miracle here. It even comes with the latest snapdragon 801 processor unlike old exynos on samsung s5. In the world of smartphones, the very best products are those which deliver consistency across the physical and the virtual. Those which feel as good as they look. Those whose performance lives up to their hardware. With the M8, HTC has crafted just such a device.nnGreatest phone ever made. Period. Just hold it in your hands to believe it. :)

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