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Idea Id 918
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Idea Id 918
Out of Stock
₹ 6,999
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if u r looking for all the below features in a single phone n also worried about ur pocket.. then must go for it: This phone is very sleek looking and almost has a premium look and feel. I am using this with idea and bsnl Sim, this is working perfectly, all the configurations were pushed to the phone by the service provider immediately on connecting... super speed EDGE and 3G.. Sim 1 is 3G and other is only 2G sapport slot.. Pros: a. Price b. Good build quality c. Attractive looking d. Good quality screen with decent screen size (3.2 in 320x480) e. Android 2.3.6 f. Good onscreen keyboard that is comfortable to type on especially in landscape mode. g. 650 mhz processor that makes the phone pretty responsive. e. Call/sound quality is pretty nice. f. 3.2m camera. Pics seem pretty decent. without flash g. Good sound quality for radio/music.....

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Looks awasome and great value for money

Vivek, this phone can be used with any companys sim card . At 5994, this phone is a great value for money. Not only dual sim, changbale covers and free 2GB memory make this a great buy. i got the demo of this in idea showroom and liked its display also.

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Check this Drawbacks

These Phone Drawbacks 1) There is no Group Ringtone or Contact Ringtone and Contact Birthday info 2) Camera Quality too poor in low lighting & we can’t turn off the cam Shutter sound 3) While talking on one SIM other SIM is out of coverage area. 4) if we load photos taken from a 10 MP Camera and load into the phone, photos are blurred. 5) Main drawback is if we connect to hi-speed Wi-Fi [such as Fiber Optical Connections] the phone can’t install any application from Google Play store. It will show “Memory Full” but there is nearly 40 MB Memory of free space in phone internal memory. 6) While talking, the phone gets locked and if we have to search any number or SMS or any App we have to unlock the phone by drawing the lock pattern. 7) This phone doesn’t have ordinary keypad. For keypad we have to install Go Keyboard application 8) This phone doesn’t support mobile tracking. For this, one has to install Avast mobile tracking. 9) The physical location of Screen lock/Power button is not very convenient to use. 10) Audio in the headset is of poor quality.

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I recommend this strongly.

A great dual sim smartphone. Fully loaded - even scratch guard is provided along with 2GB memory card and inter changable covers . I bought this phone in mumbai and highly satisfied with the use . The issue is that it is not availabl at most of the shops and hence i suggest that u guys can buy it from flipkart.

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Great for the price

Bought this as my backup phone. This is not very actively used but here are some impressions.nnPros:n 1. Great value. Good phone for what you pay.n 2. Dual SIM. No carrier lock.n 3. Good screen. Higher resolution than the competition.n 4. Good build. Doesn't feel cheap when handling it.n 5. Comes with all the usual accessories.nnCons:n 1. Sluggish processor. 1/2 star deducted.n 2. Touch not very responsive due to processor. Of course my primary phone is a Galaxy S2 and hence I understand that I am getting what I paid for.n 3. Very limited RAM. After updates and 2 other applications, there is hardly any space left to install anything else. For this 1/2 star deducted.n 4. Idea crapware pre-installed. Another 1/2 star gone.n 5. Awkward placement of the power button.nnFound Interesting:n 1. Implements one of my favorite Nokia features, Audio Profiles.n 2. Was able to get really great 3G speeds with this "cheapo" phone.nnDon't care about:n 1. Changeable face plate and cover. Though its good to have it in case of breakage.

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