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OnePlus 9 Pro
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Warning Everyone Phone is Overheating like hell

I just received my Oneplus Pro 9 12Gb/256GB Model, guess what I dint even finish setting up the phone the Phone is OVERHEATING and showing a message that Phone is Overheated. Oneplus is this your premium Phone??? COMMON... I am very disappointed buying this. I initially thought my phone might be defective, but i researched more about this, I found a Forum Thread in Oneplus Website where everyone is complaining of Over Heating issues. You cannot even record a 4k video for 60 sec, phone overheats and stops the recording. Forget 8K recording.. Just read the thread in OnePlus Forum, others cannot even click photo, phone overheats and stops the camera... What is this ONEPLUS? You better release an software update and fix this mess. This is not expected from premium phone like this. I will not change One Star until you fix this Over Heating issue. VERY MUCH DISSAPOINTED.

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Overall Nice Smartphone but Camera is Over Hyped

The build quality and specially in the matt black looks very good, the performance is very good even with QHD+ at 120Hz refresh rate no UI stutters, stereo speakers are also excellent... but this one gets a bit warm too quickly even with casual usage. The camera is good but not great, the iPhones and the Samsung Flagships produce way better pictures so don't go for that Hasselblad camera hype. Battery life is also average when using with QHD+ resolution. I would have rated this one 3.5 / 5 if amazon would have allowed. Overall nice but is over-hyped coz of the Hasselblad branding.

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Not up to the expectations.

Worst battery

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Worst mobile

Completely I didn't like this mobile and waste of my money. Please guys don't buy this mobile and don't waste your money.

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Heating issues

I have been using this phone from 3 days . I have found 3 major issues with the phone1.Auto call recording option is absent in thsi version2.heating issue, by using the phone continuously for 3 hrs it's getting heat and displaying heat warning.3.The watermark on the camera is aligned at the center of the iamge which should be aligned either left corner or right corner which makes the watermark valuable.

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