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Realme X2 Pro 256GB
Out of Stock
Rs 35,999
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Realme X2 Pro 256GB
Out of Stock
₹ 35,999
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Good choice

I ordered the 12 GB version. I am extremely happy about the performance and the storage. One of my favorite feature of this phone is it's dual speaker on both ends of the phone with Dolby atmos. I generally never use earphones as I don't like using it because it is irritating for me. So I waited for a stereo phone and I found this is the best for it with all latest feature. I will write the Pros and cons after 4 days of usage: Will update this review after few weeks again; Pros: 1. Stereo speaker which gives a very good feel of audio while hearing music and movies without headset or earphones. 2. Super fast coz of 855+ 3. 12GB Ram, may not be required but let it be. 4. Excellent video stabilisation feature and 60fps. 5. Decent camera and portrait feature. 6. Looks charging faster. But I doubt the technology because I am an electronics engineer and designed a lot of products with lithium ion battery and I am not a supposed to charge it faster than 1C rate which takes 1 + hours with 4 A (ampere). But here they are telling they are charging the cell at around 8A+ current which may not be safe for battery. But anyways since I don't know exactly how they are saving the battery life or battery damage, I am not commenting more on this. But 0 to 100 is happening in less than 30 mins. 7. Good back cover along with product. 8. Good audio. Fast and smooth swipe and screen refresh. 9. IAM not a gamer but games are extra smooth compared to other phones, credits for 855+ and 12GB 10. Fingerprint is fast. Pros added on 22nd December: __------__ 11. Forgot to mention about the excellent haptic feedback due to LRA vibration motor inside the device. Thanks to realme for replacing the traditional ERM with an LRA and I am extremely happy about this. Generally normal phones will have a rotating mass based (ERM) vibration motor for generating vibration. ERM generally cannot produce dynamic vibrations with various fast patterns and smooth response. It can just vibrate with bad noise, that's all. But the LRA motor is not a rotating one, instead it is an oscillating one and thus can make very fast response vibrations with a lot of patterns. This is similar to iPhone vibration, I remember Xiaomi mi3 used it but I haven't seen it in any other mobiles after that. Anyways, now vibration on typing and all are giving a premium haptic feedback. 12. Excellent network range. (22nd December) Today I am in my hometown and here I never used to get good range and internet using my old phone (mia1). But surprisingly I never faced any issue in network range even though it is showing only 2 bars out of 4. Getting 4g with a decent speed unlike earlier. So mostly I believe it should be due to a better signal reception or antenna tuning. This is something which I noticed today which is definitely a good thing especially if range is less. CONS: 1. Not a great design. 2. Worst button placement for volume and power. 3. While pressing power volume getting presssed because volume button is opposite to power button. Same issue while pressing volume button also. And unnecessary a lot screenshots are getting taken due to this issue. A very bad interaction design. 4. Screen auto rotate always getting rotated to landscape while using it in bed since there will be very small angle. Generally a small angle bend ss putting the screen to landscape while is too irritating and annoying which is forcing me to turn off the rotation. 5. Colour Os is not up to the mark. 6. The most worst thing is, while holding phone, getting unnecessary clicks and touches because of inappropriate volume and power button positions. These buttons are on middle of both sides of the phone. 7. Worried about extra fast charging and I am using my old 2A charger for daily normal night charging because I don't want to take risk of battery life reduction due to over fast charging by compromising the battery life in long run. So they should have given an option in phone settings to switch to normal slow charging to extend battery life for few years. 8. Screen brightness control bar should be linear. It is showing increasing to high brightness even if I slide it from around 0 to 10 percentage slider. So main brightness control is happening in first few millimeter on the slider. Technically intensity is not directly proportional to the PWM or voltage applied. This is a technical bug which realme can fix to make it a linear intensity on slide with a better mathematics. Updating reviews after few more days of usage: __--------__ I am getting too many wrong screenshot and wrong button press since both volume and power are on exact opposite side. If I am pressing power automatically opposite volume is getting presssed along with it and taking screenshots even in lock screen. Very irritating. Updating in 13th December: __------__ Randomly the phone is showing full screen popup ad to install ucweb. In a day more than 10 time it is happening and is very annoying, which app is doing this I dont know. Seems like phone is promotion the ucweb always. Editing on 22nd __---__December: I uninstalled some app and this popup stopped. But I don't remember which App I uninstalled. May be one of the pre installed junk app may be doing this. But solved anyways. __------__ Updating on 22nd December: Screen rotating really needs to be optimized @realme. I feel like the rotation algorithm is too basic and needs an immediate fix. This is too irritating. While I am holding phone while in bed, when hand is tilting even a small degree, then screen is rotating to landscape. This could be fixed in a software update. If realme is reading this, please consider this as a serious UI bug.

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Great product

good quality products ,very fast delivery

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Just wow!
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received realme x2 pro within one day. thanks flip kart for the fastest delivery

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Really Nice

everything this is great in phone except the excess bloatware softwares which we can't remove .Realme need to remove them all as this is a premium flagship product of their.

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