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Realme 5 Pro
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Realme 5 Pro
Out of Stock
₹ 12,269
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Mindblowing purchase

REAL REVIEW of my Real me! In short a fantastic all rounder. DESIGN : Very good design from the given backcover to the size, shape and structure of the mobile phone completely.Also phone is compact not bulky. BUILD : Even though built with plastic it's well built.See Gupta info channel of realme durabilty test. CALL QUALITY : This is the main functionality of a mobile phone and this phone does a very good job.Audio via Earpiece speaker is loud and clear.And same goes for the loudspeaker also Signal reception is very good no problem with that either.(Realme has designed sw to prioritize only the sound of other end persons speech i.e background sound filtered very well). SCREEN : Most important part of mobile phone which one always see while using.Screen size is nominal, Colours are not natural some what boosted RGB.Contrast is very good similarly the brightness, outdoor useablity under sunlight is also its a fullhd panel no problem with pixel density, the screen is plenty sharp.Viewing angles are also very good no problems here.Auto brightness works really well(it is designed with usablity in mind rather than conserving battery i.e screen is always bright outdoors no need to slide the slider). Touch screen is also very smooth and responsive. Lowest brightness is also pretty low useful for nightime usage. AUDIO : Audio via loudspeaker is adequately loud and clear.Audio via headphone jack ia also very loud and clear also the bass is slightly boosted giving good experience while using headphones.There is also an inbuilt equalizer by realme for music app. For evenmore good audio and equalizer use Audify music player. BATTERY : Battery optimization is done really really well by realme.With normal usage the phone easily will last for 2 days.Charging made very easy, the vooc charger is very useful and I enjoy a lot its very handy.For each minute 1.5 to 2 percentage of battery is charged... really awesome! CAMERA : Camera is very good.Dynamic range is Splendid.Contrast is very good.Colours are natural but when direct red blue or green objects are shot they are slightly boosted.Details are also very good.The 48 MP pics has little more detail in some shots and allows more crop.hence advised to use it for long shots and group photos. Nightscape feature is absolutely wonderful.Indoor and low light photos even in normal mode is very good. You can control all camera parameters in expert mode which also includes shutter speed upto 16s. Google camera can also be installed directly and used. Wide-angle camera is also very useful.Dynamic range is ok.Colours and contrast fine.Details acceptable. Macro is useful outdoors as it needs good light to perform well.There is lot to be improved.But useful for many who shoot lot of closeups like agricultural officers and students. Portrait shots are fantastic from edge detection to blur. Note: Even if you hide depth sensor the phone takes normal portraits.I doubt whether the portrait is comoletely sw based.If so realme is doing well on sw side. Selfie camera is spledid with lot of beauty features. FINGERPRINT SCANNER : Very fast and accurate always anytime even with dirty,watery or oily fingers.Positiining is also handy no problem. Buttons are Strong and tactile. The Backcover given is very protective with raised edges on frint sides and is very tight,Really tight! Performance : Extremely fluid performance, no lags splendid multitasking also splendid gaming.pubg run at high graphics by default.Also no uncomfortable heating issues. Software : New to Color OS.Felt Nothing that bad like the internet or youtube says.In fact has a lot of handy features.(one tap screen off,double tap off,off screen gestures for flashlight and camera, Shows ram available, inbuilt greenify,call and screen recorder which works really good,bluelight filter, customisable navigation keys,special security keyboard for password typing,lots of themes and wallpaper like sony xperia,etc.) Also there is dedicated slot for microsd! Even With many background service apps like whatsapp,fb,etc installed and running i have minimum of 1.2GB free ram and upto 1.7 GB free ram out of 4GB. Haven't used faceunlock yet. CONS : No screen pattern lock available Backcover given is of greyish color not fully transparent which will be very good for diamond cut backpanel. No 4gb 128 gb model available Initially lot of notifications from built in can't disable hot apps n games and app market later turned off notifications completely through settings menu.You can't disable notifications when you go through notification bar. Default messaging app is poor and unattractive. Flash light is useful but somewhat dim and yellowish. No option for natural screen colour reproduction. When you decrease a point from full volume in loudspeaker for music playback the volume decreases a lot. Review after 15 days, haven't updated sw.All these are in built number RMX1971EX11A09.Will update if I have any problem in future. Nice phone.Best phone under 14k.Myself bought for 12k. Hope I covered everything and is useful for New buyers.

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wow outstanding performance phone....nI just loved it..ncamera quality professional level 5* rating wow just amazingnI post some photos.......thank u REALME AND FLIPKART very fast delivery

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Worst experience ever!

Mobile don't charge, mobile received on 11/02/2020, it show and update is available, I download and install the update, at night when I connect the charge it shows "Battery Connection error" I noticed that battery percentage is halted on half battery, I called CC. Representative ask me to do whole reset. I done this but phone become dead and don't start again. I've raise return request 3 time but all the time request is resected by saying that customer don't following instruction as given, tell me how a person can do that with dead phone.

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Must buy!

Please trust me....Its a very super phone....Don't go with negative thoughts....if you use it properly then this phone is not less than IPhone.Recommended to all people....great look...don't go with blue colour....Go with CRYSTAL GREEN which is very cool....

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Pros:nn1. **Fast charger included in the box** and it is so fast.n2. Battery life is enough to one full day with some PUBG gameplay and social media surfing.n3. Speaker is better for this price point.n4. The Screen is petty **useable in direct sunlight**.n5. They included a **free case** that is far enough, you no need to urge a local shop to buy a case and screen protector (they include a plastic film protector)n6. **Front camera is amazing** on this price point.n7. **Performence wise very good** ( comparing °°Vivo S1 Pro°° with Snapdragon ``665 on 20K price`` point)n8. Received "Android 10 " update and " Realme UI" nnBonus message: "No adds"😋nnCons:nn1. Too much of ~bloat wares pre-installed~ on it.n2. Using only "Corning Gorilla glass 3+" on it while "Realme 3 Pro" has "Gorilla glass 5" on it [--But glass is glass, glass can break---]n3. ~~No Glass back~~ on this price point, while "=Redmi Note 8=" has a glass back .n4. No "--Basic headset--" included.nnThat's all a honest review after 4 Months of usage.☺️

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