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LG Spirit
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Rs 8,000
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LG Spirit
Out of Stock
₹ 8,000
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nice cute phone

if u r looking for a gud display and gud looking phone then this is it.. its very stylish.. battery back up is gud.. if ur an average user go for it..nits lollypop is sooo gud.. ya lg had done a lot of improvemnt..novrall at this price race its a a nice with many innovative featuress. try it u will love it

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Nice option if you are looking for a smaller screen

Every mobile comes with it's own advantages and disadvantages while LG Spirit is no exception. Bought it for my wife who doesn't use phone much apart from whatsapp, facebook and couple of news apps and I find it very apt for her usage although other's usage may differ. It's a phone for only those who want to stick to a smaller screen. If you are willing to pay a bit extra and bear the larger screen in hands then this is not the mobile for you as you will get a Moto G 3rd gen or even 2nd gen could be better.n1. Looks are too good and the mobile feels sturdy in hands when held. n2. Display is crisp and pleasing to the eyes( I use and S6 Edge and still feel so).n3. Battery back-up is decent and without any trouble shall last a day.n4. Charging time is horrible and it seems to take forever to hit the 100% mark. May be 4 hours.n5. Camera is okay. wouldn't ruin the experience. Moto G 2nd gen has a better camera than this.n All in all a mobile for those who need a smaller screen and pocketable unlike the broad phones these days with a decent display and non-gamers.

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Piece of beauty..

This device is not for Samsung's Shit design and quality lovers..!! Its similar to Apple devices for the combination of beauty and technology. Good Lollipop experience coupled with unique LG features. Perfect for single handed operation.

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A little unknown but super performing mid range phone

I am writing this review post 6 months of usage. It is one of the best looking phones right now in the market. The slight curvy design at the back helps in gripping the mobile and also gives it a unique look. It was shipped with Lg's customized OS. Got updated once and presently supports Android 5.0.1. According to the experts this is the best customized OS over stock android, period. It has all the utilities which one really would use on your mobile and the phone is freaking fast. Never hangs, never slows down. I will list down a few pros and cons:nnPROS:n---------n1)For the prize tag an amazing looking and amazingly well performing phone. probably rivals phones which are dearer than 10k in these departments.n2)Brilliant battery backup which is enhanced by the recently introduced app called dozen3)Extremely competent Primary Camera, takes good detailed and natural colored pics even in artificial light.n4) Extremely light OS which performs outstandingly. Never has my phone hanged while playing games and I have played a lot of them, some highly graphic intensive once like, Dark knight and the Arkham city, Asphalt 8 etc.n5) When the phone was shipped the call quality was not pleasing, went to the service station and they increased the signal strength. SAR value increased a tad bit, but is still within the permissible limit and the call quality is as good as it gets.n6) The intelligent and fresh usage of the volume rocker and the lock screen key at the back of the device (right under the primary camera) and not on the side. The volume rocker button can also be used to click pics(provision in change in settings needs to be done)n7) Amazingly light phone to hold.n8) I may be a little biased here , but the 4.7 inch screens are just the best.n9) Full HD video play support, looks amazing on the phoned.nnCONS:n----------n1) The only flaw in the OS at this point in time is, that when you open more than one app and toggle between them then the load time of the app is evidently high. Minimizing all apps and then clicking the app to open again is faster.n2) Front camera is bad, good part is the volume rocker button helps use the primary camera as a good selfie resourcen3) Not well promoted, and I have no clue whyn4) Call quality via hands free is bad, tested it with various headsets(jbl, sennhizer etc)n5) 0-100% charge time is over 3 hours.nnAll in all a brilliant phone which I would recommend to anybody looking out for in the mid price range bracket.

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Terrific purchase


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