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Nokia Lumia 925
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Nokia Lumia 925
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Better not to buy from flipkart

First i ordered this mobile from they promised me they will deliver in 2 days but usual business tricks at end of the day they called me and told 7 business days so i cancelled the order.nnFlipkart attracted me for extra 10% discount if i use my HDFC Credit card. I ordered this mobile on 26th Dec with one day guarantee delivery with order no OD31226031584 they delievered next day evening i was very happy to receive but after that i got shocked. The aluminium case was having some gap with the back side plastic finishing also the lock button was not working and the camera button is too hard. When i just capture a photo the phone heated like anything.nnI called the customer care and blasted so they arranged for pickup and promised me they deliever new mobile this time.nnI believed and collected my new mobile on 28th of December i opened the package and saw the mobile was not having the previous defects but i suspect the phone was used by somebody else. After few hours usage i found the touch panel gorilla glass was broken at the corner and could see it. Also the Sim cover is broken.nnI really felt bad for ordering this phone from flipkart delivering defective products from WS retails now they put this as OUT OF STOCK. They trying to cheat customer by sending the defective products. Also i am surprised to see how a FLIPKART app is pre-installed in Micorsoft Software :(nnI will never ever never ever never ever order any such good from online its better to go to nearest store and get trusted products.nnjust for seeking 2K profit i lost my time and felt bad not to buy smartphones at all..nnThis is very worst experience sending defective product 2nd time. I asked for refund and thank god it got credited in my account.

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Great Phone

One of the best windows phone products at the moment before GDR3 Devices hit the market. [[Update:GDR3 devices launched, check out the 1520 and 1350]]. On time Delivery so no complaints there.nnWhat You'll Love:nn*HD AMOLED Screen. Amazing Visibility even when brightness is set to low and it looks gorgeous cause of the absolute Blacks. (Picked it up over the 920 due to this)n*Great PPI(Youre not going to notice the minute difference between HD and Full HD on a screen of only 4.5 Inches.n*Build quality, Premium feel, Thinness and Light weight.n*External Speaker and sound quality ( Yeah the speaker is at the back but its not an issue at all)n*Camera (Now comes with the revamped "Nokia Camera" app which merges Pro Cam and Smart Cam.n*Comes with "Nokia Music" app, Free downloads for 1 year and unlimited "Mix Radio" streaming for the lifetime of the handset.n*Here Navigation suite for truly offline voice navigation for walk and driving (Trust me you don't wanna be stuck with Google maps or Apple maps when you are lost and don't have a data plan or have no signal)n*Nokia Glance Screen and Glance Backgrounds [[Update: Glance Notifications]]n*SkyDrive. Set it up properly on your computer and you'll have a seamless experience.n*Free Office Apps including Word, Excel and One Note.n*Phone will not lag and restart and die on you.nnnSome Myths Clarified:nn*Instagram, Vine, [[Update: Official apps now available though I would suggest installing 6tag client over the official app]] Facebook messenger (built into the messaging hub) and YouTube are all available. They currently have amazing Third Party apps (6tag, 6sec, MetroTube) with Official versions coming with the launch of GDR3 Devices.n*Windows Phones don't lag or have viruses. Just cause they have lower specs than Android does not make it slower. n*Not all the apps are paid, even if the one you want is paid it probably has a trial version which is the full version but with adverts. There are also a lot of free apps.n*Windows Phone 8 has Bluetooth and can send songs. [[Update: Now updated to Bluetooth 4.0 LE]]n*There are many browsers available apart from I.E (Maxthon, UC Browser, Surf Cube, Surfy, Nokia Xpress Browser to name a few)n*WP8 supports USB drag and drop. You don't need a companion app such as Zune or iTunes.n*Lock Screen Rotation Lock Available with the GDR3 Update [[Available Now]]n*Has a Radion*Gmail is available.nnWhat You Won't Like:nn*WP8 Still doesn't have as many games as iOS and Android. However loads have been announced including Temple Run 2, Asphalt 8: Airborne etc. [[update: Asphalt 8 now available]] [[Update 2: TR2,Subway surfers now launched]]n*Only 16 GB non-expandable memory ( I don't have an issue with 5GB still remaining but some people might) [[Update: Only 1GB left]]n*Creating playlists is not exactly intuitive but the music app will definitely be updated.n[[Update:Create Playlists by adding songs to "now playing" listby going to songs and clicing the left of the screen to get the tick boxes and select create (make sure no song is already playing)]]n*No Notification center which is easily rectified by tile notifications. This way you don't get annoyed by stupid app notifications asking you to open the game and play or that there is a discount available on coin purchases. [[Update: Notification Center a.k.a Action center available with WP 8.1 UpdatennWhat You Get:nn*A premium designed phone with amazing Hardware and Design (People are going to drool at this beauty)n*A Fluid experience Out of the box with WP8. (Unlike Android which lags after a few weeks ( I own 2 android devices A Galaxy note 10.1 and an Xperia S) You don't need Quad-cores or Octa-Cores for the OS to run smooth even after a year of usage it will still be smooth.n*Great navigation, Music and Social experience.n*Good Battery life.n*Great Camera.n*Up-gradable to Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue)n*Nokia's own software optimization and apps.nnWhat You WON'T Get:nn [[Update: Available now]] *A notification center (Not right now at least until WP 8.1)n*Notification Light (Not needed as we will get notifications on the glance screen)n*Viruses (That's a good thing, WP8 and Windows Desktop are not the same)n*No SD card Slot.(Availableon other models)n*No USB OTG or HDMI. There is DLNA to share with a DLNA TV (Nokia app: Play To)nn [[Update: Following Restriction removed]] [[Update: this seems to be an Issue with quite a number of people: You cant send songs from your music list on Whatsapp. You can receive them but they will be saved in the Whatsapp app rather than the music app. But you CAN send and receive Photos, Videos and Recordings and they will be saved on the phone memory. This limitation is only with Music files.

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Review updated Not fair on Flipkart.

After posting my disgust on Twitter and Fb, flipkart generously refunded the discrepancy amount within 24hrs in my bank account. Kudos to their customer service team. Happy customer again.n------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------nThis isn't a product review or thoughts, I haven't received the device yet. I ordered L925 yesterday at 4 am.(yes awkward time to order an high-end phone, because of my work time). The same afternoon I was surprised to see the price to down by 1000Rs with few free items, which was unfair and I was like WTH?nnNow today, within 24 hours the price is now reduced to 2500INR!!!!. This is unfair practice at its phenomenal best, I feel cheated now Flipkart, never expected this from you guys. I have e-mailed them regarding this. A disgruntled customer.

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I was an avid Android user and have been using Android from the days of 2.1. My last Android device was Nexus 4 which turned out to be the last shot at Android. I had big expectations from it and it turned out to be a debacle. I was like "Wake me up when that slide down notification center comes down smoothly". Lag after lag after lag!! That was it and I decided to move out of the eco-system. Then came the choice between iOS and WP8. I really wasn't keen on iPhone 5s since its way over my budget and was targeting 5c. Spending 38k did not seem a good idea and all I wanted was an OS that just works out of the box and does not lag. I am not a freak who installs 100 apps on a phone and am pretty content with social networking apps like twitter, FB, Whatsapp etc. WP8 had it all and it was smooth as butter even on low end devices. I finally decided to order Lumia 925 which currently seems the best choice. Thanks to flipkart, again, for their prompt delivery which has never disappointed me, I got the device within a day. I'd like to share my user experience for all those who are looking for a change. Apparently, WP8 lacks some features, but there are apps to make up for it and the upcoming update, 8.1, will address many issues. Pros: Awe inspiring screen and the tiles just pop out Extremely fluid interface with no visible lag through out the interface Built quality is excellent and is easily in the leagues of iPhone 5s or HTC One Battery backup is decent and lasts over a day with moderate usage Important apps like FB, twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc works just as great as on any other OS The most admiring part is the camera. It takes beautiful pictures even under low light conditions and you just wont go wrong with this phone when it comes to camera experience I did not notice any heating issues like other users have reported. Possibly because I have not stressed the CPU yet by playing games Stand by time is awesome and you'll hardly loose 3-5% battery over night Cons: Battery life could have been better with some extra mAh added to it. But its just the same case with every other phone out there. My Nexus 4 was worse The current update of live tiles is 30 mins which does now show correct information. This issue will be sorted out by 8.1 update where the time will be reduced to 1 min WP app store needs to be more refined in search and refinement is also required in apps Speaker quality is disappointing considering the fact that its a Nokia built device. But its surely something you can live with since its not horrendous Before you consider the above review as a bashing for Android, please consider that I am an advance user and have always used Custom ROM's, custom kernels and going as far as using Ubuntu and Firefox OS on my Nexus 4. All I wanted now is to use something that does not require 1 hr to setup and just works out of the box. Android and iOS are still ahead of WP 8 and with the upcoming release of 8.1, I believe many will start considering WP8 at par with other top OS's. I only wanted to share my experience with people who hold themselves back since they are unsure of whats in store for them when they make a switch. Believe me guys, its not as bad as people say it is!

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Best phone I've ever owned

This is one of the device i am using along with my iphone and ipad but i like the device more than Iphone but the lack of core apps disappoints me but recently i am getting every day new required apps windows phone store is growing in fast pace. I hope before year ending they will push remaining core apps to store.nPros: 4g, long battery life, music, volume level, touch screen, easy to use, great camera, processor, WiFi, memory, durable, GPS, fun games, large screen, great web browsing, great for texting, useful apps, speakerphone, ui, phone design, office tools

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