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AirTyme PV300 FLAUNT
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AirTyme PV300 FLAUNT
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Unbeatable Value for money

This is a fantastic phone. As I suspected its the sidekick lx 2009 sold in the US (also SHARP PV300). I was surprised by a lot of things. I did not expect it to be this good.n1) The phone and the battery is made in Japan and not China. Fantastic build quality. You might want to get a screen protector though.n2) Included cover is fantastic quality.n3) The screen resolution is fantastic. Pixel count (ppi) is close to the Iphone 4 display.n4) There are so many options and short cuts to do things faster.nnDon't discount this phone. Its great value for money.nnI received it within 3 days and Flipkart service is better than amazon IMO.

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Good phone for basic use

I am using this phone for about a month. Pros: -Good build quality -High resolution screen -Good camera -Easy to navigate -Good audio quality when using head phones Cons: -No email client! -Cannot install any apps- the phone has only basic features -Have to live with only the built-in game -It would have been great if the phone had some office tools- at least a pdf viewer. However there is nothing of this sort. -You can only download songs to this phone. -Cant browse memory card, other than music files. Conclusion: I would recommend this phone for basic use- messaging, making calls, listening to music, web surfing.Remember- you cant add any new games or apps!!

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airtyme flaunt review by vivek

The fact:nAirtyme flaunt is actually an indian version of the T Mobile Sidekick. It was a rage in the united states in 2009. But the cloud services apparently crashed causing people to lose contacts, messages and mails via the inbuilt Tmail service. Now, this phone has an OS made by a firm named 'Danger', which is now a subsidiary of Microsoft doesnt provide any apps on any scale whatsoevernnThe good:n- screen resolution is fantastic n- voice quality is goodn- camera is good in daylight.. gets blurred at nightn- qwerty keypad works finen-battery is oknnThe bad:n- video captured by this phone isnt all that goodn- the swivel screen may or may not be very sturdy, looks fragilen- videos played on youtube are a mess at 2g speeds.n-it's pretty heavy. doesnt fit easily in pockets.n- takes a lot of time to get used to its interface. i could change the wallpaper and ringtone only after 3 days of digging in. once u are used to it, its multitasking capabilities are unmatched in the price range.nThe ugly:n-the name itself. they shouldnt have named it flaunt. sounds cheapn- people end up thinking that its a china phone, which it isn't by any meansnthe verdict:nbuy it if you dont have money for an android phone. its better than micromax and lava phones which are its real competitors. its better to buy this phone than to buy an android in the same price range.

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A Good No NonSense Phone

I purchased Airtyme Flaunt PV300 from Flipkart in the August of last year. I have been using it for a year now and let me assure you that it is the most robust phone I have used so far and I have had 6 phones before this one. I travel a lot and I don't really handle my phone in the most delicate way possible. I have dropped, slipped and threw it a lot of times and it could withstand all of that and more. I have a number of flip phones previously, which broke in half but this phone is not one to give in so easily. The magnets on the four corners of the swivel are quite strong and the end up attracting a bunch of loose change whenever I pop my phone into my purse without sliding the swivel back into place. There are still a few cons, here goes:nnCons:nn1. The contact memory gets erased all by itself every once in a while, which is irritating. n2. The hands-free that came with the phone didn't turn out to be so great so I bought another one of my choice, not really a con for me.n3. The 3MP camera doesn't take the best of pictures but I feel it's too much to ask at the price, so, not really a con for me.nnPros:nn1. Very very robust.n2. Music plays good.n3. Texting is fast and easy.n4. Call clarity and sound quality is good.n5. Conference calling is hassle free.n6. Browsing is fast.n7. 32GB expandable memory is a major pro for me.n8. Bluetooth is good enough, easy to transfer files back and forth from phone to PC.n9. Basic no non-sense phone that serves its purpose.n10. Worth the money.

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Very good phone with outdated OS

AirTyme, which is basically a mobile phone distributor, has come up with its own line of mobile phones for the Indian market, and one of them is Airtyme Flaunt. This device earlier known as Sharp PV 300 and was sold as T-Mobile (a mobile operator) Sidekick LX in USA in 2009.nnThe phone retains its quality of construction, which is better than any other mobile phone sold in India with a price tag below Rs 5,000. On top of that it is a 3G phone with a large screen and a Qwerty keyboard that is well designed and is easy to use.nnHowever, the goodness of the phone ends there. Airtyme Flaunt has an operating system, Danger, which is dead and discontinued. In its hey days this operating system was one of the first to have its own app store, much before the Android came into picture and was backed by cloud service operated by Microsoft, which also bought Danger OS in 2008 and later closed it.nnThe Sidekick series with Danger OS was started in 2002 and ended with this phone in the year 2009. The support for this OS completely shut down in May 2011, leaving this phone too late in the Indian market as now it does not have any application support whatsoever. So much so that even the Opera Mini browser that it comes with can't be upgraded.

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