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Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB
Out of Stock
Rs 21,999
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Samsung Galaxy S5 16GB
Out of Stock
₹ 21,999
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Samsung's double standards towards indian customers should be condemned

To start with, we have a lot of certified reviews about this product and before i start i have a disclaimer , i have not purchased this product but had used it for many hrs as my roomate has brought it at launch and guess what he is a samsung fanboy..To be honest, i was a fan of samsung galaxy line of phones and current using S4 -the Sd600 version as my daily driver. This line up of 5 phones together with the note series made samsung what it is today as we all know. The fifth iteration is not a revolutionary one compared to its predecessors, but i admit its fairly a good device..but with more cons than pros... I feel like its a real durable device, its solid, screen is a pleasure to watch, good optics, the pros according to me ends here.. Under the hood and the design is a total disappointment..nnSamsung's double standards to indian customers in fact is not new. It all started with the S3 which was undoubtedly the best seller in india back then, which was launched with a different chipset and packing in just 1GB of Ram compared to 2Gb in its european counterparts. They followed their racist tradition with the S4 bringing in an another stripped down version of the flagship, which even then managed to ship millions. This is where the problem lies, we indians(not everyone though)are obsessed with branding and do whatever it takes to get an Samsung or an apple or at least a sony, provided, if we have the resources.nHow many of us will consider buying a gionee or an oppo if we have 40k as our budget.? I bet not somany. This is what Samsung and other OEM's exploit. In China which is another huge market for Samsung, they release special edition dual sim variants of flagships with snapdragon exclusively for, why not in india? Its because in china they have a huge sentiments toward home grown chinese brands, and I'm sure that not even a single piece of this crap with exynos powering them will ever sale if they dont have the competitive edge..nnThe exynos processor powering the s5 in india, is an in house processor developed by samsung. The catch here is that they can make OODLES of PROFIT out of each devices sold because they dont have to share the profit margins with Qualcomm. Exynos is always a loser vs SD.. FORGET the benchmarks results, as Samsung has always found beefing up the benchmark scores - a person with an hands on experience knows the drawbacks of exynos over the snapdragon counterparts. It tends to heat up, consumes more RAM, drains the battery, frequent lags, app compatibility issues, and no LTE.nnWhen LTE-A is the global buzz word in mobile technology and oem's are busy pushing out their products In the European market, we still are being fooled around by them. It's not just SAMSUNG but others as well, similar the case with sony z1, the Indian version does not have the 4G compatibility, while all the other market it sells does. What these guys are thinking? its profit that decides it and nothing else.nn India is on a smartphone revolution while other markets have become saturated, they might be trying to ooze out maximum from these market before bringing up a so called premium version with 4G LTE just like what lg did with the new g2. considering recent developments in the Indian telecom sector, im pretty sure that 4G will be launched by different operators very soon, and the buyers will soon repent on their purchase. When we invest such huge sums of money on a mobile device, who doesn't want it to be future proof-say at-least for the next 2 years??? nnSo what are our hopes for a 4G lte (td lte) device??nnQualcomm has developed a new communication receiver, which is compatible with all the LTE bands in the world, which is being used on the Apple 5S and 5C. When demand rises for 4G devices, nI am pretty sure that Samsung is gonna launch a so called premium versions with SD801 and 4G TDLTE soon and that is going to be their huge marketing gimmick and will price it insanely high( atleast 75k) at launch and trust me there will still be people who will wait in queues to get it. Remember the branding fever that i talked about. The other oem will follow suite.. Again, Soon they will launch another cutting edge technology and we indians will again have to wait another 2 generations of phones to get our hands on that technology.nnIf this has to be stopped, we should stop running after brand name, instead look into specs and quality, and choose wisely. As of now, if you plan to buy a flagship device, i would recommend go for the htc one m8, as it has support to the soon to be launched indian 4G band and is a descent looking phone. Remember there isnt a perfect phone as such.. M8 is not so good at optics and should be priced more...,u have other options if ur looking out for a 4G device in the budget segment also from oems like xolo.. its just a personal opinion, and after all its just me... So choose wisely... Thanks for reading..,,if u found it useful, please do rate it.. Thanks,.

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What?!! Rs. 50,000 for a 3G ONLY Mobile!

Main Drawbacks of S5:nnNO LTE (4G).nNO OIS (Optical Image Stabiliser).nNO FM Radio.nNO Snapdragon Processor.nNO 3GB RAM.nNO Temperature/Humidity Sensor.nNO USB 3.0 CABLE.nnSurprisingly this phone (Indian Version) despite being a USB 3.0 capable device ships with USB 2.0 cable in the box. Shame on you Samsung, how much will you save by not providing a USB 3.0 cable.nnnMain Advantages of the S5:nn- Slightly Bigger screen and battery.n- Fingerprint scanner.n- IP67 Certified - dust and water resistant.n- USB 3.0 port.n- User replaceable battery.n- Micso SD slot.n- Better camera at 16 MP.n- Plethora of features like Heart rate sensor, Smart Stay, Smart Scroll, Air View, Air Gestures, IR remote, etc.nn So it does not make sense to buy a "3G" flagship phone, which will be OUTDATED very soon.nnnFINAL WORDS:nnThe phone overall is very good, BUT, the lack of few critical features like 4G (LTE), FM, OIS, etc and the hefty price tag makes it totally unviable proposition. The correct price of this phone should have been less than 39K, which is the price of the 4G (LTE) Snapdragon model in the international market.nnThere are much better phones like Google Nexus 5 with better specs available at much lower price.nnSo, Choose wisely guys, its your hard earned money and precious Foreign Exchange of our country, India.

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SamsungPrice cuts

A moment of silence for those who bought the Galaxy S5 with a price tag of Rs.50000.-_-

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Very Bad Experience

I have been stupid to buy so many items from flipkart. I bought a samsung S5 and as soon as I started using it, it gave several issues like getting restarted, going on headphone mode automatically etc. I sent several mails and talked to the customer support but it was of no help. I was finally told that my set will not be replaced. I wonder if you've failed to realize that i was asking for a replacement and not refund. Also, what is the manufacturer warranty for? Is it that once you've sold the product, you just don't give a damn. You've converted a loyal customer into an Irate and I will make sure that I put my review about flipkart on all the possible forums.

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No Snapdragon No Buy

An awesome phone no doubt, has the best display on the planet, IP67 certification.n BUT,nIn India launched with exynos Octa core version which is quite fast, but the games and apps are better optimised for Snapdragon SoC because it is more popular. Samsung( outside India), LG, Sony, HTC, Gionee, Nexus, Oppo, and many other use Snapdragon 800 SoC. nSo better go for Snapdragon SoC than this.nAlso it is more battery efficient with built in 4G capabilities. Yeah, S5 has no 4G for 50k, while LG G2 has just recently launched a 4G model for the Indian 2300 MHz band.nIt has big (huge in current scenario) bezels which takes away beauty. Bezel less display like the G2 looks gorgeous and provides rich & immersive experience.nThe least Samsung could and should have done is to give users the option to choose snapdragon or exynos..

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