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Sony Xperia SP
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Sony Xperia SP
Out of Stock
₹ 17,990
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Sony's BEST Mobile and the MIDRANGE KING

For about 2 yrs Sony's hold on the mid-range market has been strong and Xperia SP makes the 20-30k range a one horse race.nnHere is a concise review covering all grounds.nScores:(Compared with the best offerings)nScreen: 9/10 (mediocre viewing angles the rest is Splendid) nMusic : 9/10 (Not too loud but great music quality)nBattery: 10/10 (Will last around 2 days under average use)nPerformance*:11/10(You don't get an 11 for being just excellent) nBrowsing speed: 10/10(Beats One and S4 on many occasions) nCamera: 7.5/10 (good 8mp shooter but Don't expect miracles) nVideo recording :10/10 (impressive 30fps@1080p with HDR videos)nUI :9.5/10(mini-apps,Not bloated,Awesome lock-screen and looks)nSoftware: 9.25/10 (On 4.1.2,Will get 4.2 soon)nLooks:10/10 (Gorgeous looks and Premium Metal Body)nAesthetics:9/10 (Comfortable, little heavy cuz of METAL body)n................................................................nMORE ON PERFORMANCE*:nThis phone is unbelievably fast for it's price.nHere are some benchmarks:nn*NOTE:for B-pi:(Lower is better) nnPhone......General speed.....Gaming.........Net surfingn..............B-pi*.....LP........EC........B-mark.....VellamonXperia.SP...184......348.......58.0*......2263......2497*nGalaxy.S3...359......175.......41.3.......1247......1641nGalaxy.S4...132......788.......57.1.......2438......2060nNexus..4....431......213.......53.9.......1794......1310nnConclusions:nXperia SP is faster than s3 and Nexus 4 on all grounds.nXperia SP is THE BEST GAMING DEVICE and among the best Browsing devices on market right now and a battery king.n...............................................................nThis is attributed to the adreno 320 GPU that has to run on a smaller 720p screen.nnIf you are ready to settle for a mediocre camera (only IMAGING..recording is phenomenal), The Xperia SP is a NO-BRAINER.nnTo put it bluntly: THE COMPETITION DOESN'T STAND A CHANCE.

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Bang For Buck Android Phone

Have been using the phone for a little over a week and i have had the time of my life. nI got it on the day of launch on the 24th of april with Sony MW600 bluetooth headphones and a Class10 32gb sandisk sd card.nnPros=nGIGANTIC BATTERYnS4PRO ProcessornAdreno 320nBravia Engine2nLED StripnPrice PointnSD Card SlotnSizennCons=nBad CameranViewing AnglesnWeightnnFirst impression of the phone is killer, the black model looks like a class apart and the led strip is a cherry on the cake when it comes to looks. The Iconic power button is really tiny as compared to the emphasis they have on it, but thats not a problem, the build is just fine. The aluminum body does make it sturdy but heavier than many of the phones, however most of the phones are plasticy, so i wont hold it against Sony, i don't mind the extra 30 gms. nnThe screen is beautiful, saturated as a LCD must be, people shifting from AMOLEDS will be disappointed, but the excellent performance makes up for that. The viewing angles could have been better, not an issue when you are watching something, but sharing a video with your friends can be a problem because of the very limited viewing angle. nA lot of buyers have complained about a yellow tint on the screen. That is because, sony has set the default value to "warm" very easy to change it from Display>White balance. Take the color to blue and saturation to 30% you will get the whites to be white again and not yellowish. Make sure you do use a good scratch guard, since nothing is available in the market i have not put one yet and have already scratched the screen in one corner. nThe processor is a beast. It can eat any other device from 2012 and miserably insult it. Games like Call of mini zombies, Asphalt 7, Temple run oz work very smoothly. nScrolling between the screens and menu is absolutely stutter free. No lag at all, loading times for apps is lightning fast. Browsing is superior because of a good 4.6 screen with pixel density of 319 ppi, which is excellent. reading texts is very easy for the eyes and the brightness levels are good, but nothing to be spoken about, very decent for a 24K phone. The adreno 320 and bravia engine makes watching videos a delightful experience, the quality is way better than my full HD samsung smart tv. nThe multimedia features are excellent, the walkman UI is upgraded and if you are a music lover you will fall in love with it, the layout and simplicity, full marks to nSony. Make sure you buy good after market earphones the one provided are the worst, dont expect to ENJOY music with those.nThe sound quality is good, not great. internal speaker is good too, i would rate it 7/10 you can hear a little but of bass and great mids. You wont need portable speakers for a night out with your friends for sure. The led strip, adds a whole visual element to "listening" music, and is a welcome change. nnThe Album and Movie apps are pretty great too. Pictures look stunning on the app and you can resize the whole gallery with pinch zoom, exceptional to look at the transition animation. The Movie app is wonderful simple and will get you info about the songs and artists on one touch, directly from Wiki and tag cloud. Excellent feature called "Look up"n 10/10 for multimedianThe battery is superb. I have had to sit and hope for it run out so that i can complete 0-100 cycle 2-3 times. Guys it just wont die not for a good 18-20 hours of moderate usage. With heavy use it will easily last 12 hours make sure you dont push the screen above 60% brightness for optimum battery. nThe processor seems to be very efficient. nI seem to like the part that the battery does not come off as if you drop the phone all parts are not going to come popping out. FYI- The battery is replaceable at the service center, so there is nothing to worry in case of a problem.nnComing to the camera, yes its the only one drawback, but with right settings you can still extract a few good pictures with it. Sadly it does not have the capacity to replace your point and shoot camera, if you are looking for that. It will come in handy i would give it 6/10nMaybe an upgrade could extract more out of the sensor. There is too much noise indoors and low light, might as well not click at all. I am not a fan of flash photography, but the flash is powerful enough to help you in darker situations. nnOver all a great buy. If the camera had been a tad bit better i'd have given it 5 starts, but yeah there has to be a trade off somewhere since its not a flagship. Thats is business. nIn my opinion, this is a best buy right now and would be a sweet deal when the price drops to 23 it could well bring back the charm sony lost in the last few years. The device has immense potential and i sure am very glad that i purchased it.

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I bought this phone from a local store and have been playing with it from past 2 days. here is my short review:)nnGOOD THINGS FIRST...nn1. Screen is an absolute stunner.. so sharp and vivid.. mobile bravia engine2 is also here which does only good things enhances the viewing experience and adjusts the contrast.n2. phone feels solid in hand.. unlike samsung galaxy devices. iconic power button is well built and well placed.. im th fan of this unlock key:)n3. there is an ample battery on the board which easily lasts for a day.. im actually quite impressed by the battery backup:)n4. the most appealing feature on this cell has to be see-through panel at the bottom of the phone.. im in love with this festure..n5. camera is fairly enough for day to day shots.. thats ok for me:)nnHERE ARE THE THINGS I DONT LIKE MUCH...nn1. viewing angles are limited.. though its not a deal breaker for many..n2. fron vga camera. it could ve been would strongly recommend this phone.. its the best phone you caN get in this price range.. GO FOR IT FOLKS..ITS BETTER THAN GALAXY S3 ON ANYDAY..

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A Pretty Decent Phone with a tad bit expensive price tag

I have been using this phone for 3 days & I have been quite satisfied with what i got.nnThe size of the phone is perfect (4.6 inches screen) which is pretty comfortable to hold without feeling awkward unlike those 5 inchers!nnPhone is a bit on the heavy side, but i personally like the weighty feel of it.nnMany people are complaining about the lcd display. I didnt find any issue with that. The screen has a vivid display enhanced by the bravia 2 engine...& the viewing angles are not as bad as some people are claiming it to be. people dont hold their phone in awkward angles while looking at it. Even if you'll notice that viewing angle is decent enough. And the screen has 720p HD display...again that is pretty sweetnnI didnt do much sound tesst of the speaker. The speaker sounds loud when ringtones are being played....but it sounds average with the mp3's. It could have been the mp3 i was plaaying since the speaker showed it could go loud enough with the ringtones.nnI didnt see the phone hang anywhere thanks to its powerful 1.7ghz dual core cpu & adreno 320 gpu. This phone beats Galaxy S3 in benchmarks, just Google it if you dont believe me!nnIf i was dissapointed with something...its the camera quality.nIf you are buying this phone for taking lots of photos you should reconsider.nThe pictures are over saturated & has lots of graininess & noise.nAlso the phone is capable of taking only upto 7mp photo...even though the phone supports an 8 mp camera.nI hope sony fixes this with a firmware update if they can cause it looks like false advertising from sony as of now!nnAnother firmware bug that i found are not able to move the brightness slider if Adaptive Brightness is turned on. Turning off AB, changing brightness and then turning AB back on did have an effect. So i dont know why it couldnt be changed with AB turned on. Again, a firmware update could fix this.nnHere is a short summary of the phone:nnPROS:n-comes with 4g/LTE support (i think it is one of the cheapest phone with 4g/LTE support as of now)n-beautiful 720p HD screen (319 ppi pixel density).n-Powerful Hardware (1.7 ghz dual core cpu & adreno 320 gpu)n-Decent Battery backup (2370 mAh)n-microSD card slot is availablennCONS:n-poor camera Qualityn-minor bugs here n there (which can be fixed with Update)

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Awesome phone.

Been using the phone for about 4 months now...just got a new update..which has made the phone even betternchanges after the update:ntouch has become more responsivennew short menus added to notification barnthe camera has become even better...especially the low light pics...they are coming out really well..and can easily match a point and shoot..nthe battery backup is still goodnProsnThis phone is an actual beauty,the build quality is topnotch. the rubberrized back gives a really good grip, and is not prone to scratches like the cheap plastics others are offering.nProsnThe display is really good, i guess the ideal size.I would recommend you to buy a screen guard, however my screen did not experience a single scratch even though i got the screenguard after a week.nthe processor clocked at 1.7 ghz, makes most tasks absolutely smooth.the processor a snapdragon s4 is better and more efficient that the quadcores samsung is love the UI, its smooth and unobstrusive.nsimple games like angry birds, temple run1 and 2, subway surf etc work really wellnmultitasking is not a really love the camera, it has to be the best in its class,its way better than galaxy s3, note, htc one (compare on a computer screen and you will see the difference)nThe battery stamina mode is really useful, i only need whatsapp and my gmail to work in the background,(calls and messages work normally in this mode) so it only allows these two to work , therby saving a lot of battery life, nbattery easily runs for one and a half days, though i do charge it every night.nDont be stupid to just look at the specs and post a comment, which people love to do, use it and you will realize how wrong you arenThe illuminations are just gorgeous.nCons:nthe battery takes more than two hours to charge.nthe front camera is not great.nOverall i am satisfied with the purchase, sony deserves the premium it charges, and this phone is definitely a class apart, great for the price point.

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