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Lava Iris 405
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Lava Iris 405
Out of Stock
₹ 3,134
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A decent Android Mobile with a Dual core processor & Jelly bean 4.1.2

Well to start off the first product that I received had screen alignment issue(The lcd panel was not properly fixed onto the phone panel) so I initiated a replacement process which was quite smooth and I got a replacement within a week.nnSolution for some known problemsnnGPS Not Working:nnWell the GPS does work what you need to do is go tonSetting->Location access->Touch GPS satellites text not the the ON-OFF toggle->Enable GPS EPO assistance, EPO Settings download data->Enable A-GPSnnAfter doing the above steps Download GPS test from Google Play and enable GPS within the notification bar just like you enable WIFI or Bluetooth. GPS test will show you the number of satellites available and in use. For GPS to work you should be outdoorsnnnMobile Getting hot:nnThe problem has more to do with the Governor used which can be improved once this phone has a root exploit. Governor forces the processor to max frequency once phone is in use instead to stepping up the frequency based on load.nnDisable Fast boot: nnGo to setting->Accessibility->uncheck Quick boot nnnBattery drains quickly:nnUninstall all the unwanted apps or disable them as they keep on accessing data network. Install a music player that does not require network access. nnnSkype not working:nnWell i have installed version of skype instead of the latest version in the market as there are some issues with skype and jellybean. Skype login is not very smooth and when you login for the first time make sure not to enable video call option. Once connected the voice call works well but after logging out I have to restart the phone to log back again. nnVideo call on hangout works but still no success with video call on skype, need to wait for a new version of skype.nnnVideos not playing well:nnDownload MX player and it should play most of the video formatsnnnSound of speaker is not loud enoughnnInstall Audio FX widget and set the levels of the equalizer to max. nnPROS:nnScreen quality is decent text is clear and crisp, colors are reproduction is good, viewing angles are okay but not that greatnnJellybean out of the box with dual core processor gives a good performance. Won't say its totally lag free but much better than a single core processor with the same amount of ram.nnAuto call recording works as expectednnApps can be moved to internal storage which is 1.8 GBnnnCONS:nnLED flash is of no use. A mobile torch would be more powerful than this flashnn5MP does take decent pictures in daylight and the quality is close to a 3MP camerannMusic output from the speaker is okay when the sound to set to max but the transition of music from high notes to low notes is not smooth at lower sound levels nnNotification LED is missingnnnPersonally I do not have any prior experience with LAVA customer care as this is my first LAVA product so cannot comment on the support for this product.

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BEST CHOICE UNDER 10000.......simply mind blowing

super phone the display is crystal clear..the touch is smooth and very responsive...all games are running very can play 1080p videos...the internet is pretty fast even in 2g.......the battery last 1 full day with average usage...the sound quality is awesome...the 5mp camera is also also have a front camera....very very impressive...the phone looking very the box pack we also get a back cover... it also have a PowerVR SGX 531 GPU along with the 1ghz mtk processor.....n don't get confuse about the brand name lava because once you use this one it is really mind blowing...i bought it yesterday at 6300 rupees from a local the price is concerned its a great value for money....simply a world class product from lava at a reasonable price ....go for it,,,,,

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Doesn't get better @6000 bucks

Got my set a few days back. My observations:-nnBox and accessories : The box contained all it said, except that "silicon pouch" turned out to be a plastic back cover. Extra screen guard is nice. Earphones aren't Bad, they're average for this price range. If you're looking for crystal and sharp audio playback, go for a better headset. Also, audio during calls is pretty bad, one can hardly hear anything while in a bus. Lastly, no call receive button in the microphone area. Every time you're in a crowded bus, the 4-inch handset has to be fished out. Inconvenient. nnBuild Quality, Looks and ease of use - Build quality is good enough, though I dont' think the screen can survive a high fall. Looks are unimpressive. The speaker grill is right at the backside bottom. The USB port is hard to use, while the power button is not raised enough, making it hard to press it (or even find it in the dark) In the hand it feels good, especially the non-shiny backside. Rounded edges would have helped. [3/5]nnDisplay-Great. It supports HD so a good display was necessary. Wallpapers and icons appear vivid and sharp. Touch is smooth and screen is quite responsive. [5/5]nnProcessor, GPU, sensors - It has a Mediatek Dual Core CPU and an Imagination Technologies PowerVR GPU. Sensors (only G sensor is mentioned) include proximity, magnetic (for compass) accelerometer and G-sensor. Performance is great, with browser and apps running smoothly. Heavy PDF files (read comincs) render quite fast.nnGames like Temple Run, Raging Thunder II and Subway Surfers run without a glitch. I haven't tried higher games, but Play Store tells me Vice City, Max Payne, Modern Combat 3 and 4 and NOVA are supported. nnOne problem however seems to be heating. Play Temple Run for an hour, and the area below the camera heats like a frying pan. Excess heating also affects performance, meaning you can't play games for long on this set, which is a pity given the great hardware and crystal graphics. Not recommended for heavy gamers.nn720p videos run smoothly. I haven't tried full HD since there is little point in running 1920 by 1080 videos on a 480 by 800 screen. n[4/5] nnRAM and storage - It comes with 512 MB of RAM,but you never get more than 180MB free, no matter what you're running (one exception I'll mention below). Internal storage is 2GB which is quite great. [3.5/5]nnCamera - Two cameras are present, though only the back one deserves any mention. It's a 5MP camera with LED flash. The flash acts like a CFL tubelight at low voltage, casting a bluish "laptop-screen like" glow on a close subject. Even at 1 metre, the flash is useless. The camera itself is decent, with a plethora of features including "High" and "fine" recording, which are good enough under ordinary light. Performance suffers under low light. Just like any other 5MP camera, with the addition of what appears to be "face detection". Best this price range can give. [4/5]nnBattery - Decent on moderate use (wifi browsing for 2 hrs, moderate gaming for 1 hr, calling for 3-4 hours a day). I fully charged it at 9 in the morning and at 7 in the evening it had 36% left. not bad, except that you'll have to charge everyday. However, heavy gamers or people needing to call all day would be advised to get a better battery in a higher price range. [4/5]nnNote :-GPS is mentioned in the drop down menu, but it doesn't seem to work. Google Maps can't find my location, and is basically a waste of memory since it cannot be uninstalled. Lava should either provide an update to make it work or I'm finding a way of getting rid of this RAM-guzzler (its always on, consuming 50MB and is the exception I mentioned in RAM and storage)nnOverall verdict : good enough if you're not a heavy gamer, an audiophile or someone who needs to use the phone for long periods without charging. Otherwise, great phone at this price. n[4/5]

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Value for money Phone

i am using the phone from past 3-4 days and found it very nice. nnHardware : Whosover likes the black look would like it however the design of the phone does not have much to offer its flat rectangle however not much thick or heavy. Battery will drain in half day if you frequently use net or whatsapp kind of applications, so it may not be sufficient for such kind of phone however usb charger is available with phone.nnSoftware : with Android Jellybean OS it offers the latest tech. with every thing that Android has. the visuals are nice however as informed its WVGA so it will not give you the HD view. Camera is nice however u may get disppointed during night photography, other facilities of camera are same as others. You will hardly find any thing to complaint about and its really a good choice for the people who want to use smart phone in reasonable price.

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Worst Customer Service from Lava

I have bought this handset in May 2013 from Flipkart, awesome service from Flipkart got the product wiyhin 2 days with a very nice packaging.nnNow about the product, I had merely used it for 2 months, its lower touch screen and the soft keys stopped working, it also had issues with the proximity sensors, due to witch during an active call it never used to swiched the light on or even give the option to disconnect the call.nnI went to the service center they took the handset and told me that they will send it to service it in delhin After 25 days when I visited them, they said that the handset cannot be repaired as LAVA has stopped manufacturing it and they cannot replace it as its not availible, they said that they can excahnge it with LAVA 455 and I'll have to pay them Rs.1900 for that. I thought I will speak to someone at a higher authority at LAVA, so I called their customer service which is chargable I was on hold for 30 mins and no one answered the call. I also sent them an email, but no response yet. The handset is lying at my house. I think its now a waste.nnGuys I have bought many products from LAVA like Iris 501, 458q, n320 but never thought their service would be so pathetic. I'm not recommending this product to anyone just because of their ServicennRegards,nHumza

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