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LG Wing
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LG Wing
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Such a incredible phone

Lg wing Such a incredible phone,,something different in smartphone world.i am very happy to purchase this phone.

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Just Brilliant

If I had to define LG Wing in minimal words, I would say, It swivels to impress .I was aiming to buy this for quite a while now and I finally made a purchase about a month ago, after viewing all the online videos, reading reviews, and getting opinions from various people. Here is my review of this device in the form of pros and cons that I came across:Pros of LG Wing:- The twin displays are definitely a huge plus. They can work simultaneously for just one task and you can multitask as well. I use one of the screens to play games and the other stays spared for the calls or the chat notifications I receive. Gaming using the second screen as a console is definitely a great idea which I would try very soon.- In its Gimbal mode, using the camera turns much easier. The screen stays steadier while taking photos and recording videos is also quite easy. About the camera, I should tell you that you can use both the front camera and the rear camera simultaneously and get two different videos at one moment. This is one of my favorite features.- Up till now, I have not experienced any sort of lag or jitters or hiccups even when two of the most demanding apps were working together. You can play Call of Duty while doing a video call with your friends on Facebook Messenger without experiencing any sort of lags. This means the CPU section of the device is really good and this is what I wanted while investing money in a flagship.- The RAM and the internal storage of the device are quite sufficient for all kinds of users and though 256GB was available, I went for 128GB storage because this is really huge. Even 8GB RAM is something that none can deny.-I am really happy that the build quality of the smartphone is so good. I dropped it once and had my heart in my mouth. However, even after getting a bit wet, it did not lag even a bit, and no scratches whatsoever.The battery charges really quickly. I play games even while it is connected to the charger and it still gets charged pretty quickly. There is reverse charging support as well.Cons of LG Wing:- There s hardly anything to mention in here because the smartphone did not offer me anything for the cons section. I would have liked a 5000mAh battery more, but the original battery charges so quickly that now I think it needs nothing more.Final Verdict:5 out of 5 stars for the concept and the same for the specifications and the performance of the LG Wing. This smartphone makes you really popular in your workplace and people like to swivel it more than once. For me, this is the best one could get.

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Simply awesome

Great purchase

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Better go for apple

In start even i felt oooo look at this beast but after a week I felt I should have bought apple

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Worth the money

Quite decent in this price range @30000. Looks premium and solid build. Bt lil bit worried about software and os updates. No charger in the box that was disappointing. Overall nice deal....happy as of now...

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