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Which is better phone betweenSamsung Galaxy A3 2017 and Honor 5X?

Asked by vlpvmmammus | 2 years ago




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    Niti Malik



    Niti Malik


    2 years ago

    Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 vs Honor 5X

    Though both are good devices but as per the expected specs of Samsung Galaxy A3 2017, it should be a better device as it has the following advantages:

    • It has around 33% faster CPU than Huawei Honor 5X. Faster CPU means more smooth experience.
    • Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) is VoLTE Enabled. You can use this to make calls over 4G network. It is compatible with Reliance Jio.
    • It supports NFC. NFC enables wireless payments through your device. You can also connect two NFC enabled devices just by touching them with each other.
    Though it is not one sided, Honor 5X ghas the following advantages:
    1. It has around 17% bigger screen than Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017). 
    2. It has  around 125% more pixels than Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017).
    3. It has around 27% more Battery Capacity than Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017).
    Verdict : Hence in my view Samsung Galaxy A3 2017 should be better as it has faster CPU and has better all round performance. 

    You can also compare your devices on 91mobiles link samsung Glaxy A3 2017 vs Honor 5x

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