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Nokia Lumia 930
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Nokia Lumia 930
Out of Stock
₹ 37,999
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Hello my fellow flipkarters!nnI got a new Lumia 930 (not from flipkart, imported) and used it for more than two weeks now. I'd be more than happy to share my experience I had with this phone till now, here.nnWINDOWS PHONE 8.1 OSnIt runs "Windows Phone 8.1 Cyan" pre-installed and is upgradable to the versions to be released (For example: Lumia Denim update, Windows 10 update etc). If you're afraid of losing your most used apps as you move from Android to Windows Phone then there's no need to fear at all! Windows Phone store has got all them already! You name it, and its there! Search in the store if you don't believe. Not only that, you'll find tons of Lumia exclusive apps which are unexplainable with words. The Windows Phone OS is simply beautiful. Gone are the days when Windows Phone had no file manger, notification centre, call+sms filter, etc. The 2.2GHz Quad-Core processor works faster than the swapping of your fingers. Lag, loading, crashes etc were the things of past for this phone! Even Android phones having Octa-core processor ain't this fast!!!nnDISPLAY nFor me, this is the most beautful part of the phone. The 1080x1920p ClearBlack Display Technology with Corning Gorilla glass 3 turns the pictures into real world objects. Yes, I can confirm that. nnWhenever I swipe through the pictures, one or two of my friends ask "What display is that? Amoled LCD? LED or what? It's unbelievably crisp and clear!". To be honest, if you set the accent color to "Black" through settings, you can't find where the screen ends. It completely camouflages with the phone body!nnCAMERAnIt spots a 20 Mega Pixel Carl Zeiss PureView camera (with Dual LED-flash). The photos taken by the camera are comparable to those of iPhone 6. And guess what? Lumia 930 still wins by big segment. I've compared a couple of samples at YouTube. The DSLR-like camera produces briliant images with no grains, high clarity and perfect for sharing. And lets not forget the front view camera, its 1.2MP (HD), though the MP count sounds small, don't forget its in HD and far better than a 8MP Samsung camera. You can't possiblly find a better front-facing camera with "Lumia Selfie" app at this range.nnGAMINGnLet me make it short: It can run any game in full HD graphics without a single lag. nThe games I've played so far are: GTA San Andreas, Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 4, N.O.V.A, Halo: Spartan Assault and Mass Effect: Infiltrator. The 3D audio in the games (like Halo: Spartan Assault) feels real because of Dolby Digital audio (if you use a headphone). There's only one problem in prolonged gaming though, the metallic border of the phone gets quite a bit hot. All you need to do is, use a phone case (I suggest you to get a transparent case so the beauty of your phone isn't hidden) and you're ready for pro-gaming!nnMUSICnYou've Xbox Music, Nokia MixRadio, musicXmatch and more. The phone features "Dolby Digital Audio" that gives you theatre-like effect in any good headphone, say, Nokia WH-208 (this was the stock headphone I got with my phone). Besides, you always have equalizer to tweak in with your choice. (Personally I'm a big beats, bass lover)nnMEMORYnThe phone comes with 32GB internal memory (29.7GB actually) because of the other space filled with OS and virtual memory and no SD card. And that's quite a lot of space for normal usage. Besides, you get 25GB OneDrive space for backup.nnCORTANAnShe's your personal virtual voice assistant (just as Siri on iPhone) but Cortana has outshined Siri with her abilities. Cortana can sing, joke, tell you news, weather, events (say cricket scores) and a lot more (watch her on YouTube), helps you get your work done in every possible way. Currently, Cortana isn't officially available in India but still you can get her by switching your region to "United States" through phone settings.nnBATTERYnIt has a 2420 mAh battery with wireless charging. With normal usage, battery lasts for about 28-32 hours. However, if you're a heavy user who plays a lot of games or uses a lot of internet (3G/Wi-Fi) then it will last for like 16-20 hours. In my case, I'm a student who stays in college most of the time and I can easily make it through 2 whole days with WhatsApp, FB, Music (2-3 hours daily), News and weather. However, I'd be happier if it had at least a 3000mAh battery (although that might add more weight to the phone!).nnBONUSnIt's Nokia! I don't need to explain this point! :PnnnFINAL VERDICT: It's a legendary phone that looks premium and feels premium in hands and priced perfectly. It's something, that'll make people ask you "What phone is that? Looks like an iPhone!" in this crowded world of Samesung and 'Droids, it stands out of the crowd. I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase.nPlease vote up in case you found the review useful :)

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I ordered Orange ( and it looks the part) Lumia 930 at great price of 29000 delivered in a day by flipkart (WS Retail).I upgraded from Lumia 920 after 2 years... No words to describe the phone. Most of the reviews mentioned its bulky proportions however to my pleasant surprise its not bulky at all. Very very sleek and amazing looking phone. I found it to be even better than iPhone 6 which costs double the price of Lumia 930. Display is just spell bounding.... best camera other phone comes even close..after Denim update even 4k video is possible. nnWireless charging is a highly underappreciated feature. I bought wireless charging plate also from flipkart for 1500 MRP 3999.... I couldn't believe how convenient this feature is. Also, wireless charging plate charges my phone at double the speed of a regular charger. nI love windows phone 8.1...I find it better than Android and IOS (used IPhone for 2 years). I would recommend ppl to move away from heard mentality and try windows phone. Its forthcoming windows phone 10 would make it even better. nIn short best smartphone that punches way above its weight...and the price makes it the bargain of the century...even 5 star is not doing justice to Lumia 930...highly recommend this phone.

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Whats the actual price ??

A week ago I saw that the price that flipkart was displaying was around 28k for L930, now today I saw the price ,that is 36k. Whats all this going on?

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Lumia 930 but which effing color

Its been like a decade wait for this product and i can finally see the price updated from N/A. Now the next stupid thing begins.... Ascent technologies is offering this product from flipkart. Which color phone are u going to send me? At least list that here na. And when Microsoft official page says 38,649 for white and black... How can u say that this product is 41k+ on top of which u r giving 10%discount. Are u selling orange or light green for that price, which MS even hasn't listed. I don't know if I am missing something here but I am having zero trust on this seller. Flipkart investigate if possible, if FK u r the same then sorry. I'll have to migrate then.

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Think twice before you buy this, don't get carried away by design.

Dear All,nnI got this phone from the market (not from flipkart), soon after the launch in India.nNokia Lumia 930 features an aluminum frame covering the sides of the device, alongside a polycarbonate back panel that can come in a variety of colors, including orange, green, black and white. Please note if you choose black color, the aluminum frame will also be black unlike in other colors where the aluminum frame is silvery white.nNokia Lumia 930 has a severe overheating problem. It heats up even with a slight usage or even on standby mode. It's really hot, I mean fire in your hands.nThink twice before you buy this, don't get carried away by design.nn~Shubham

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