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Nokia C3
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Nokia C3
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excellent phone

This is an easy to use phone .All features you wish were present when you press a button are there. Connects to the network of wi-fi quickly and the browsing is fast. Does not allow you to multi taks as the memory will restrict opening of multiple windows..this am sure can be fdixed by upgrading. Initially trying to connect to the router I has put in the wrong password and was unable to do the needful. This i fixed my restoring factory settings and then connecting with the correct password. QWERTy is ok..though i would have preferred slightly more space between arrangement of the keys. Radio functins well..though I do not use the headset which came along with the handset and prefer to use the sony one again ordered via flipkart. The bluetooth headset works well. Needed to charge the headset..using the same charger as the one which came for the phone and after pairing works great. The headset sits comfortably in the ear. The delivery was upto the mark / as usual flipkart does a great job/

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better than average

positives: n*wifi, n*qwerty, n*shortcut keys, n*easy to use, n*free bluetooth headset, n*good camera in sunlight, n*faster browsingn*solid phone(it accidentally felled from a height of 6 feet on granite stairs very badly but it was just disassembled like nokia 1100)n*scientific calculatorn*best thing is ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+xnnnegatives: n*curvy screen(cannot use screen guard), n*conversations get mix up very frequently, n*restarts automatically i don't know why(but rarely), n*no external volume keysn*cannot mark msgs for quick deletion , u hav to delete either folder or one by onen*no folder for drafts , u hav to save it in the notes.nnoverall an average buy at a price range of 6k with a free bluetooth headset

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A PATHETIC PHONE... Not advisable

Bought this phone at the time C3 had just launched. Thought this was a value for price. The problem started from day one. As soon as any videos would be played the phone started to switch off. Again had to switch it on. This happened throughout day1. So went to the shopkeeper and exchanged it for anothetr piece of C3 thinking this was just a handset related problem. But then the same problem was with the replaced piece as well. So I understood that the problem was with the model and not the piece. I thought that this problem could be solved if I update the software from the nokia site. And then the problem started. I updated the software from nokia site as they released patches of software to overcome the problems with the previous problems. Every time I updated the software I faced new problems. 1. There are around hundreds of invisible messages that I neither can I view nor delete. But the inbox will show that there are unread messages in my inbox. 2. I cant install any software even from nokia website. 3. The applications that I had installed all became corrupt and finally had to delete them. Now I just use it to perform the basic functions that were once done with nokia 1100. Please dont buy this phone.. And if you buy it Please dont update the software, it is better you face some of its problems, rather than facing many problems after updating software.

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Nokia C3 Pros and Cons

I purchased this phone with a lot of expectation, however some of them are met and some are not. Writing the pros and cons so that one can make its mind. Pros: Sturdy build Good batter life Camera Good (expect 2 Mp only) You can configure have Yahoo!, Gmail etc Good looks and Querty keypad Easy to type Opera browser Cons Connot configure exachange server mails (I was not knowing about this earlier else I would have not purchased this model) Facebook App is there but it is not user friendly. Nokia Maps are not present for this model. Not much app can be found in OVI store. The store shows many apps but most of them gives some exception on opening them. In my phone I can open internet but connection to OVI store gives error. reported this to Nokia support. Overall: Nokia is good in terms of device. However the Symbian OS still needs to become mature to work like smartphone. The market place is not great compared to Andriod, Windows or IPhone. My suggestion is if you want to use this as basic phone then go for it but if you expect this to be a business phone or a smart phone then shell out little extra amount and go for either Nokia business or Andriod phone.

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Nokia C300 Excellent phone with WiFi.

I own a C3-00 and I must say that this is the best phone in its class.nnCamera:nIt has 2MP camera which captures 1600x1200 resolution photos. Images are of quiet good quality better than 2700c and 5130 Xpress nMusic.nnInteresting thing in C3-00 is its video quality.nIt records video of 320x240 resolution with 25.00 fps!!!n(It is written wrong on flipkart and on Nokia).nnDisplay:nDisplay(Size:320x240)is much brighter and very convenient to see under the direct sunlight.nnQwerty Keypad:nQwerty keyboard with prediction is much easier to type with speed.nIt has keys like function key, shift key, ctrl key, enter, backspace, two additional assignable keys(preassigned for Contacts and message inbox) and symbol key and often used symbols(+ - / ; : . , ? ').nnWi-Fi:nWell this phone has WLAN or Wi-Fi 802.11b/g for convenience.nnHomescreen:nIt has active standby homescreen with 3 rows(See Pic).nYou can put desired contacts there for faster calling and messaging with converstion(Chat).nYou can also use your favourite games and apps in the homescreen as shortcuts!nnOvi/Nokia Store:nNokia store app comes preloaded on this phone.nYou can download free and premium apps and games.nThere are huge number of apps and games for free like Opera Mini and Snake 3 3D. Comes with preloaded games- Diamond Rush (Awesome ever) and Bounce Tales.nnBuild quality:nThis phone is robust. I don't know how many times it has fell down, it is real steel. Back cover is made of steel!nnnBattery:nIt has huge 1320mAh battery.nUse of games, Camera, Watching Videos, 3 to 4 hours of talk everyday, battery lasts 2 Days for sure.nnnSupports Java games and apps, unlike trackball and touchpad, D-Pad is given, which is best for playing games and browsing too.nnnIt can easily pairs with bluetooth headsets, sound output is very loud, music player is simple with 5 band equaliser for convinient treble, voice and bass adjustment. Earpphone quality is neat.nnThis is my rewiew about C3-00.nIf you have more budget and want to buy from Nokia, get Nokia 500, cause it has all new belle update, 4 homescreens with widgets, 5MP Cam and updated to HD recording.nnThank you.

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