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Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9152
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Rs 27,970
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Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 I9152
Out of Stock
₹ 27,970
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Cheating Indian Customers...Bad...!!

Well why to bring a phone in the market with dual core now when everyone is gung ho on quad core ones...?? Also in the almost same price range as Samsung S3--the wonderful beast is still working its magic??? The phone lacks all the things to capture the crowd...!! Misses good display , quad core , and oversized....makes S3 a far far far better choice...Antutu scores for S3 are around 16k+ and this one is around 7k..its just a old material packed in new packing..nothing else so people dont get fooled...add 2-3k more and go for S3 as its still the me as I am using it for last 5 months --- without a single lag, single battery removal n reboot and single performance issue...! thts the best fone right now at this price range...Also Samsung should stop fooling us with just big screen sizes!! they did it with Grand and now this n one more coming coming in last week of june...these phones arent superphones...they are just normal phones with high prices...! dont go for them...!

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Poor LCD Display Mobile..not an AMOLED..SAMSUNG is simply cheating Indian Customers..

The first thing you should notice for a big screen mobiles is screen quality. Please see the display specification clearly the display is "5.8" 16M-color qHD (540 x 960) TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen " .nnLCD means take it to the broad day light and keep full 100% brightness still you will not be able to see the screen properly. Its not an AMOLED or GORILLA glass, its poor TFT.nnI don't want to speak about other features those are all available in other smart mobiles .nnGuys please be awake, SAMSUNG is cheating Indian Customers by manufacturing these kind of low quality and keeping them high priced with their brand name. This mobile wont even be worth more than 10,000. nnNow take your decision :)nnDo you really wanna buy Samsung ?nnCheersnVenkat

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Bad Product ....just milking the brand name

COMPARISON-1n You get same build quality, same specs , same android version in 10,000/- Rs (karbonn, xolo, micromax ... name it). The only upside may be 0.3 inch bigger screen.nnCOMPARISON-2nHuawei Ascend Mate is better in all aspects. Better display (IPS+ with gorilla glass ) double the resolution, double the Battery, bigger screen at 6.1 inch, far better build quality , better camera, double the CPU, far better graphics (16-cores) , better ram memory ..... just about everything is better , that too by big margin.nnThe only thing that Mega equals Mate is internal Storage of 8gb.nn... and 2 places were it improves upon mate :n1. Android version of 4.2 against 4.1 . This hardly matters. Just a software update away.n2. Dual SIM ( this may be important for some people)nn But more than these comparisons the message from Samsung is bad ...... n" I give you Indians cheap product with my label on it. And you give me 12,000 more from your pocket". SORRY SAMSUNG!.

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Mega is not worth Don't waste your money At the price level you get better phones

This is phone is too costly and not worth for this given specification. At this price level, you get many other branded phones with better specifications. The specification is almost same as Grand except few differences. Samsung is charging very high price for the average configuration phone just with it's brand name. Do we need to get fooled with the brand name. So people should be careful and should not fall prey for such tactics.nnSince this phone's specification is similar to Grand, I am comparing here both Grand and Mega so that people can understand that it is not worth buying this phone.nn1. The Mega's screen size is bigger and it is good for browsing and viewing pictures / videos. This resulted in jumbo size phone and it is very difficult to carry or use the phone while talking. Yes.. Big size screen is good, but for that over sized phone is not good. People may reject the phone just for this reason itself - Over sized.nn2. The OS version in Grand is 4.1 and Mega is 4.2. The Grand is also soon expecting OS upgrade 4.2. So there won't be any difference in this.nn3. The processor in Mega is just 0.2 GHz more than grand and the effect is not something great or you can't feel / realise it. If it would have been 1.6 GHz, it would have made difference.nn4. RAM is more in Mega. Mega's RAM is 1.5 GB and Grand has 1 GB. This is the only main advantae in mega.nn5. Display is same in both phones... TFT. But in Mega, it is slightly higher than Grand... qHD... BUT NOT EVEN HD. NOW ALL OTHER BRANDS ARE OFFERING HD OR LED DISPLAY AT THIS PRICE BAND. Do you want to spend more money for normal display. So you pay little less and go for phone with similar normal display or pay more (at the same price of Mega or little more) and go for HD / LED display. But don't waste more money again on normal display like qHD as there is no big difference between the display of Grand and Mega. So do you want to spend a premium amount on this phone and get a peanut - TFT display.nn6. Pixel density is almost same in both phones. Nowadays all other brands are offering higher pixel density for bigger display and also at this price. Check the website for better brands at this price range, you will understand that they provide very high pixel density.nn7. Grand comes with flip cover which costs about 1500, and drive space, etc. But Mega doesn't come with flip cover for which you need to invest (if you want it) another 1500 more. MANY PEOPLE DON'T SEE THIS AND THE COST ASSOCIATED WITH THIS.nn8. If you compare the costs of both phones, FIRST YOU NEED TO ADD THE FLIP COVER COST OF Rs. 1500 TO MEGA'S PRICE (24000+1500) and then compare the costs. Many people miss this.nn9. Grand is available for around 18500-18900 in all retail stores. But Mega costs 24000 without flip cover, with flip cover more than 25500.nn10. Camera is same in both.nn11. Battery of Mega is more powerful than Grand. Yes.. obviously it should be. Because the screen is big. Since the screen size is very big, the consumption will also be more. Also keep in mind that the more powerful your battery is, the more time it will take to charge fully.nnSo most of the specifications of Mega and Grand are same except some minor differences said above and they are not making difference in major way.nnNOW THINK.... IF YOU NEED TO GO FOR MEGA BY PAYING MORE THAN 5500 - 7000 (with flip cover) JUST FOR 0.8 INCH MORE DISPLAY ... THAT TOO NOT FULL HD, BUT JUST QHD WITH LOW PIXEL DENSITY.nnIn my opinion, GRAND IS VALUE FOR MONEY, BUT MEGA 5.8 IS NOT. It does not mean that Grand is something great, but between these 2 models it is a good choice as in Mega you would be wasting your money Rs. 5500-7000 just for 0.8 inch more for average display.nnBut I am not saying that you should buy Grand only. But saying not to waste your money on Mega as the configuration is almost same as Grand. This phone is not worth more than Rs. 20000. nnIF YOU DON'T WANT GRAND, YOU SPEND SLIGHTLY MORE AND BUY S3. IT IS A GOOD PHONE AND BETTER THAN GRAND. OR LOOK FOR SOME OTHER BRAND AT THIS PRICE RANGE. nnBUT DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS PHONE

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Losing its SHEEN Samsung

1. When people are being obsessed with Large displays, its synonymous that they are obsessed with Great Quality and Crystal clear images. This phone fails to provide the latter.nn2. Dual -core phones can be bought for 15K today. Stop branding phones and making them expensive because they are dual core phones with Large mundane and low quality displays. nnAMOLED, Quad Core and 8 MP RULE THE ROOST. Worthless product from the leftovers is what Samsung is throwing to make some quick bucks.

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