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Nokia Asha 311
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Rs 7,089
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Nokia Asha 311
Out of Stock
₹ 7,089
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Good Phone

I believe Nokia has done in great job in pricing this phone. The Asha 303 at around Rs 7600 was definitely overpriced. For 6500 you get a phone with 3 inch capacitive screen, 1Ghz processor, a refreshed UI, the best maps application in the world, GPS, 3G and WiFi connectivity. Also worth mentioning is the scratch resistant Gorilla glass which I believe no other company offers in this price range. Plus 40 free games from the EA games. The OVI also has all the apps you will ever need (FB,twitter, angry birds, whatsapp etc). All this with the great build quality and the best after sale service from Nokia. Overall I believe this is a very good phone.nnYou can get a Andriod phone with utmost an 800Ghz processor in this range which would be very laggy while running most of the apps. So unless you can spend 9k to get a decent Android, better stick to s40.

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The Flagship of Nokia

i bought this mobile for my mom, but after using this for sometime i was really amazed with its responsive touch and performance,every features is uniquely cool,specially easy access of everything at this price range,though the cam quality is not upto expectations but its defiantly better than any other 3 mp mobiles at this range, but who cares this is the first touch mobile shes using for the first time, and tell u what, its very easy to learn, think ill buy one more for me,i have x3-02 touch type, kinda bored, and am not a hardcore mobile user!! nsonmy point :nThe good:n- Responsive touch,n- extremely good battery run time,n- smart design,n- camera better than equivalent htc or samsung 3 MP,n- 2 GB memory card included (not mentioned in specifications here),n- does not hang or lag.n-super speed processor n-nice gamming mobilennnThe bad:n- only 56k colour display,n- YouTube works but with poor video quality (240p),n- no A-GPS. (who cares) look at the price ;) nnso if u expect a mobile with tons of features at low price rangenthan android or whatever id suggest u go for asha 311 am sure u wont regret..

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Decent Purchase...

Alright, here we go...I bought it few days back, though needless to say flipkart service was real fast, i was eagerly waiting for this new Phone. I thought to write a review but then I wanted to use it handsomely so that I can make a fair judgement.nnShould you go for this one or not depends on your requirement, the price of this phone is sort of the starting price of Android phones. I personally don't have much interest in apps(and the hoopla it's having). I guess if I would really interested in Apps I will go for Apple nothing less which is unthinkable in this price range. If I am not that much interested in apps then its not being android hardly matters.nnI won't call it a smartphone but it's a talented phone nevertheless....the look and feel( and touch) is fine, I mean its pleasant to hold it in your hands, it's easy to use, didn't have any problem with touch sensitivity. Camera is okay though I was expecting a better quality (sony ususally provide great camera quality). nnDue to it's 1GHz processor it is far from lethargic in any scenario and its safe to say that I am satisfied enough considering the price range.nnThough few apps I found useless (who uses orkut nowadays?) still some of the apps were great like nokia maps, not as great as google maps but handy to have, weather app, browser is fine, let me clarify something here, I read in earlier review someone pointed that with this phone/browser you won't be able to watch youtube videos. It's a myth....I watched a few youtube videos (being specific "The Hobbit" trailer). But winner of all to me is the internet radio.....I am avid radio listener and I don't like these commercial fm, mirchi sort of radios, with internet radio I could get to listen to some world class radio as BBC World Service etc.....still exploring(note: it eats much of your data).nnSo what's playing is fine nothing awesome, video quality I found was tad better than other phone in this range. pixels doesn't expand which makes it better for viewing however I am having a hard time in finding the exact formats it plays. I am sure it wont be able to play any messed up video in any format. but then that's the case with most phone.nnAnything left? Yeah, I don't know why they don't provide data cable, maybe they think since it comes with many other phone one can easily manage that, I mean they have point I had two spare data cables of earlier phones, so had no issue.nnAll in all I liked this phone and I am happy for my decision in not wasting much money on things which I hardly use. nnHope this helps. Thanks.nnP.S - the opinion about the phone is totally personal and might not be applicable to other individuals.

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Perfect priced phone, loaded with features.

The Nokia 311 is a very competitively priced handset and comes with all the features necessary for a phone for a normal use.nIf you are looking for an Android in this range, you're being just too blindfolded. Android needs pretty decent specifications to run smoothly and S40 is perfect for a phone in this range. Don't write negative reviews mentioning the absence of Android. If you need Android, this phone is simply not for you (move forward).nI however expected S60 in this, but the modified S40 is doing a great deal too. This modified S40 is offering the notifications bar and much improved UI. You'll get apps for most of your needs such as Social Networking, Gaming or Office work.nnFurther, you get 40 Free Games (Of-course Angry Birds too), Gorilla Glass, Wi-Fi, Nokia Maps and 3.5G (which is faster than that of Galaxy Y). Only thing lacking here is the GPS, which an average user rarely uses.nnIn the end, I'd only say that its a Decent handset with tonnes of features at a perfect price of ~6500. What else do you expect at this price? Try it out and I'm sure you won't be disappointed. Compare it with other nearby rivals and you'll see it defeating all those in most of the categories with a good difference.

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worth each penny...

wifi with b/g/n.... thats really cool, i am 100% sure this product will help nokia to come back into market.. what else will you expect for 6.5k price ??? everything is there in this product expect GPS which i think this would be solved by installing google earth later! physically looks cool as well.

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