iQOO Neo 7: The performance powerhouse with a great design and enhanced gaming capabilities, all under 30K

As far as gaming smartphones are concerned, you can bank on iQOO to keep pushing the boundaries of delivering innovations. The same is the case with the newly launched iQOO Neo 7, which follows the company’s tradition of offering cutting-edge gaming features at remarkable prices. In this case, the Neo 7 has been priced below Rs 30,000, which is a great price tag for a device with such advanced components. More than anything, its specs list guarantees a truly satisfying gaming experience for buyers. Let us take you through everything that it brings to the table.

First in India with the new MediaTek Dimensity 8200 platform

The iQOO Neo 7 is the first phone in India with the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 5G SoC at its heart. This chip has adopted TSMC’s 4nm fabrication process and offers top-notch performance while also delivering excellent power efficiency. And not to mention, it also supports 5G, enabling uninterrupted online matches as well as lag-free gaming. MediaTek has equipped the chipset with one powerful Cortex-A78 core running at 3.1GHz, three Cortex-A78 cores clocked at 3.0GHz, and four Cortex-A55 cores running at 2.0GHz.

Such an arrangement makes the processor not just powerful but also flexible, allowing the phone to channel resources swiftly to support a myriad of different scenarios. It’s no wonder that the Neo 7 has been able to set an AnTuTu score of 8,93,690, which is rivalling the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. For rendering the demanding graphics in today’s high-end games, the Dimensity 8200 platform relies on its Mali-G610 GPU, which enables smooth and fast framerates in games, aside from splendid performance in everyday apps and activities. The iQOO Neo 7 also impresses with its adoption of the LPDDR5 RAM standard, which is known to be 50 percent faster than the last generation’s LPDDR4X RAM. Moreover, super-fast data transfers are enabled for the phone by its UFS 3.1 storage.

Gorgeous visuals on 120Hz AMOLED display

The iQOO Neo 7’s display is exactly what you’ll expect from a phone of its calibre. It’s a large 6.78-inch panel that provides ample space for your fingers to wander during intense gaming sessions. This FHD+ resolution panel is AMOLED in nature, leading to an accurate rendering of deep blacks. The contrast levels of this panel are also helped by its 1300 nits of peak brightness which allows it to have a contrast ratio of 8000000:1. With an HDR10+ certification, this panel is able to offer incredible dynamic range irrespective of the content that you watch on it.

A big highlight of this panel is its 120Hz refresh rate, which greatly enhances the user experience by offering silky smooth scrolling and swift animations. Moreover, it also helps the smartphone render games like New State Mobile and Call of Duty Mobile at 90fps. These fast frame rates bring in whole new levels of immersion to the gameplay and allow you to experience the games in their best possible form.

Ultra-fast charging speeds

Having a 5,000mAh battery is advantageous enough but the Neo 7 has further enhanced its own appeal by providing 120W FlashCharge support. This means, despite having a large battery, the phone can go from 1 to 50 percent in a matter of just 10 minutes. And when you wish to charge it fully, it can go from 1 to 100 percent in just 25 minutes. These insane times are achieved by the FlashCharge technology using a dual supercharge pump and a dual-cell architecture (20V 6A) to significantly increase the charging speed.

Flagship-grade gaming features

iQOO Neo 7 Gaming

The iQOO Neo 7 has been designed with the aim of providing flagship-level gaming experiences, with segment-leading features making their way into it. These include a large liquid-cooling vapour chamber with an area of 2,396mm². More importantly, iQOO has blessed the Neo 7 with its Motion Control suite that allows you to map actions to certain gestures. This means while playing a game like Call of Duty Mobile you can perform quick actions like crouching by just tilting the phone to the right in a quick fashion. Notably, six options for such Motion Control are available for you to set.

The iQOO Neo 7 is also the beneficiary of the 4D Game Vibration technology that brings with it an X-Axis Linear Motor for faster and stronger vibrations. The feedback from this motor feels more vivid and real than a Z-Axis Linear Motor and that’s especially useful while gaming, as it intelligently identifies the scenarios to provide apt vibration feedback. This is one more aspect of the phone that looks to enhance your immersion levels in whatever game you’re playing.

Magnificent cameras

The Neo 7 from iQOO doesn’t lag in the camera department either. It carries a remarkable 64MP triple camera setup that’s equipped with OIS and a host of other innovations. Firstly, this main sensor is the Samsung-made ISOCELL GW3 unit, which is equipped with the ISOCELL Plus technology for bringing new levels of fidelity and light sensitivity. This sensor features small but powerful 0.7μm-sized pixels that rearrange themselves based on the amount of light available to deliver sharpness while also capturing more light.

The new 64MP sensor gives the Neo 7 a significant advantage over its predecessor, the Neo 6. As you can see in the comparison below, the new device is able to capture a significant amount of detail compared to its predecessor. What’s more, the night shots clearly show how better the Neo 7 is at capturing light from various sources. The new 64MP camera is a clear winner and is all set to give users of the phone tremendous power when it comes to photography.

As if that wasn’t enough, iQOO’s Pure Night View is also present on the phone, using its new RAWHDR 3.0 algorithm to make night shots more beautiful. There’s even the Pro Sports Mode, which uses OIS and the combination of a motion deblur algorithm and motion metering technology to capture beautiful images of subjects in motion. The iQOO Neo 7’s camera suite also includes Vlog Movie 2.0, a set of presets allowing users to produce vlogs with more finesse.

Stunning retrofuturism design

Just like with its internals, a lot of thinking has gone into designing the externals of this phone. The key word here is retrofuturism, which is a design style incorporating a mishmash of futuristic and retro elements. In that sense, the phone goes for a pixel-style design featuring the classic elements from retro gaming consoles like the NES. As for the camera module, it gives a tribute to 35mm film and Polaroid paper, thus juxtaposing retro photographic elements with modern imaging technology. This gives the phone a fantastic appearance that’s sure to be the envy of those around you.


iQOO Neo 7 offers incredibly powerful hardware in each department and that too at an amazing price point. The handset comes with an appealing design that would impress everyone around you and will make you want to hold it at all times. With blazing-fast charging speeds and a massive battery capacity, the phone ensures that you won’t have to spend time waiting for it to juice up and can rather spend your time enjoying the things you like instead. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you get your hands on this amazing phone as soon as you can!