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Nokia Lumia 820
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Nokia Lumia 820
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The Mythbuster review

I had been contemplating on buying this phone ever since it was launched, and since then i had been following the reviews put up everywhere. While 90% of the reviews were extremely positive, there were these 10% reviews that were extremely negative reviews that kind of scared me before i bought the phone. Anyways i went ahead and bought the phone after hours of trials altogether. It's been a couple of weeks now, and i believe it's time to put my effort in busting all the myths across the internet about this phone.nnMyth 1: You can't transfer files using bluetooth/ You can't share music using bluetooth.nObservation: You sure as hell can. Switch on bluetooth on your device, go to the file/picture, tap and hold ->share-> bluetooth. If it's a music file, pair your device with the other device and repeat the above procedure.nnMyth 2: It doesn't show you call duration after a call/there is no proper call lognObservation: It pretty much does the way every other phone does (If not in a better display). nnMyth 3: Microsoft Office not upto the mark.nObservation: This is probably the best office experience you'll ever find. Yes. Even better than your PC. The brightness and vibrancy of the screen, coupled with the smooth fluidic touch make it a pleasure to work on documents on this device.nnMyth 4: Flash websites don't work.nObservation: Flash websites don't work on the built-in browser IE. But, download UC browser and everything works like a charm. UC browser for windows is as great as it can be.nnMyth 5: Music/Videos cannot be downloaded from any sitenObservation: Once again, this is a feature restricted only to IE. Noone's stopping you from moving on to another browser. ;)nnMyth 6: Cannot download files of size more than 50mb from marketplace.nObservation: Whoever wrote it, has lost it.nnMyth 7: Zune is a painnObservation: Zune? What Zune? Just plug and play your device.nnMyth 8: Automatically goes to sleep mode nObservation: Never happened with my device.nnMyth 9: Poor camera quality.nObservation: 8MP with Carl Zeiss optics and dual LED flash. I always wondered how this would produce bad pictures. And when i tried it, it certainly didn't. It in fact produced some of the best pics i have seen taken using a phone. Smartshoot and panorama work brilliantly. nnMyth 10: Poor screen quality.nObservation: I agree with this to some extent. At this price they could've used the corning gorilla glass display. But overall the entire device is sturdy and is built for tough use. I doubt the scrren would create any issues.nnMyth 11: THE MOST WIDESPREAD ONE --- NO APPS IN THE MARKETPLACEnObservation: True to some extent. But i found all the apps that i personally needed. And that included my bank apps, my music apps, my guitar tuner, News, dictionary, sports, browsers, lyrics, weather, bla bla bla.. n more... But really.. check out the store yourself. :) A lil short on the games catalogue. But the apps are all there. And whatever standard apps are present, are built according to the windows UI and look great.nnBuying this phone over an android was probably one of the best decisions i made. Not because i hate Android or i have anything against it. Nobody is paying me to say this. But i absolutely love the look and feel of the windows interface. It's captivating and every screen has it's own characteristics. You'll never get bored of it. nnFree Nokia music subscription for one year is a brilliant feature. You get all your music legally for free, and that too in 2-3mb files. Yes. Full songs (No loss in qaulity). They get downloaded in 2mins/song when you're on 2g. You can even save playlists offline and listen to them when you don't have internet. That's a lot of music. Music experience is great, esp when you use the dolby sound feature. nnAmazing browsing experience no matter what browser you use. E-mails and documents are a pleasure to work with.nnButtery touch. Vibrant colors. You'll have no reason to hate these. :)nnFew cons:n1. Battery lasts for 7 to 8 hours upon heavy usage.n2. Display heats up a little upon continuous usage over long periods. n3. A little difficult to get accustomed to the new OS. (But once you do, you'll never go back).. :)n4. A little on the heavier side.n5. Yes. game catalogue.

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Windows Phone are Underestimated

I have bought this phone recently and it is quite amazing and such an underestimated. Please note, I already a Android (HTC high end device) and iPad 3 Usernn- Blazingly fast - Better than iPhone/iPad - I already own the iPad3 and it is much faster than thatn- Social integration is great - Facebook chat is integrated with in a native message applicationn- Metro UI rocks - Ultimate user friendlyn- Touch Sensitivity - Great, Better than HTC sense and hard to choose which is better iPhone or this onen- Keyboard is best among the all high end phones. Swype functional is not there but that's not required. It is so accurate. It is highly competitive with iPhonen- APPS - Not the all maps you find but major utility apps all are theren- Games - Great games but yes you need to pay. You will find great innovative games in XBOXn- LIVE tiles , simple but gives you good updated information and works as utility.nnThe only thing you will not found is some of the popular apps used in iPhone and Android phones but yes you can find alternative for majority of themnnIt just 5 days I am using this phone and will write another review after a month or 2 month usage.nnOverall , windows phone need attention from consumers, it is such an underestimated phone.

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Windows 8 .. back with a bang..

Firstly to all losers who says u need a zune to transfer files.. on ur face, data transfer from pc is just plug n play :-/ nNokia have made a lot of improvements from their previous mango thingi and windows 8 is simply cool and sexy..nTouch is too good.. smooth..nUI is good..nAppearance as a whole is bright and deep colored..nfast..nMusic from speakers are loud.. clarity i give 8/10 ( although headphone of nokia is crap)nWas using an iPhone, and just switched to this mobile 4 days back. Its pretty cool one and im satisfied.nndrwbacks - cant customize to the extent what you can do in an android, might find the price a bit too high.nnnote - pls do not under estimate windows phone, high time u start using one and get to know the feel.

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See, first things first.. Nokia nailed it with the brand new LUMIA series..WIndows 8 hands down.. A breath of fresh air in this cluttered Android market.nPeople who have money issues with 920 can definitely go for 820 (personal experience).nAmazing phone.. Clear processor , afterall ist 1.5ghz..more than any other phne in the same segment.. dual core ..1GB RAM.. 8GB memory..Extend to 64GB..ntotal integration with need to even to open browser. all info, photos, news, updates in your contact list.nNokia playback and downloads ..Kicking out saavn which doesnt allow downloads.. can run multiple apps at the same time..u'll even forget what "LAG" actualy means.. battery runs for 1.5 days with normal usage..(that shud b okay with present androiders)..nin short..people who want something new, special, and amazing..GO FOR IT.

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Amazing Phone

Really Good features and a Value for money. In my opinion, those who find Nokia Lumia 920 too lastly can opt for this phone as this is really good as well. Nokia has once again shown its talent and established that it is here to stay :)

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