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Sony Xperia L
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Sony Xperia L
Out of Stock
₹ 9,000
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Very good so far for midsegment phone

I got my Xperia L after bit of research about mid-range android smartphones. Here are my impressions so far:nn1) Even though its just 1 Ghz Dual core, performance is very impressive (coming from previous galaxy note user). Its Qualcomm's s4 play SoC Krait-based architecture, which means its much faster than older dual core processor android phones (like HTC Desire X). Infact, on benchmark tests its on par or exceeds the performance of Samsung Quattro/ Grand even though they may have more cores/ faster clock speeds.nDon't go by numbers alone - SoC architecture matters ! nn2) Jelly bean 4.1.2 is crisp and smooth. No lag. Not a lot of bloatware (some of which can be deleted). Considering it was just launched in April 2013, there are good chances SONY will upgrade this to Android 5.0 in the upcoming year (Biggest plus point if you are buying a mid-range phone).nn3) Display is decent at 228 ppi (though not extraordinary but then this is good for mid-range phone). Colours are vivid compared to LG's IPS display. Gorilla glass is missing. nn4) Form factor and built is impressive (again not a fan of cheap plastic built quality of Samsung phones). Size is just about right -not too big, not too smallnn5) Even though SONY is marketing this as a top notch camera phone in mid-segment, camera quality remains to be seen. Colours are vivid but there is some noise. Hopefully, SONY will improve auto-mode performance with software updates. I am yet to fully test the capabilities and picture quality.nn6) Battery life is good. Also, the phone is bundled with SONY STAMINA and LOW BATTERY modes for enhanced battery life. No need to download third-party apps for power management. In-built battery apps tend to be more reliable and robust.nn7) It supports both MTP (didn't work in ubuntu 13) and USB mass storage modes to connect the PC.nn8) You cannot shoot 1080p videos and also cannot playback 1080p videos (Why ??)nn9) It has a nice led to alert you about notifications.nnUPDATE:nn1) I ran Antutu benchmarks on the phone and got scores around 10700. Antutu benchmark tests CPU, RAM, 2d and 3d graphics, SD card read/writes capabilities of the phone. Higher the score, better it is.nnTo put this score into perspective, older Samsung flagship phones Galaxy S2 scores around 9000 and Galaxy note 1 scores around 10200. Samsung galaxy grand duos scores around 7000. LG II p715 is around 7000. Samsung galaxy quattro (with all its quad cores) manages around 11000. Galaxy S3, HTC one x, Xperia SP score around 14000 to 16000 mark. Nexus 4 is around 17500. HTC one and Xperia Z hit 20000+ scores.nn2) The battery endurance rating (tested by GSMArena) of Xperia L is 39 hours (i.e. you need to recharge the phone every 39 hours with 1 hour of calls, 1 hour of web browsing and 1 hour of video playback). Talk time is 12:30 hours, web browsing is 6:40 hours. You can get detailed battery results on GSMarena website. These results are quite decent and phone can easily last a day as long as display brightness is set to AUTO.nn3) The phone comes equipped with NFC chip. This is quite handy to "beam" files to other NFC-equipped phones. Its a nice to have feature (typically bundled with high end phones). The full potential of NFC is yet to be tapped (e.g. NFC is already being used for mobile payments in US).nn4) Camera quality can be good if you learn how to tweak around with some settings such as metering, white balance, focus and HDR. Auto mode is not always optimal. There is loss of texture and sharpness at times (seems like even Xperia Z and Xperia SP suffer from similar problems). SONY claims to use top-notch optics for the camera so issue could be with software. Hoping that future software upgrades will enhance sharpness.nAgain, if I am looking for a sub-20k phone, I bet only Galaxy grand camera beats this phone as of date.nn5) The phone supports DLNA for media sharing with DLNA-enabled televisions.nn6) The audio quality is very crisp and clear.

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Hey guys, i recently bought this phone after a great a confusion btw Samsung Galaxy Grand & Xperia L. With the initial Benchmarking of this device which came out to be great, i got this phone with full trust but not from flipkart. Here are some Pros & Cons i would like to share wid u all..nnPros :n*features like NFC, JELLY BEAN, Software updates are + pointsn1) 4.3 inch screen wid higher resolution (compared 2 Grand)n2) Decent Speed & Performance (no lags or hangs)n3) Gaming Beast..(Temple Run 2, Subway Surf, Dead Trigger, etc )n4) Sony's Camera wid Flash (for me d flash is not working at 55% battery) :-( i don't know whats d problem..!!n5) Dual Core wid 1 GB Ramn6) Slim & Attractive Designn7) Gud Call Qualityn8) In Budget & JELLY BEAN.. ;-)nnCons :nn1) BATTERY !!! the battery last only a single day even with normal use..!! should have a 2100 mAh..nn2) Camera Flash - Check out the camera flash before buying, for me it does not work when the battery is at 55% or below.. Then wat the use of it ?? nEven at 50% battery we cannot use it as a Flashlight/ Torch..!!nn3) Internal Memory could be much better.. at a cheaper price Samsung's S Advance provides 16 GB internal batterynnVerdict = Awesome phone.. but with little less Battery Backup..!!nnUpdates are served 2 improve the overall performance & to fix issues & bugs.. so don't worry.. :)nn*Alternatives - Samsung Galaxy Grand, nSamsung Galaxy S Advancen(even Lg devices but they are not so popular)

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Delightful Xperience

Finally after a long wait I got my Sony Xperia L. I bought this phone from a Sony exclusive brand outlet. The prices vary in different markets but having spent so much on a phone, an extra penny of two does'nt actually matter.nnNow, coming back to the phone. Sony has done quite a decent job in upgrading Sony Xperia J but still maintaining the look and feel of the device almost alike. Ever after I bought Xperia L, the device has never disappointed me. nnDesign: The device has a sleek and slender look and feel. It easily slips into your pant pocket no matter how tight it is and you wont even feel that you are carrying a 4.3inch device. The weight, at 137grams also seems quite manageable. The thin chrome lining throughout the perimeter of the device coupled with an aluminum power switch gives the phone a touch of elegance. The back side of the phone hosts an 8 mega-pixel camera with chrome finished circumference along with flash. nnDisplay: The screen looks quite attractive and the image is crisp. The touch function is also highly responsive.The display as in Xperia J does not have a Corning Gorilla Glass, which I feel at this price should have been a must but anyways the screen surface is scratch resistant which will serve the purpose. I would advice to keep the screen guard on as it will avoid unwanted scratches and stains on your screen.nnCamera: The camera is equipped with the highly sensitive Exmor R sensor, which helps to capture sharp photos and videos even in low lighting conditions. It can shoot images at various resolutions and as expected the image quality with loads of features and Sony expertise, is quite remarkable.nnBattery: The device has a 1750 mAh battery. If charged in the morning, one can expect to have at least 50% charge remaining after 12 hrs of normal operations which includes 1hr on call and 1hr of surfing. Moreover, the stamina mode also helps in conserving battery charge by pausing Wi-Fi connection, data traffic and several power consuming applications when the screen is inactive. This is an in-built feature provided by Sony, which helps us in avoiding dependency on other third party software.nnProcessor and Memory: It has a 1 GHz Qualcomm, Dual Core processor with 1 GB RAM, 8GB internal memory and extendable storage of upto 32 GB. As far as my experience goes the phone works without any lags and without getting stuck.nnApart from the features that I have mentioned above, this phone is an absolute delight to work with. I am completely satisfied with the product and would give a rating of 5/5 for this wonderful gadget.

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Great fone at this price range

I bought my xperia l from a local retailer in dehradun and i am very impressed with this phone. It looks like a million bucks, taking design cues from its very beautiful younger sibling the Xperia J. The power button looks and feels really nice. The build quality and feel of the phone is vary nice specially when compared to samsung.nThe display is pretty nice. Its just the right size. Text and pictures appear quite crisp and videos look quite good too.nThe camera is satisfactory but i was expecting better. My phone's led flash works well and it does work even when battery is below 50%(worked at 40%).nPerformance is pretty good. The processor is snappy and 1gb ram is adequate with around 200mb always free. There are no lags thanks to jellybean's project butter.nGraphics are decent. Virtua tennis, temple run 2 and nfs most wanted work without a glitch. antutu score was 9312.nBattery is nothing to boast about but lasts a day.nIt is the best at this price bracket. Better than the cheaper grand quattro which has terrible build quality and an outdated processor and graphics chip.nOverall it is a great phone.

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Good Phone, Poor Flipkart Service

I bought this phone purely on basis of reviews on flipkart and gsmarena.nI am happy by what it has to offer. Let me be crisp. The pros and cons are strictly for a phone at 15k level:nnPros:n-Solid Build with a premium feel.n-Very Helpful notification LED lightn-Good Speaker volumesn-Sturdy keysn-Great interface and GUI. Great relief from the boring GUI of Samsung.n-Decent battery lifen-Latest Andorid out of boxn-Light weight and easy single hand operationn-Works on normal sized SIM, so no requirement of going for replaced SIMsn-No hanging so far.nnnConsn-Due of icon arrrangement, the actual screen size available for apps is about 3.7-3.8 inch. n-Colours are bit washed out and crispness missing when I compare it with doubly priced S3 (My bad)n- Gesture controls and quite less compared to Samsungn-In pack headset of flimsy quality and charger unit has very small wire length.nnIn Packet: Handset, Headset, Charger cum USB Cable, Quick Start Guide.nnOverall it is a great phone in 15k range and for people entering the touchphone domain. Sony is doing a good job. nNot recommended for people downgrading from 30k range phone expecting it to be a good substitute.nnFlipkart Service: Dissapointing and was delayed by two days. No response from Customer care. Will probably not go for high ticket purchase from this site.

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