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How to save data pack on Honor X10 Pro ?

Asked by Pushpanjali Bhatnagar | 1 years ago


Pushpanjali Bhatnagar


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    Gayatri Shah



    Gayatri Shah


    1 years ago

    To save data on your Android phone Follow the steps below:

    1. Turn on Data Compression on Google Chrome

    Google states this option should save you about 50% in data. All without you even feeling a difference. In fact, you may feel some changes browsing will get faster!

    You just need to open Chrome, tap on the 3-dot menu button and select Settings. Click on Data Saver and then toggle the option in the top-right corner. You are done!


    You can check this link for more information on data compression : Data Compression (

    2. Download Opera Max

    If you want a complete system data compression then Opera Max is the best app.

    It is also possible to micro manage consumption by blocking specific apps from accessing data through mobile access (or WiFi, though I dont see the point in that). as it shows the detailed data comsumption of the apps.

    Download Opera Max from Google Play store

    You can also watch this video for detailed information on Opera Max 

    3. Update apps using Wi-Fi only

     Android apps receive updated on a regular basis and that is the main reason of our data consumption so make sure you turn of th e feature to update the apps on WIFI only.

    To activate this option follow the steps below:

    a. Open Google Play Store

    b. Then Tap on the 3 bar on the top left corner.

    c. Tap on "Settings".

    d. Select Auto update apps option

    e. Hit "Auto update over Wifi only" as shown in the Image below


    4. Restrict Background data usages

    a. Go to "Setting".

    b. Then Tap " Data Usages"

    c. Tap on the vertical dots on the top right corner.

    d. Click on Restrict Background data usages as show in the image below.

    e. Confirm it and you are done.

    You can check the specs of Honor X10 Pro here:  Honor X10 Pro
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