Users are now spending 30-40 hours a week on their laptops: Nitish Singhal, HP India

Studio 91: Interview with HP India's consumer laptop head

Welcome back to another episode of Studio 91. This is our brand new series where we interact with the top executives from India’s most loved consumer technology brands, in an attempt to get an idea about how they are using unique and innovative methods to cope with, grow, and reach out to their customers in the ‘new normal’. In this edition of Studio 91, we had an interesting chat with Nitish Singhal, who is the Category Head of Consumer Personal Systems at HP India, on how HP is handling the situation.

Singhal had a lot of informative points to share with us, including how HP India has been identifying use cases for its customers, and offering products matching those needs. The entire conversation is embedded below, followed by the key highlights of the conversation. 

  • A lot of consumers have moved from using the PC occasionally to using the PC now almost 35-40 hours a week.
  • ‘Work from home’, ‘Learn from home’, ‘Game from home’, and ‘Create or earn from home’ have become the biggest use cases for laptop buyers today.
  • Always Connected PCs can help at home as well, given the increased usage of Wi-Fi bandwidth.
  • HP India is seeing demand across all segments and all products, but 2-in-1s remain a top priority for the company. Even large monitor sales are surging.
  • The time that the consumer is spending on deciding what laptop to buy has shortened significantly.
  • HP India has built service teams that follow all COVID-19 SOPs. They can get faulty PCs working in one visit.
  • The consumer has become more conscious about design and quality of a laptop in today’s age.
  • HP has been focused on talking to its consumers digitally, whether on popular websites they frequent or on e-commerce platforms — third-party as well as the via official HP website.
  • The realisation that laptops are important is very strongly established and the demand for laptops is expected to continue in the future.
  • A lot of consumers are expressing themselves in better ways. Not just the photographers and the professionals, but regular people are video logging, creating, and sharing more content.