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Nokia Lumia 920
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Nokia Lumia 920
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Dear Friends,nnI do agree for few of his points that he has mentioned but not everything is true/apt.nnRegarding Application Availability-nn1) You just need to wait for couple of months to get all the top apps that are now making waves on Android. I'm sure they will work best on Windows Phones once they are made available.nn2) Do you still think Google Maps is better than Nokia Maps/Drive. If so, then you need to give a try and you'll be surely amazed by the precision and the way Nokia Drive works offline.nn3) All the apps developed by Nokia and Microsoft are best. You really don't miss anything that you'd have used in other OS. (As mentioned earlier Temple Run and other top games would be made available on Windows Phones very soon)nnRegarding the weight issue-nn1) Did you know that Note's weight was almost similar to Lumia 920? Yes it is and i understand that was a bigger phone. But you must know that its made out of cheap plastic and not of polycarbonate that gives premium look and feel with great reliability.nn2) Nokia's PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack display is much better than any phones available in market. Checkout to know the differences.nn3) A few grams more to make a sturdy phone with a bigger battery which is most needed should not matter in anyway.nnRegarding the memory-nn1) I'm sure you know that memory cards slows down the performance of the phone and wouldn't need much when you have SkyDrive. Create multiple Hotmail/Outlook accounts and store all your content on SkyDrive (each account gives you 7GB of storage). nn2) People buy 8GB Phones paying over 35k and 920 is much better than those.nnKindly request you to visit the stores, play with it and buy if you feel it has impressed you. It did impress me and i'm very very happy and satisfied.nnThank you

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A love affair

If any phone can trigger polar opinions, this is it. Some people would frown at the bulky build, while others at the hardware that used to wow audience in mid-2012 and still others at the lack of customizability and versatility that we are so used to from android. The other line of thinking would say Lumia 920 may well be the start of a new love affair! Why? They cite the following reasons:nnPros:n1. Polycarbonate unibody with immaculate finish. The phone feels more premium than almost all other phones out there in the market. The matte versions are almost impossible to smudge. Also, with the weight uniformly distributed, some may like the weight. In case you don’t, here is some good news. As drop tests suggest, the phone is built to last. It is difficult to scratch the phone and even if you do, the thick polycarbonate ensures there is more of the same material inside. Hence you may do away with a case for the phone effectively bringing the overall weight to what a s3 would be with its case.n2. 4.5” Clear Black Puremotion HD+ display at the front flaunts an impressive 332 ppi. With all three sub-pixels to be counted, the screen is tact sharp. Detecting pixels with naked eye would be impossible. Moreover, the screen is bright and has very accurate colors. The clear black polarizing filter makes sure outdoor visibility is very good. The other important thing is that the screen is super-sensitive letting you use the phone even with gloves on or with finger-nails, keys(??) etc.n3. 8.7MP pureview camera shoots excellent low light stills. The floating lens technology also comes in handy while shooting video. In daylight however, the camera fails to impress.n4. Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset with its 1.5 ghz dual core krait CPU and 1 gb of ram makes sure windows phone 8 is a breeze. One has to give credit to windows phone 8 where it deserves, which is being extremely fluid and stutter free at all times. A WP 8 phone will also age better than an android one.n5. While we’re at it, although Windows Phone 8 retains most of what WP 7.5 was, it does iron out a few things here and there. Native-code support would make porting apps to windows easier, which potentially means lots of apps from developers. It also brings in Bluetooth file transfers, resizable tiles etc. All of these and a few more are welcome additions to Nokia Lumia 920 over Lumia 900.n6. 32 gb inbuit storage.n7. Free software perks like Nokia Drive, Nokia Lens, Nokia Music etc.n8. A more intangible plus with Nokia Lumia 920 is the Nokia service and support which I personally value more than any other competing brand in India.n9. Wireless charging.nnThe other school of thought will be vehement about:nCons:n1. Built like a tank, literally and figuratively. n2. The sheer number of apps is a huge point in favor of android and iOS. There is no denying that apps to a great extent determine the user-experience on any platform.n3. Not the cleanest of audio outputs. n4. Non-user replaceable battery.n5. No Micro SD card. Yes, it isn’t a problem with 32 gb on-board storage but think about times when you have to format your phone. You have to backup and then restore all your music files, documents etc.nnCompetition:n1. A tribute to Samsung Galaxy S3 would be the fact that even after 6 months of its arrival, it still remains the biggest player in smartphone market and a threat to every new phone being introduced. A complete smartphone whichever way you look at, looks or brute processing power should tilt your preferences towards Lumia or galaxy.n2. Apple smartphones are humble in many respects (apart from price) viz. size, processing power, resolution etc. But once you turn on the phone and play around with apps installed is where the magic begins. The software and hardware integration on an apple device sets it apart from the competition. On the same lines, the latest offering from apple, iPhone 5 delivers the most flawless performance.nnWhile Nokia continues to suffer at the hands of Samsung and Apple, it hasn’t forgotten what it is known for: which is making quality hardware with few strokes of geniune innovation. There are very few things you can hold against Nokia Lumia 920 once you get used to the size and windows os. Unless, you’re of the kind who think a few tenths of a millimeter or a few grams of extra weight is going to kill them, Lumia 920 is worthy of a serious thought. For the right person, it might be the start of a new love affair!

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Unbeatable performance, Unmatched Built Quality and the Big Daddy of all Smartphone cameras!!

The Lumia 920 and Windows phone OS is an Addiction!!nnYou don’t know what it really is and what it is capable of doing!!nWindows phone 8 is an amazing Mobile OS by itself, and it has been mastered with Nokia Quality and attention to detail! what else does a man need?? :-PnnNowhere on the planet can you find a phone better built than this one, in every way it outsmarts the entire lag infested, crappy Android phones!!nnWell the windows phone 8 OS need a little “Getting used to…” but once you do, you’ll be laughing!!nnYou’ll be laughing at everyone around you thinking in your mind… “Ignorance Is Bliss” how ppl holding ancient androids and iPhone’s, and have no idea about the level of comfort and joy you’re experiencing with your Nokia Lumia 920, and the Windows Phone 8 OS!nnI have a Lumia 800, running on Windows 7.8, and I’m addicted!! It’s a slightly lightened version of the windows phone 8 OS. and Runns so smooth!!nnIt is simple a phone with an unbeatable Built Quality and OS Stability!!nwith Amazing Features!! which no other phone on the planet have!!ncoming to the camera, Are you Serious?? :-P Like you dont know?? :-Pnthe whole world knows whose daddy!!

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A Nice come back but lacking MANY Major Expectations!!

I bought NL 920 three weeks ago. So here is what I found about NL 920.nnFirstly I would talk about its screen Its brilliant. Superb sunlight visibility and amazing contrast and natural colours. It produces real low motion blur!! I would rate 10/10.nNext about the processor and RAM. Snapdragon performs very well and the available RAM is enough however 2 GB would have been better. I didn’t felt any lag while using the phone . So I would rate nProcessor-10/10nRam-9/10nNext I would come to camera. Its 8.7 MP Camera did perform very well but not upto expectation. The camera interface is poor . Its overhyped. nFor camera-8.5/10nNext about the battery. Although NL 920 has 2000 mah battery its back up is bad. I found on heavy usage [using internet over 3g downloading, playing some games for 10 minutes, using some gps and some other apps] it hardly lasted 8 hours which is very disappointing. Moreover the back of the phone becomes very heated up. I tested this on lowest screen brightness settings.nFor battery-5/10nNext about the call reception and signal strength. During my usage in all these days I received and dialled many numbers and didn’t face any call drop issues.The sound from the speaker was distinct and clear and loud enough.nBut about the signal reception it has some weak signal reception capability nearly 8-10% lesser than my NOKIA 5230 which is disappointing from this high end phone.nFor call quality-10/10nFor network reception-7/10nNext about the audio and video playback. Video playback quality was superb @30fps but unlike galaxy s3 , galaxy note2 , htc one x it supports many less formats. So you wont be able to play all the videos.nAnd about the audio playback. The sound quality from the stereo speakers really great and loud enough. But when it comes to the headphones it is again disappointing. The retail package headphone with is bad. I compared with my NOKIA 5230 using Philips SHE 9550 headphone. The thump& bass depth was worse than 5230. Even while playing at higher levels [25+] the sound from headphones was not distinct and a little distorted compared to N 5230. Although NL920 has DOLBY DIGITAL sound but the result is not up to marknSo for video playback-8/10nAudio playback-8/10nNext the user interface. The user interface is amateur compared to android and I phone. Many major things are lacking. Eg you cannot set any ringtone volume separately, Poor multitasking etc.nSo for user interface-6.5/10nNext about the browser. NL920 has the INTERNET EXPLORER. Trust me NL920 has one of the best browsing capabilities with the IE . You can book tickets , fill online forms , recharge your accounts and zero lag..nFor Browser-10/10nLastly about the build quality . Unlike the galaxy NL 920 has been built line a premium phone. You wouldn’t feel any cheap plastic feeling. Its built like tank. Heavy and standard look . To me weight was not any issue.nFor build -9.5/10nnSo overall I would like to say Nokia has tried well to capture the high end market but there are some serious lackings in their most innovative phone.nNo doubt NL920 is the best windows phone in the market but unless you are a Die Hard fan of WINDOWS OS dont go for it!. You will get much better smartphones in the 34k range. nSo here are some comparative overall ratings. nGALAXY S3-92/100nHTC ONEX-91/100nGALAXY NOTE2-94/100nI PHONE 5-89/100nLUMIA 920-85/100nnRecently on (3 march) i faced some major issues. While listening to music, phone hanged and after that screen went black and no response. Neither i can switch it off nor i can remove its battery to restart it due its innovative non removable battery and also you cannot download offline maps other than wi fi network,no native video calling means u will have to use skype and pay to skype for video calling. thank god i have my old W910i and SE Hazel J20i for video calling. Moreover there is no file manager , no decent pdf viewer.nnSo my overall rating further goes down from 85 to 80/100. So beware

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Nokia Rules

again Nokia proved that it still rules the market by launching all new nokia lumia 920..nthe feature like never befor is offline gps and pureview..hats off nokiannow even siii cant touch even the features of nokia lumia 920

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