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Samsung UA32J4003AR 32 inch LED HD-Ready TV
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User Reviews for Samsung UA32J4003AR 32 inch LED HD-Ready TV

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Samsung UA32J4003AR 32 inch LED HD-Ready TV
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Nice product, its slim and has very good clarity and sound.

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Pathetic service by Flipkart

I bought this TV for my parents in Allahabad and it reached my home on 1st August 2015. But after that the installation of the TV is becoming as difficult as making a passport without giving a bribe !!!. It was supposed to be installed on 2nd or 3rd August but it has been six days and nothing has happened . The local Samsung dealer initially asked for Rs 1350 for installation whereas it was written free on flipkart !!! Now they are blaming each other and just promising that just 24 more hours....The worst part is that I wanted my parents to feel good about that as it was my first gift after starting to earn. But now my father who is a retired person has to call samsung and flipkart guys on the daily basis for help. This is utterly disgusting....

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Good product at this price and on time delivery from Flipkart.nInstallation service is also good from Samsung.nOverall satisfied.

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It's good.

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Useless product

Hi flipkaart,nn Today I had conversation with your customer support manager for more than 1 hour. nn1) His name is DigVijay and he didnt spoke to me properly.nn2) He informed that he cant deliver the product today and told me to cancel the productnn3) If I cancel the product now I cant purchase it at the same cost with which I bough thatnn4) He used to speak whatever he wants and keep me on hold. nn5) I wasted 1 hr 35 min because of you people.nn6) Ever never say that your providing goods on timenn7) Your cheaters... you dont respect customers.. Your not punctualnn8) Making statements like we are successful in our business is not wise by doing these things.nn9) I am genuine customer to you. nn10) Your doing very good business by cheating people. I booked TV on 5 to 6 days before and your delivering me the product late. But I paid the amount using my credit card. If I cancel the product again I wont be getting same product for the cost that I have purchased. In between these you people will rotate my money for interest and get some amount .. Now if I cancel my product you will be benifited with interest amount.nn11) Digvijay was so ude to me.nn12) I ever never discussed or brought other websites name in the conversation I had with you people but Digvijay went personal.nn13) I am hurt with the way your cs person Dig Vijay spoke to menn14) Today I am leaving to my home town how could I take that on oct 10th?nn15) Dig Vijay gave wise solution like cancel the order and re-booknn16) I paid the money and I was blamed unnecessarily for no reason/nn17) After purchasing the product you people are speaking as if you want to you.nn18) I told I will proceed legally and Dig vijay told do whatever you wantnn19) It was informed that he is the floor manager , if he has attitude ask him to display that at home not on customers.nn20) Today I kept leave for my office and I was eagerly waiting for the product. Who will give my LOP amount?nn21) I spoke to your people for more than 1 hr 35 min who will give me the time back?nn22) Give respect and Take Respectnn23) I want call back from your superior manager and want solutions for all the questionsnn24) I want the LOP amount , time that I have spent for the call as well as the wrong promise made by you peoplennWaiting for your replynnWith Regards,nPavan kumar.G

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