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Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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Samsung Galaxy Note 2
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Dont Fall for the Smartphone market tactics .

You guys have gone blind. These smartphones are not at all useful . nWhat will you do after you buy this phone ? You're gonna play for a week with its awesome features,try some games etc etc. nnAnd soon samsung releases a Galaxy S4 which will be even more awesome than this phone.nAnd soon,apple,nokia and they keep coming and you will feel this phone will suck. And these processors will stop working in a few months. They even lag.nnSo,go for a phone which is around 10-15k which never change. You will be satisfied . nn36K for a mobile ? Are you kidding me ? Seriously you can buy a Bike or a car in EMI. nnYou can buy a HD tv , AC .nAnd more useful,the money you put in here will be enough for your college fee for an year. nnAnd if you have more money and you dont know what to do,donate them somewhere else. But dont buy these phones .

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You guys Flipkart are mad or what?

You guys (Flipkart) are mad or what? phone is available in market for 33k, and you people changed the price to 37250RS? Make sure Your company has a psychiatrist for all of u.n****************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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Useful Interesting Features of Galaxy Note 2, rather than the common features

First to mention, before buying this Beast: Galaxy Note 2, i had read a lot of reviews here in Flipkart on this mobile, but Max of them were on the common features that almost everyone knows from like the:nn-5.5 screenn-Quad-Coren-2GB RAMn-Super AMOLED capacitive Touchscreenn-16GB Internaln-64GB External Expandablen-Camera: 8MP(Main), 1.9(Front)n-NFCn-OS: Android Jelly Beann-GPU: Mail-400MPn-Stylus PennnYes, i agree, these are the Excellent Features which other phones cannot compete easily,nBUT, there are loads of other interesting stuffs that any TECH SAVY person will like a lot!!!nnAfter buying this Galaxy Note 2 last week, i had been trying to figure out the extra features that this beast offers in excess to the mentioned above ones.nSome of them are as follows:nn-First of all, the most attractive feature that i really liked was the Motion Sensor Capabilities that this beast is offering.nLet me note down some of them as tested by me:nn1) To unlock the device with motion, tap and hold a point on the screen, and then tilt the device forwards.n2) When you pick up the device after it has been idle for some time or when the screen has turned off, it vibrates if you have missed calls or new messages.n3) While viewing a call, a message, or contact details on the phone screen, simply pick up and hold the device to your ear to make a call to that number.n4) Tap and hold an item on the screen, and then move the device to the left or right to move the item to another panel on the Home screen or the Applications screen in that direction.n5) When an image is zoomed in, tap and hold a point on the screen, and then move the device in any direction to browse the image.n6) While you are cheking mails or contacts in a page and you reach the middle or the last of the list, simply Double-tap the device to move to the top of a list of contacts or emails.n7) While the screen is locked, tap and hold the screen, and then rotate the device to landscape orientation to launch the camera.n8) Turn over the device(making it lie down with back-side up) to mute ringtone, pause media playback, or mute the FM radio.n9) Shake the device to search for Bluetooth devices.n10) Shake the device to update the list of emails or information from Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance etc.n11) Sweep your hand sideways across the screen from right to left to capture a screenshot.n12) Cover the screen with a palm to pause media playback. Move it away from the screen to resume.n13) Tap and hold two points on the screen, and then tilt the device back and forth to zoom in or out.n14) When the touch screen is turned off, move your hand across the Proximity/Light sensor tonturn on the screen lightly and view the number of missed calls and new messages, the batterynpower level, and more.nnThe above are the special features that this phone provides in respect to various motions.nn- Secondly, like the Galaxy S3, it has the Smart Stay, which enables the phone to keep the screen on as long as you are looking at it.nWhen you close your eyes or move away from looking into the screen, the Phone screen will automatically turn off.nn- Thirdly, with the Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM, Gamers will really love this phone since some VERY HIGH RESOLUTION GAMES are just running with not a single point of lag in this phone.nn- Fourthly, You would luv to watch videos in this phone due to itz big screen and the very good quality videos running smoothly.nn- Fifthly, Music quality is really very good and descent. Radio works perfect.nn- Sixthly, SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Level is relatively low(The lower the Better) for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in comparision to other phones:nnGalaxy Note 2: 0.171 W/kgnGalaxy Note: 0.39 W/kgnGalaxy S3: 0.342 W/kgnGalaxy S2: 0.338 W/kgniPhone 4S: 0.98 W/kgniPhone 5: 0.951 W/kgnHTC One X: 0.909 W/kgnnnApart from the above mentioned features:n- I have not tested with the camera yet since i already have a Digital Camera.nBut as read from reviews, the camera is quite good in its capabilities, with 1.9 front camera is just great.nn- Also not tested with the full capability of the Stylus Pen, since it has loads of functionalities that has to be checked in details :-)nnSo simply after examining withlots of such exciting features, it simply stands out tall in the market.

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Fan'tab'ulous Beast !!!

hey guys,i got my beauty 2 days back & believe me i am totally in love with this gorgeous. I was tracking this gadget from the day Samsung announced it in IFA Berlin and watched almost all the reviews, hands-on and unboxing videos on Youtube till date. I am not gonna discuss bout the specs and features but would like to talk on the experience with this phone. I am a tech crazy and would put show off on a second place over the actual things i am going to get after investing hard earned money into the technology. If i am throwing more than 35K, i would try to get maximum out of it and believe many of us want the same as well. n First of all please do not compare this device with iPhone 5 as its incomparable. Samsung is on a different path with the performance & features they have included in the phone rather than creating a rival for each and every feature present in iPhone. If you are an existing iPhone user, u'll find a totally different & amazing environment with the openness the Jelly Bean offers to you. The sharpness in the display is tooooo good. Despite of having less ppi you would be able to experience a crisp & stunning display as they have used RGB matrix instead of Pentile in the Note I. n The presence of mind Samsung has shown while creating this thing is mind blowing. Each and everything is been done considering how the user is going to face the problem. Despite of big screen its still manageable with one hand. The one handed operations like typing text, using number pad, calculator is very convenient. Other than this i am very much impressed with the voice command all over whether its talking with Google, unlock the screen, playing pause volume up down the song, off the alarm, using the camera...everything will reach above your expectations. Google maps are up to date and incredible. n So all and all its a giant surprise package which will reveal when you yourself will use it. Believe me if you have not used this phone, you don't know what actually the technology is. If you are serious about the thing you are looking for & want the worth of the money you are paying....go get it.n Let me do a favor by telling this to you that if you can not resist and want to have one very soon before Diwali, do not purchase it from a big showroom or any big mobile store. Instead go to any small retail shop and ask one from them. The reason is some of the retail sellers have direct contact with the distributors and they sell it on very less profit margins. I got it from one of them and encountered the difference of flat 2000k which is a huge amount for me. This money you can invest is buying some good accessories. Hope this review was helpful for you. Thanks and kip smiling :-)

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A very good phone, but its too big.

I bought the phone today but not from flipkart. Got it at Rs 2000 less than for what it is being sold here right now. The phone is very big, that is the first impression I got. nFirst the average things about the phone:nThe screen is good, but its like any other flagship phone. Personally i like the screen of my HTC one x a little better. Camera is average for 8 mp,similar to the hox/sgs2. Its made of glossy plastic, i got the metallic grey one. Its a finger print magnet. nThe good things:nIt is very very fast, faster than the HTC one x by a fair margin. The s-pen has some cool features, some useful some gimmicky, i dont know if i will be using all them but they are cool to showoff to people. The s-pen is a lot better than the one on the note 1. Used both personally. The difference is there. the screen is big and good for watching movies, its not of the pentile variety, but its not the regular rgbg matrix too. The battery is huge and while i have not had the time to test the phone, it should give good battery life.nThe bad:nthere is nothing bad as such about the phone. its size might be one point here, but people with smaller hands should not consider buying this. Glossy plastic might not get too many fans either.

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