How Intel® Evo™ Series laptops are the perfect choice for those who want to do it all

Laptop buyers can be broadly classified into two main categories. On one side, you have an enthusiast who wants a specific laptop to do a specific job. This would include the likes of hardcore gamers looking for a dedicated gaming machine. On the other side, you have an avid multitasking consumer looking for a laptop that can keep up with them. Intel® Evo™ laptops are perfect for these users as these laptops are co-engineered with laptop manufacturers to offer best-in-class hardware with a range of features. It’s this flexibility that makes them a great option for those looking for a versatile laptop that can be used for work, content creation or even some casual gaming!

The performance you need

In order to be eligible to be Intel® Evo™ certified, a laptop needs to meet certain minimum requirements. One of these requires it to offer a certain level of performance. The newest edition of the Intel® Evo™ platform packs the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ mobile processors. This chiefly includes the Intel® Core™ i5 and the Core™ i7 series of mobile processors. While the Intel® Core™ i5 is a great option, the Core™ i7 is ideal for those looking for something a bit more powerful.

An Intel® Evo™ laptop with a Core™ i5 processor is a great choice for those looking for a more affordable laptop with multitasking capabilities. Aside from basic use cases such as word processing and online browsing, it has plenty of grunt for something a bit more hard-hitting. When paired with the integrated Intel® Iris® Xe GPU, this laptop can offer enough performance for basic photo as well as video editing. So if you’re looking to get your start as a content creator or digital artist, then this version of an Intel® Evo™ laptop should have you covered. It even has enough graphical prowess to play some games when you want to take the load off. In fact, these laptops should be the perfect everyday laptops for those looking for their first major upgrade.

If you need something a bit more powerful, then an Intel® Evo™ laptop with a Core™ i7 processor might be just what the doctor ordered. These laptops offer the same multi-tasking capabilities as their Intel® Core™ i5-powered brethren but with the added performance offered by the Core™ i7 processor. This is especially true if you add a discrete graphics card into the mix. These laptops are ideal for those looking for an everyday machine but understand that they need something that offers higher performance when called upon. This could include users such as professional photographers, video editors, or 3D modellers that need to use specialised software in their line of work.

Regardless of your choice, you will get access to the Performance Hybrid Architecture, which is a key aspect of the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. This architecture combines up to 14 Performance Cores (P-Cores) with Efficiency Cores (E-Cores). The P-Cores are designed to take on resource-intensive tasks such as gaming while the E-Cores are responsible for multi-threaded workloads and background tasks. This helps the laptops offer impressive levels of performance without compromising on battery life. To ensure optimised workloads, the Intel® Thread Director intelligently distributes tasks to the right set of cores.

Intel® Unison™

Of course, an Intel® Evo™ laptop is about more than just pure performance. It is about everyday usability. With Intel® Unison™ and Windows 11, your iOS or Android smartphone and laptop will be in sync. This allows you to receive messages, notifications and even calls on your laptop. Further, it also allows you to share files and photos between your smartphone and laptop instantly. This can come in very handy in multiple situations. If you are a photographer, for instance, and you click some great shots with your smartphone, you can quickie start editing them on your Intel® Evo™ laptop!

More productive calls

With an Intel® Evo™ laptop, video conferencing is better and smarter than ever! Through Intelligent Collaboration, users can experience better-quality video calls that can help enhance collaboration and productivity. For example, noise suppression can automatically suppress unwanted background noise, making it easier to hear in loud environments. Similarly, background blur can automatically and intelligently blur the background, thereby ensuring that everyone on the call can focus on you. Meanwhile, face framing ensures that your face is perfectly centred on the camera. These cutting-edge technologies optimize video quality and presentation and help facilitate clear and focused interactions.

Connectivity to the max

Another very important thing to consider when looking at a laptop’s multitasking capabilities is connectivity. Intel® Evo™ laptops have this covered as well. Aside from your usual suite of ports, these laptops need to offer at least one Thunderbolt 4 port. If you aren’t aware, this is a very versatile port that is based on the USB Type-C interface. It is not only capable of power delivery but can also offer super-fast data transmit speeds of up to 40Gb/s. So it can be used to charge the laptop, connect to an external display, or even connect to an external GPU for even more graphical performance if needed. For wireless connectivity, these laptops feature Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) connectivity with 6GHz support, providing users with faster and more stable wireless connections and reduced latency. With Intel® Connectivity Performance suite, you can expect smarter optimisation of Wi-Fi performance which should lead to more stable connections.

No more waiting

With Intel® Evo, you no longer have to wait for your laptop to turn back on after you’ve put it to sleep. With Instant Wake, your laptop will turn back on from sleep in less than a second. This is a feature that you will definitely appreciate, no matter what you use your laptop for. Further, you won’t even have to type in your PIN or Password. Intel® Evo™ laptops can use biometric authentication to log in or they can automatically detect your Bluetooth smartphone nearby and unlock for you.

A battery that’s always there for you

The battery life offered by the latest iteration of Intel® Evo™ laptops ties the whole package together. These laptops offer a battery life of at least 9.5+ hours. Further, when you eventually need to charge the laptop, you won’t need to wait too long. All Intel® Evo™ laptops offer fast charging capabilities. In fact, the latest laptops can be used for up to four hours with just a 30-minute charge.

As it should be pretty clear by now, Intel® Evo™ laptops offer the perfect balance of performance and versatility for users who want to do it all. With options for both Core™ i5 and Core™ i7 processors, these laptops deliver powerful multitasking capabilities and are suitable for various tasks, ranging from everyday use to content creation to even gaming. On top of this, you get access to a bunch of additional features designed to improve everyday usability. Choose an Intel® Evo™ laptop and enjoy the best performance, connectivity, and usability all in one device.