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Lava Iris 406q
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Lava Iris 406q
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Definitely worth the price.

Pros :n1) Obviously the price is less.n2) Performance is good.n3) No need for Micro-sim.n4) Camera is OK.n5) Games like Subway Surfer are running without any lag.nnnCons :n1) Battery not very good.n2) Slightly thick and heavy.n3) Poor viewing angle.

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Lava Iris 406Q, 1 day experience

First would like to Thank Flipkart on their excellent service. Good JobnReceived the phone on Monday-21st morning.n Phone is very handy, fits into your palm and easy to reach all corners of the screen.nGot a shocker when i inserted the battery and it started heating up in 10 -15 min of usage.nGradually it came down but increased when i tried calling and camera for more than 10 minnHad a overnight charge and this morning surprisingly haven't experienced heating even after playing Temple run. Need to wait and watch if it was a one time issue or a intermittent one.nBattery seems to be ok, will last a day with minimal usage. 10% of battery was used up for checking my mails/FB/Watsapp/Gmaps updates. (max 45 min usage)nViewing angle is not great, other phones of same price range have better....nCamera you cant expect much,... its averagennTHE BIGGEST NEGATIVE POINT,nWiFi very very bad. Will not catch signal if i am just couple of rooms away. My Asus Tab/Laptop can catch anywhere at home, and somewhat feel the downloads too are slow when compared. nYes there is some issue in installing the Updates, its getting stuck at 50%.nnGiving a 3 considering the heating problem is 1 time and bearable.nnWould like to suggest ppl to Hold on for some more time before booking ..

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best at this price

this is a real competitor to moto g, at 7000 u r getting all the features of moto g and + sd card slot. this is amazing. also it has snapdragon inside so this phone should be reliable guys at this price 1 GB RAM, Quad core processor that too of snapdragon its unbelievable.ngr8 job done by LAVA. only thing is screen is a bit small it shouhd have been 4.5 inch to really blow away moto g from competition. as moto g blew away all other midrage smart phones from leading brands. considering the specs and price there is no reason why one should not get this lava phone

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please read twice before you buy

I am over sure that those who are forcing you to buy this phone might be the members of flipkart or WS Retails(the seller of this phone in flipkart). Third class phone, not worth rs 4000 also.nI ordered on 13 apr and received on 22 april.nI dont write reviews but this phone force me to write review so that I can help othersnMy rewies after using 3 days nI reviewed twice and flipkart removes it after 4-5 hours (means flipkart is reviewing only positive reviews from Certified Buyers) nPros: n1) quad core processorn2) 1 gb ramn3) 5 mp cameran4) Battery life is awesome in standby mode (means I charged is 100% at the time of sleeping about 12 am and in the morning around 9 am it shows 99% battery left )nnCons : (lots of ...)n1) 2G/3G signal reception is very poor (I am a network engineer and know much about signals, if your other mobiles shows you 3 signal bars on its phone then its shows select network)n2) Wifi very very slown3) Camera: quality good in day light and very poor in room light (we can not expect much more in Rs7,000)n4) Touch is over sensitive (automatic receives call many times and if you are already on another call and if someone else calls you then it receives call automatically and put your first call in hold)n5) This phone starts hanging after using 10-12 hrs and memory shows only 50-70mb left and stops working, then you have to reboot (twice a day)n6) Other Person cant hear you (you have to speak very loudly so that the other person can hear you)n7) Speaker for phone and music is same (means music is loud and the call volume in speaker mode is very very low)n8) Its official update is also not updating and shows an error while updating.n9) GPS very poor/ third class (i am using GPS in city and my Google maps is prompting me that GPS Connection lost lost lost......(it works for 10-20 seconds and signal lost then againg you have to off and on the GPS)n10)Basic call quality is third classn11) In the contact list you can not search any name by typing means it does not supports alphabetic works, it supports only numeric wordsnnIf you want to waste your money then this phone is for you. nAnd if you are thinking that you will get a refund if you wont get a good piece then please read the return policy that this model does not support refund policy, it supports only return with the same model... nThird class phone ...........nI my self want to sell mine, any body interested contact me on gmail at rishialways

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one day experience

1. good build quality, compact feeln2. very responsive and fast. guess it is the quadcore snapdragon.n3. checked the memory usage initially, and said 650MB of RAM already in use,nand only 350MB remaining. Still trying to figure this one out ...n4. battery performance seems to be good. takes a while to charge though.n5. yes, there is a slight heating issue, but it was warm and not "hot". havennot played any games yet, so maybe it heats up when taxed. don't know yet.n6. wifi,sim all working fine. bluetooth worked fine. transferred contacts from bberrynto this phone seamlessly.n7 . no problem storing apps in sd card or moving it from internal storage to sd card. don't know why one user was complaining. no problem with that. in any case, i have always been confused with these terms: internal memory, internal storage, external storage, RAM etc. and the 4GB which is inbuilt as advertised usually includes all of the above. its frustrating when these terms are used interchangeably by manufacturers themselves !n8. youtube/video playblack is good. screen is just 4inch, so maybe a 5inch is preferable. sound quality is good. don't know about surround/base effect...nnAll in all, worth the moolah, i guess. would have preferred more internal storage, perhaps an 8gb. would have preferred higher battery capacity, perhaps 2000mah. and would have also preferred a 4.7inch with a higher resolution...nndon't know the benefits of android 4.3 ( technically speaking ). so don't know if it is worth the latest build. maybe ...nnAt 5K, it would be a blindfolded buy :) :)

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