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Nokia C5
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Nokia C5
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C5 is daddy of all the wanna be touch and wannabe smartphones

Have used it for exactly 10 months now, reinstalled the OS twice. SO what, it takes not more than 5 minutes with my Idea 3G network but on 2G scheme, giving me regular 120kbps/15KBps. Camera is cool in daylight! Flash is great on nearer objects when in dark. Yes the paint is coming off, but you know why? Because this phone never lets me keep my hands off it! Keypad is the awesomest ever in this age of extinct good numerics, do try yourself at a Croma before you buy. Enhanced to 5MP now at same price! Too much? Well, yes, WiFi is missing, but come on, you move with it but no WiFi area does! Does it? GPS is awesome with Google Maps and when in good network, locates me in 20m radius. Yes you heard me right! Opera 5 and 10 work as awesome as ever. Seems they too design their OS for Nokia devices. It's just so smooth and swift! Expandable to 8GB, hot swappable slot. External Music Keys: become a must when you are already multitasking in the bus/metro/train on Opera GoogleMap Music Player Radio and someone asks you something! You need not close any app! Easy? The steel back is sturdy and suave! Battery backup is not exemplary but mostly due to my multitasking. While only using voice, it hasn't dissapointed, going up to 4 hours! Micro USB provided, 3.5mm jack, pretty cool very long wired charger along with make it a steal! Screen is a little small and that is where the bucks have been saved in this phone. It has overall, a dissapointing display. If you like streaming, I can almost challenge any other brand to stream from Youtube at such speeds, all thanks to the in-built RealPlayer! It buffers a 10min clip for 30 seconds and then plays it non stop! Beat that! All softwares and games you wanted are compatible thanks to the updated Symbian v 9.3 firmware 071.005. It hangs if put to Windows test. By that I mean using 4 applications at once! 256MB RAM and 600Mhz ARM, at 7300 bucks, it is indeed rocket science in your hands! All major formats supported, Nokia E series shortcuts provided. The new Chat App is simply amazing, can handle 2-5 chat accounts at a time, not FB though. For Fb, get an Ebuddy and you are all set to rock social worlds. Ovi, Search, Dictionary, Nokia Maps and yes the 2GB inclusive card come along with! Aren't a touch savvy, big screen person, and can bear charging every 20-24 hours, this is the best budget phone Nokia ever made in the Rs 7000 bracket!

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nokia c5 3.55 rating

i bought the nokia c5 back in nov 2011, when it just had a 3.2 mp camera and a few less apps and also less of internal memory.However a friend of mine bought the same phone a few mnths later when it had transformed a bit so i envied her a bit :( i am a person who cant tell u xactly bout the technicalities of the phone but i will give u itz very honest review : ~~~~~ PROS ~~~~~ -> The first thing is that if you dont like or feel comfortable (or as in my case just hate touch phones) go buy d phone with ur eyes closed, coz itz the best keypad (non qwerty) smart phone available in market today -> decent battery life, even if i use bluetooth,internet,games,music etc for 2-3 hours in a day...the battery would not die till the next day. For avg usage (i.e just using for calls including about 150 msgs a day, listening to 15 mins songs) battery will last 3 days max. ->excellent and best camera quality, i have ever cn my c5 is the one with 3.2 mp camera even then the pics come out to be xcellent and the 1 which my friend has is 5 mp which is the cuurent one is just awsm. the camera quality is even better than the new LUMIA 710 which another of my friend posseses. LED flash helps u take v nyc pictures at dawn and bcome grainy only in night -> 3g phone, so v fast internet access, i have even tried video call on it once and that's also gud. -> nyc music and headphone sound quality,though not that good to listen on speaker coz not very loud for that matter.- -> classic and metallic look makes it look (according to me) very stylish in white -> last but not least, and the main reason o buy it---the PRICE. according to the price itz the most economical keypad (non qwerty) smart phone available in market today. ~~~~~ CONS ~~~~~ ->in Feb 2012,i.e just after 3 months that i bought it, the silver part of the KEYPAD (i.e which has the central , home key , call rciv and reject , blue keys) JUST CAME OFF AS A WHOLE ! and mind you i kept my phone with great ,great, great care and in a cover all the tym (since i got it as a b'day present). what else the nokia ppl didnt replace it for free! ->THE PHONE DOESN'T RESPOND QUICKLY,and u'll feel that the camera application takes ages to open (by the tym u open ur camera to take a pic, the moment has alredy gone,happens to me a lot) -> RINGING TONE IS VERY SLOW EVEN AT MAXIMUM VOLUME. -> BORING GAMES THAT ARE STORED BY DEFAULT. all in all itz a very nyc phone and the CONS are not really deal breakers. And i think the incident of the keypad happend only with me coz mayb mine had a manufacturing deffect. and i wud say again. GO FOR NOKIA C5 IF YOU DONT WANT TO BUY A TOUCH PHONE ANY DAY.No need to even survey for the tons of (non touch) SAMSUNG phone models coz none of them are really as gud as this one :)

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The best phone from Nokia

Nokia C5 is one more iconic mobile phone from Nokia. This is the best phone for the year with all the essentials. No phone in this price range can beat this. If this phone has been introduced with Wi-Fi connectivity, no one would have gone for a smartphone.


Camera, Maps, GPS, Memory, Video Calling, Video Player, Audio player, Apps


Low sound, No Wi-Fi

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Best budget so called 'Smart phone' under 8K

I am fully satisfied with it. May it be music, photos, video, talking and listening to friends. every thing is fine. Only draback is its back cover. Need to use fevi-kick once in month for the cover. Otherwise, outstanding phone givin budget. (No complaints against Flipkart, it is better, as usual !!)

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