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Micromax Q75
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Micromax Q75
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Pretty decent product.

I brought this mobile 1 year ago for Rs.4500/-. I'm quiet impressed by it's features and performance.nnPros:-n1) Voice clarity is high n2) Opera mini is functioning well both with GPRS and Wi-Fi 3)video and audio players are good with pretty good soundn4) good battery backup and very pretty looks (similar to Blackberry curve)n5) It supports a very good modem speed for GPRS (50kbps is what I've observed) when connected to system for internet. This is a very good feature for a mobile of this price, as most of the phones of this price support only upto some 20 or 30 kbps. So, it's good news for internet users. nnCons:-n1) Camera is really really bad, although the company advertises it as 3.2MP, it's almost like VGA clarity.n2) It's signal reception is quiet lower than that of in Nokia.n3) Although the inbuilt browser(Operamini) supports any network provider, while we connect the phone to a PC for internet only Airtel, Reliance and Tata Docomo work fine. So, if we use idea, Aircel, BSNL etc, we can browse net in phone but in PC. (Note:- I haven't tested Vodafone,Uninor,Virgin etc.,).n4) The inbuilt applications like Facebook and Nimbuzz don't work no matter what you do.n5) We can't listen to songs in background while browsing net on phone.n n So, finally what I would like to say is Micromax Q75 is a good choice for those who love music, people who use GPRS very often and those who need good battery backup.n But, people who are looking for a pretty decent camera, forget this.nn Hope you found this review useful.... _ Bala.

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Awesome Deal Affordable yet Premium!

First of all I would like to inform everyone that FlipKart delivers Sealed Box pack of the handset! The box itself is wrapped in a bubble pack and then the bubble pack was again packed with corrugated hard-board which makes the set practically secured in a locker during transit. Thanks to Flipkart for such professional attitude!nnNow I'd like to put forward a few lines regarding the handset Q75 I bought from Flipkart:nnBuilt Quality:nThis hadset has awesome built-quality, just like any premium handset of a premium brand. The Casing has metal into it which makes the handset a bit heavy but the sam makes it more prtected too. The keypad is wonderful. Keys are organised in such a way that you'll find it hard to get two keys pressed together. The keypad response is tactile and does not miss any input.nnLooks:nDue to superb built-quality, the phone looks pricier and elegant. The combination of metallic brown and chocolate colour in the back and metallic brown and carbon-black in the front makes the lifts the phone's looks to an elegant executive class. The screen is good when seen from the front but as it is common with TN panels, it has very low viewing angle.nnHardware:nThe handset boasts MTK 6235 chip set (with ARM9 208MHz CPU) which offers amazing speed with smooth browsing through menus and excellent Wi-Fi connectivity. Whatever you do, the handset never appears sluggish. This is really crazy with this handset with such a price tag! It has a whooping 87.7MB usable phone memory which I have never seen in any handset. Even in my Nokia 5235 has 82MB phone memory out of which, about 70MB is usable.nnBattery:nIt was really hard to believe that this handsets 1200mAh battery will stand for 2 days! But, amazingly, it lasts for about 5 days with normal usage with dual-sim functionality activated.nnInterface:nThe OS of the Q75 needs time to get used to. It has some very useful features like scheduled on/off timer, multiple alarms, Alarms in calender entry and To Do notes etc. You can set user specific ringtones for Calls on Sim1/Sim2, alert tones for messages on Sim1-Sim2 and tones for Alarms etc from your music collection stored either in Phone Memory or additional microSD card. The trackball navigation may seem to be fiddly for newbies but it would be very useful once you get used to it. For the elderly and people with less precision, the sensitivity of the track-ball can be varied on a scale of 1-5 for ease of access.nnAudio Playback:nVery loud ringtone with great tonal quality. The Music player refreshes automatically to generate playlist. Audio playback quality is very good in both built-in speakers and headphones provided.nnVideo Playback:nSmooth playback for videos of qVGA/MP4 and qCIF/3GP quality. Credit goes to the hardware again. The play back interface is a bit clumsy and which buttons work for what is not mentioned in the manual even! Pls remember that I and O work as + & - for volume and * works for switchinf to and from the Full-Screen mode while playing Audio/Video.nnCamera:nPerhaps the weakest part of this handset is its camera. Pls don't expect carl-Zeiss quality or anything nearby but for occassional shots, its ok to have this set handy for casual photography.nnOverall:nIf you don't expect for a blackberry at 3K, don't hesitate to buy this handset. For those who needs a finishing touch of the review, here are the Pros and Cons.nPros: Build Quality, Responsiveness, Audio/Video playback, Dual-SIM functionality, WiFi, JavanCons: CamerannFor this price I'll give 7.5/10 to this handset.

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Never buy another Micromax product.

Micromax Q75 is a really bad phone.This phone is not a SmartPhone and not 3G enabled. So goodbye to all your funky fascinating apps! It looks very good until you switch it on. It's steel body is sleek. But the moment you switch it on, it has a very loud welcome tone something similar to those you find in Chinese mobiles. The display is of a very bad quality. It does not support any themes other than the one pre-installed in it. The speakers are very loud even at its lowest volume. The alerts and ringtones are all from Chinese phones. Unlike LG phones, it does not allow you the freedom to customise your profiles. You cannot have every song or track as your ringtone. The profile settings only allow 5 tracks to be on the profile options. You cannot have a vibration for the ring tone and a beep for the message tone at the same time. Its battery back up last only 24 hours. So you really want to keep a profile that is not very loud to save battery back-up. The camera is 3.2MP without flash and without zoom. The zoom is available only on the 320*240 image size. The camera settings are not too many and are mostly like those from some ancient camera. The phone memory is 87.7MB. And it supports a memory card upto 8GB. The one merit would be that the files exchanged go directly to the destination folder,i.e., memory card or the phone memory, which can be decided in the bluetooth settings. The caller picture is very humiliating!! Typical of a Chinese phone!! The merits of the phone would beits pre-installed Opera Mini Browser, but the demerit is that it only allows HTML view and no video buffering. If you switch to WAP browser, it takes forever to do that. The other applications like Snaptu, Nimbuzz, Facebook, and ZengaMail are for namesake. Snaptu has many links but not all of them work. Nimbuzz is there only for the heck of it. It does not work. Zengamail will not work once you update your email address. It also does not allow you to multi-task. For exaple, you cannot do anything at all if you are sending files via bluetooth. You cannot play songs while browing on Java applications. You cannot play games while listening to music. You cannot use the camera and play songs at the same time. The dual sim feature is also really bad. Obviously when one sim is engaged, the other will obviously be on waiting. The only good feature about the phone would be its trackball which allows you quick navigation through the phone. But the trackball stops working if there is too much moisture or oil on it. For instance if you have an oily skin type, there'd be a lot of moisture on the trackball and it will not work efficiently. I found a way to not find myself in service centres to have the trackball changed constantly, which costs Rs. 300 by the way, and that is by rubbing some dust or powder on the trackball. It increases the friction and the trackball is as good as new. You can keep doing this to save yourself a good ordeal of running around Micromax's shitty service centres. The phone is also ver heavy and it has a rubber cover that comes with the handset. The rubber case is ribbed and allows you so much friction that it makes it practically difficult to fit the phone your pockets, especially if you are wearing a pair of fitting jeans. The inbox memory is very small. If you already have a 100 messages or so on your phone, the phone will not receive any more messages until the previous ones are deleted to create space for the new. So basically, Micromax Q75 and the entire Micromax range as a whole sucks.

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useless piece of sht

decided to give this Indian company a try. A decision I've been regretting for last 6 months. nnThe trackball gets stuck too often, and you are left with a brick. The battery backup is not what was promised. And the phone automatically gets turned off very frequently and I've to check it regularly to make sure that it is powered On.

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Don't buy micromax q75

I have purchased this micromax q75 model 3 months back from Poorvika mobiles, at Madurai it not working in properly and 1,tracking ball stucked, 2, every time it is goes head phone mode automaticaly in this case we can't attn any call without earphone. Service specialty totally poor and the micromax customer care not responding . only sound is good

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