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Micromax Canvas Nitro A311
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Micromax Canvas Nitro A311
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Good Phone with great specs in less price.

I am using this phone for over 10 days from now. Overall, it is really a great buy in this price range. The performance is great with decent battery backup on average usage.nI tried almost all high end games like Real Racing 3, GT Racing 2, Mortal Combat. Frontline Commando 2, Fifa 15.. no lag whatsoever. GPS locking is superfast in 2-5 seconds.IPS Screen is really with Oleo-phobic coating to be smudge-proof and scratch-resistant. Colors are vibrant with nice display. Camera is satisfactory with HD video recording.nApart from these positives, this phone has few negatives too;nnThough the RAM is 2GB but even after rooting and using RAM Manager, I am getting 1GB free RAM hardly at any point of time but no lags while multitasking and playing games due to efficient Octacore Processor.nnI feel the SD Card expansion is of no use as you cannot move apps to SD Cards. Also, in Storage settings, you have the options of Default Write Disk between Phone Storage and SD Card but even if you select SD Card, your App Data or Game Data will save in Phone Storage. No complain here, because, for me 16GB(usable 12GB) is enough for me.nnThe worst problem I felt was HEATING. While playing games or even on call for more than 10-15 mins, phone starts to heat near Camera, probably Processor is located there. The heat is not very significant but you can very well feel it. Good thing is that it cools down very significantly.nnEvery device have their PROs and CONs but with this price I will recommend this device.

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A311 A premium looking cheap phone

I was using a CANVAS HD A116 for last 1.5 Years. So decided to change it all of a sudden. So ordered it on Sunday, got it today. After usage of 6 Hours here are my thoughts - n"The Ugly" -n- No compass. Again this phone doesn't show which way I am going. The existing AGPS is very poor. Will have to root the phone and add the india AGPS library myself. (Lesson from Canvas HD)n- The lowest Brightness is extremely low, and when you move the slider, it becomes too much bright. Its just not balanced. Will need to find a workaround to adjust it by value.n- Flash is poor. Having said that the existing app is not the end of the world. I was using snap camera and will continue to use it on this phone. That should produce better results. (Lesson from Canvas HD)n- Under the back cover, there is a white strip, which I have no idea why its there. It absolutely makes no sense what-so-ever. Also it is not installed properly at all.n- No flip cover provided, unlike Canvas HD which came with a flip cover (Though bought is from a retailer, not online).n- The Headphones are rubbish. I really don't understand why they provide any. instead they could have a givena class 10 memory card or reduce the price by 700 bucks by remoing the headphones. will be a big improvement.n- Too much useless junk app. Who in their right mind would use opera mini in android. Also is giving problem with dolphin browser. Again the limitation of installed app space. That also I have to increase. (Lesson from Canvas HD)n- Battery indicator is completely un-calibrated. I believe when they calibrated, they did that with a test inferior battery of lesser power MAh. Need to find a way to calibrate the battery indicator on my own. (Lesson from Canvas HD)n- The heating issue is prominant with heavy games. And unlike canvas HD, it is too slik, hence damage chances are much greater. Need to find workaround for that too.nn"The Bad"n- Phone by default runs on CPU power saver mode. remove that check box and the phone then really becomes alive. worth every penny from sped and fluidity point of view.n- First and foremost, remove the check box from Bus Audio enhancement and loudness enhancement. Then the sound quality becomes really good. But I canot yet write awesome, since I am still waiting for a skullcandy.n- Root the phone, Period.n- The recetion of FM is odd. But since that depends on location and length and quality of headphones, further investigation required on this part. But when catches good reception, the sound quality is good.n- Speaker sound is low. (As expected)n- The Charger head is very small and not good quality. Although the charger cable is good. One fun fact, in India we suffer from fluctuation in the power lines (I am Elec. engg.) and most of us don't know that our house earthing is no good at all. Also those who travel in trains (apart from shatabdi, rajdhani, and duronto) all the train plug point meant for charger are Short circuit and charging your phone in that means your gonna have problems in the long run. In order to test the line, put the phone in charging, then go to the locking option and select screen pattern. Then try to draw the pattern, you'll get the idea if the line is Short circuit or not. Try to buy a sony ericson charger, which has a capacitor like thing integrated in the charger chord. Will save you from a lot of harm.n- UI is Ripoff from Sony mobiles which I don't like. (Personal view)n- In call volume is low.nn"The Good" (Of-course it has some good points, the very reason I bought it.)n- The unbeatable price. Really no argument there.n- The camera is nice, and I mean really nice. Try snapping pics with a third party app like snap camera. Video is also decent.n- Browsing is fast. Cell reception is good. Wi-Fi is having some problems, but its working.n- The inbuilt memory is 16 GB, so more or less 11+ GB is usable. Also you can move apps to SD card (Yuppppee).n- Scrennguard provided for free with the phone.n- Android Kit Kat 4.4.2, which is not latest but good.n- Small, and premium look. The design is really good.n- IF you know how to use ti properly, and root it to get rid of the pre installed app, and run it on CPU saver mode, then the battery drain will be low. It can easily go on for about 2 days. (Thanks to a lower 720p screen, which I always appreciate, since it helps to reduce power consumption and a 5 inch screen has no need for 1080p resolution. BTW it can play 1080p videos with again third party app.)n- IPS display. The display is the main feature. The black depths are great. Though PPI is still under 300, its decent display. Viewing angles are also wide.nFinal words - I am ready to overlook everything, but I just miss one thing. Why not a compass ? Why not a compass ? Why not a compass ? If only it had a compass. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( all gionee and cheap china phones have compass, why not MMX.. what's wrong with them... fools.....

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Battery life is very poor

80% of the battery drains away in 3 hours with minimum phone calls and whatapp (10 minutes each). I bought this 4 days back and I don't like to use this phone anymore. I cannot keep worrying about the battery life instead of using phone.nnI see flipkart response is also very poor in providing quality product to customers. I have asked for replacement, rejected once, trying for second time but their attitude in resolving customer has been very poor, so far.

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The best phone under RS 14k . An excellent camera with many amazing features. A super fast processor and with 2 GB ram , it becomes more special. An 16gb internal memory 8gb more than nitro A310 just adds cherry on the cake.


The best phone under RS 14k . An excellent camera with many amazing features. A super fast processor and with 2 GB ram , it becomes more special.Very good Battery Backup. An 16gb internal memory 8gb more than nitro A310 just adds cherry on the cake.


Awesome Smartphone

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wat is missing in this phone

Gyroscope, Compass is missing games are running smooth without this


useless phone


Karbonn Titanium Octane Plus is better than this at price 10,500/-

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