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Samsung Galaxy S4
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Samsung Galaxy S4
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Honest review from a previous HTC user

I bought this after lot of brain storming. Wanted to buy the HTC one or the Sony Xperia Z, simply because I thought Samsung mobile have a bad build quality. Checked the Xperia Z and was it disappointing, screen is good but not up to the mark, sharp edges and some small niggles. The HTC one was as good as the S4, but the things that let me choose the S4 were the horrible After sales service and the non removable battery and non expandable memory. So I ordered the S4 and got it in good time from Flipkart.nnNow how do I feel about the S4, n1. The UI is not as god as the Sense from HTC, but it is still easy to use. n2. The screen is just awesome, you really got to see it to know what I am saying.n3. Battery life is decent, gives about 10 hrs of usage.n4. Sound is good, the stock headphones are decent, but using a better set of ear plugs helps.n5. The phone has so many features that I had to read the manual for the first time in my life.n6. Build quality is not cheap, yes its plastic, but looks good and feels good.n7. The phones is so light you forget its in your pocket.n8. The camera is just brilliant, haven't done extensive testing, but the initial pics were just gorgeous. nnAll in all very happy with the S4. I previously had 2 HTC phones, so coming from the HTC to a Samsung I have to agree " I have moved to the Dark Side!!!"[for good].nnPS: All the negative reviews are from Samsung haters, and most are not even certified buyers, so just ignore them. Go to a store check the phone and then buy.

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A 30 failure rate on a smartphone like Galaxy S4 Battery Issues

I bought an S4 in Aug and in Oct my Phone started bulging and switching off because the battery inside is swelling and pushing my screen out.... My Samsung S4 has this problem... and after raising a complaint with Samsung India on 30302828... They say that they are not aware of this issue... please search S4 Battery issues in Google and you would know the intensity of this... Buy some thing else... Iphone or nexus or some thing else.... at least they are more customer oriented than this CHEAP PATHETIC SAMSUNG.... nnThink about it: A 30% failure rate on a smartphone like Galaxy S4 is huge considering that Samsung has sold approximately 12 million since June. That's about 4 million failures and 4 million unhappy customers. It took 4 million angry customers to make Samsung react. That's not exactly a sign of leadership.nnThey have not reacted in INDIA YET.... nnI am 1 among this 4 million users.... LUCKY Meeeee

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Most Feature Rich SUPERphone

Even if the S4 is made of plastic, it feels premium in hand. Since its a premium device no one is going to throw it on the ground. So far as the accidental drops are concerned, the phone can easily sustain those drops. So why to worry about plastic body?nThe stock video player is simple but it supports all free formats including the Matroska i.e. .MKV format.nnIMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PROCESSOR & BATTERY LIFE:nS4 has 8 core processor as a combination of 1.6GHz(primary) & 1.2GHz(secondary) quad core processors. By default only primary processor is used & secondary processor is used only when it's needed unlike our traditional laptop/desktop processors which work all the time even if not needed. Therefore the battery life is also conserved.nnPros:nWorld's fastest & only 8 core processor phone.nInnovative & feature rich.nCan work as a TV/DVR remote (Because of Infrared Sensors).nFantastic Camera.nIt supports both GPS(By USA) & GLONASS (By Russia).nSimultaneous video recording with both front & rear cameras.nOutstanding bench mark scores: Better than any other smartphone in the world.nBattery (2600mAH): Even 3 cell battery of 10.1 mini laptop is around 2400mAH.nnCons:nSmart Stay/Smart Scroll wont work wearing spectacles.nDisplay Brightness: Yes, display is Super AMOLED with 441ppi but not bright as compared to hTc one/S2/S3(even S2 has Super AMOLED 'Plus' display).nNo FM Radio.nNo Wireless Charging as of now.nToo Many features will confuse few users.nOnly 8.89 GB of user accessible phone memory.nnNew Features of S4:nSmart Pause/Smart Scroll:nS4 senses when you look at the screen or away from it, automatically scrolls up and down websites and pauses & resumes videos.nnAir View/Air Gesture: nYou can simply move your hand to accept or reject calls, change music tracks, browse the web and your photos without touching the phone.nnGroup Play:nYou can play multi-player games with other S4 users.nnSound & Shot feature:nYou can capture up to 9 seconds of audio while capturing a picture to make it interesting.nnTurn Over To Mute:nIf someone is calling you and you don’t wish that the phone should ring then just turn over your device, ringer bell of your phone will be automatically muted.nnSAR Value (Specific Absorption Rate max should be 1.6W/Kg. by FCC): 0.54 W/Kg.n(Better than all other non-Samsung phones)nnOther Notable Features:nTilt to Enlarge the image, Pop-Up play, S-Voice Drive, Drama shot, S-Health, Temperature and Humidity sensors, S-Translate etc. nnOther Android Alternatives:nXperia Z- Water & Dust proof but has average camera & back cover made of Glass.nhTc One-Solid Build but has Non-user removable battery.nNexus 4-Affordable & has “stock” version of Android 4.2.2 JB but without memory expansion slot.nLG Optimus G-Nicely priced but has LG's long time familiar boxy body.nnBuy your phone carefully because it's a device you'll keep 24X7 with you.

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poor quality

i just purchased this phone on 26th may and it recieved on 29th ,till that day the phone is just sucking my mind all the timenit just heats up a lot with a minor usage .ni cant even put it in my pocket for a duration of 1-2hrs.nits battery is also draining very rapidlyni even contacted the customer care they were saying that they can only exchange this product only on battery heating problems not motherboard heating and cancelled my return request.nnpersonally speaking dont buy this phone and specially from flipkart they provided me a poor service regarding the same.

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Dont Be Fooled by These Comments !!

Actually This phone is not that much a plastic crap as these fools thinks. Most of them are not genuine users but only members of others brands which nprevalence their own product and make this product look like a crap to dazzle those peoples who doesn't know not much about these devices specially like old citizens ....n Actually this product is lord of other phones currently .n it contains Exynos 1.6 ghz cortex A15 + 1.2 cortex A7 quad cores which unified to make a octacore processor which is a beast up-to-date slightly better than QUALCOMM's best snapdragon 600 which is use in devices like HTC ONE and even its little brother S4's US version ( SGH-i337 or GTi9505)for various carriers like sprint,at&t,verizon is also more faster than any devices in the market having whooping frequency of quad core 1.9GHz.....while next HTC ONE has quad core 1.7 ghz version only ....n SO don't be fooled by these peoples if you need performance you can choose this wonder blindly iam not that much SAMSUNG fan but this is real deal or either needs a better beats audio sound experience than should go for HTC ONE or either with Fabulous water proof design than go for sony xperia Z but in comparison of benchmarks this phone is the best which surpasses its rivals far away few devices in comparisonn nSamsung GT-I9500 4,072 nnLG F240L(optimus g pro) 3,395 nnAsus PadFone Infinity 3,292 nnHTC One 3,271nn So these benchmarks concludes us that S4 is a Formula 1 of smartphones.. but also Many fools thinks that HTC ONE (1.7ghz) has more CPU frequency than s4(1.6ghz).. DUDE!! S4 is a octacore!! in which each A15 cores produces 1.6ghz as it is a quad core thats 1.6*4 + each A7 cores produces 1.2 ghz thats 1.2*4 whereas HTC ONE's SNAPDRAGON 600 produces only 1.7 ghz that 1.7*4 only. "SO for these fools A single core 3ghz processor is the fastest one" thats only reason why S4 rules above benchmarks charts!!nn Also reason for plastic build to satisfy high demands of this phone having nice hold & its dent free as good as aluminium body.nFACT: plastic costs 5$/kg whereas aluminium costs 3$/kg so it is not that much plastic crap .....

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