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How to hide or protect apps on Honor 8C ?

Asked by Kanmani Jana | 2 years ago


Kanmani Jana


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    Gayatri Shah



    Gayatri Shah


    2 years ago

    It is a good option to hide or lock your apps to save you from a mini heart attack when someone takes your phone, or keep some applications personal to you. 

    With new features being added up in new Android versions, this has also been added.

    You are likely to find in Settings under Utilities. (Different for Different Androids)

    Another way is to get an Application from the Play Store.
    The most popular one which I am also using in App Lock. It allows fingerprint unlocking also.
    To install it:
    1. Go to Play store and search for App Lock.
    2. Download the application with this icon
    3. Image result for app lock
    4. Download and Install it.
    5. Now, launch the application.
    6. Setup password and Recovery Questions.
    7. Now you can select the applications you wish to lock.
    8. You can also hide your pictures and video inside Vault.

    **Best Feature**
    You can hide the App Lock application itself and then open it using:
    Dialer or Browser.
    Watch the video for more clarity:

    You can see detailed specs of the product here: Honor 8C
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